Kenora Buildings

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Kenora Buildings

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The Fourth Dimension

Length, width, up and down, forward and backward. This last dimension is time - the fourth dimension. This page is always under construction. I hope to provide a history of buildings and businesses of Kenora and its constituents towns and villages. Addresses are given in up-to-date usage. Pictures and information on various buildings and business are appreciated and may be sent to Please provide information as to date of photo and desired credit.

Another page found at Kenora Business and Organizations may give more information about the history of an organization when it moved from one site to another. The following links may be helpful to locate a particular building or business at this site.

Kenora Down Town

Lakeview Drive

Lakeview Drive Retson Photo 2017 Lakeview Drive Retson Photo 2017


Floating Bridge accessed September 10 2016

Before the TransCanada was completed a floating bridge connected Main Street to Tunnel Island. Sometime after this floating bridge a roadway was built connecting Main Street to tunnel Island by way of a bridge build across the Winnipeg River.

Main Street South - West Side

Durance Motors - Kenora Motor Products - Carter's Motor

Carter Motors

One of the first garages in Kenora, Durance Motors, GM dealers, was "an impressive address" according to Stuart King: The showroom had shiny hardwood floors on which Chevrolet, Pontiac and Buick cars were displayed" . Durance Motors latter became Kenora Motor Products and latter still Carter's Motors with John Carter. Doug Kennedy was subsequently involved. Later when the buildings were torn down the land became a lawn and the squash club. The GM dealership moved to the present site of Kantola Motors

Public Grocery

The Public Grocery was owned by Mr Posker. The Public Grocery store was once occupied by Rupert Moore's Insurance Office.

The Squash Club

Squash Club

12 Main St. S. Singer Block -James Block - Styles Clothe Shop- Fryd's Ladies Wear - Singer's Dress Shop Currently called LOW Professional Centre

Professional Building

This building was built by Dave Singer and was known as the Singer Block. It had three stores and rooms above. It was subsequently renamed the James Block. The building has over the years has housed various businesses.

Styles Clothes Shop (Jack Winkler's Store), Fryd's Ladies Wear, and a shoe store were the first tenants.

Styles Clothes Shop on far left -Photo curtesy of Mark Winkler

Later tenants included Singer's Dress Shop. The building was sold to Mr and Mrs Gold. In the 1980s it housed offices of The Ontario Northern Affairs.

20 Main St. S. The Professional Building MCSS - Anishinaabe Abinoojii 20 Main St. S.


The building known for many years as the Professional Building is presently owned by a number of individuals associated with Dunwoody. Dunwoody occupied the buildings for a number of years, Dentists Apps, Dean and Bert Newman were located on the second floor. Later MCSS (Ministry of Community and Social Services) leased the two floors. Later Anishinaabe Abinooj became tenants

Fire Hall The Library

Fire Hall


32 Main Street South


The building, 32 Main Street was built by Henry Douglas Tansley in the 50’s. It originally housed his optometry practice as well as the Bill Mazeppa insurance agency. It included an apartment upstairs. When Mr Tansley's health declined, Don Bruce became his partner and after his death, Don purchased the building and the optometry practice. McNab's Barbershop was a subsequent tenant.

Besides 40 Main St. S.

Located on the waterfront for many years behind the Bank of Nova Scotia was the Rowing Club.

40 Main St. S (Bank of Ottawa, Bank of Nova Scotia)

Bank of Nova Scotia  BNS Back

In 1894 J. K. Brydon built Brydon Block. It was first occupied by the Bank of Ottawa in 1895, located on the North West corner of what was then Fort Street and Main St. It was built of granite by stone cutters brought over from Scotland for the job. Their mark, a Scottish thistle was carved on the stone set over the entrance to the building. Subsequently it was taken over by the Bank of Nova Scotia who changed the names from the Brydon Block. In 1970 the building was torn down and replaced by a new bank building.

100 Main St. S. Ye Old Town Hall

100 Main St. S

The Citizen's Electric Light and Telephone Company had a building on this site around 1900 - 1902. In 1905 the town Town Offices and moved the Town hall from the upper portions of the Fire Hall then in existence on Main St.

102-104 Main St South At least by 1921 R. H. Moore Office

In 1921 Phone book Rioch Jewelry Store is given as 102 main St. S.

104 Main St. S. (Rioch Block, E.M. Newman, Penner's Jewelers)

104 Main St.S. Penners 

In 1905, Alex Stephen built the Rioch Block for George M. Rioch for his jewelry store which had previously been located in the Clougher Block. The business and building was sold June 1 1940 to Ernest "Earnie" M. Newman who changed the name of the business to Newman's Jewelers. The business and building were in turn sold to David Penner in 1973 and the business is currently known as Penner's Jewelers.

106 Main St. S (A. T. Fife, The Hardware Company)

Hardwear Company 104 Main St S.

Ashton Thomas Fife came to Rat Portage about 1895 to work for the Ashdown Hardware Company. His own business at 106 Main St. S. was in operation at least by 1900 as A.T. Fife Company, selling heavy hardware and building supplies. As the lumbering and mining industry grew he expanded. He opened stores in what is now Thunder Bay, Keewatin and Nipigon. During World War 1 he served the elevators at Thunder Bay and imported cables and chains from Britain and selling them to the ships on the Great Lakes. The store continued to operate for over a hundred years by nephew Harold File and then by Harold's son Bill.

108 Main St. S. Ferguson White and Manahan -George Beatty & Sons, T Eaton - Jack Watterson-Toronto Dominion

TD Bank &nTD Back

In 1896 Ferguson erected another block. It was occupied by Levinson the tailor and Katz men's wear. Whiting 's Photo shop was located on the Second store. This building was ton down and a new one constructed. Jewel's Grocery Store occupied it. Later after extensive alterations Robinson & Little took over the store.

Eatons occupied the premise for a period with Bob Jordon as manager. The store handled only groceries and meats

The Toronto Dominion took over the building and operated their Bank.

116 Main St. Johnson's Pharmacy

James Robinson and J.K. Brydon built a stone building in 1897. It was occupied by the Imperial Bank and G.W. Smith's Book store. It was later occupied by Cuthbert's Tailor shop and the C.P.R Telegraph office.

Around 1914 -1915 the Big Four Clothing Store was operated in these premises by a man named Bennett. Subsequent Rowe and Williams had a clothing store here. Johnson's pharmacy moved in about 1917. The Dominion Bank occupied the other half of the building in 1917,.

Imperial BankJohnsn's Pharmacy

Courtesy of Toronto Public Library

120 Main St. S. Link and Pin

Investor's Group

Uncertain Address

n 1892 White and Manahan of Winnipeg erected a building for their clothing store. The first telephone exchange Dr. Chapman's office and Dentist Dr. Marshall were located on the second floor.

George Beatty & Son subsequently had a clothing and shoe store and the block became known as the Beatty Block.

The store was bought by T. Eaton Co for their Mail Order Office.

Jack Watterson subsequently opened a men's clothing store. E.S. Linkletter had a Ladies clothing store.

130 Main St. Standard Block Marlin Travel (Cross Road's Travel Agency)

The standard block was built was built by Mr Murdock in 1888. Mr Nicholson, a tailor was the first tenant. When Nicholson closed out Mr Callum and Mr Wallis operated a grocery store. Other stores in this building included Kate Horan's Hat Shop, Austin's Powder Store, Madge McDole's Hat Store, and Snoggrass Jewelry Store and many others.

134 Main St. S. 1921 Dr J.A. Dean and Dentist Royal Bank

Marlin Travel

136 Main St. S Causeway Insurance

136 Main St.S Causeway Insurance

136 Main St. S. Loweries


138 Main St. (At least by 1921) Beatty's Store .....S Cabin Country

148 Main St. S. 1899 W. Clougher Block 1935 renamed Lincoln Block Imperial Bank, Public Library, Woolworth, Royal Bank

Royal Bank

In 1899 Alex Stephens built a building for W. Clougher which became known as the Clougher Block.

The Imperial Bank was one of its earliest tenants.

Others included McLeod's Shoe Store, The Trader's Bank, G. M. Rioch's Jewelry Store, the public Library, Bevan's Candy Store, Windy Campbell's Grocery Store, Louis Plouffe's Variety Store, Jack O'Brien's Barber Shop, Woolworth's, Picardy Candy and Pastry, King and Tilley Drug Company, Delamere and Tilley Furniture Store, Ed Kiausher and MacLeod's Ltd

It was renamed the Lincoln Block in 1935.

150 Main St. S. Verti-Shade (The McLeod Block)


The McLeod Block was built in 1887 by Mr. J.E. Rice for a clothing store . Mr Thibaudeau's law off was located in the upper storey.

In 1900 the first few businesses on the West Side of Main were known as Gardner, Rice and Macleod consisting of Gardner's General Store, Rice's Clothing Store and W.A. McLeod's Shoe Store. There was also a dress making and millinery department. Around 1910 the Bijou Theatre occupied the main part of the Gardner General Store. In 1931 the building was rebuilt and the Imperial Bank replaced the Gardner Grocery Store.

152 Main St. S. Bijou Steak House

Bijou Steak House

Bijou Theater

    Bijou Theater

120 Second Street South, Jack Donor Building-Keshen & Major Suite 200,

Keshen Building  Keshen Building

In 1887 John Gardner and Company erected a building on the corner of main and Seconds Street South. This building was used as the major part Gardner and Company General Store.

About 1910 the Bijou Theatre occupied the Main part of the Gardner General Store.

In 1931 the building was replaced by a building occupied by the Imperial Bank which remained until, following an amalgamation, it moved to the East Side of Main St.

200 Main St. S. KMTS Retail Store

Movies on Main KMTS Store

Russell House

The original Russell House, a small log building was built in the early 1880s 1889 by William McArthur. It was located on the south west corner of Main St and Second St South. Mr. Rigney was one of the earliest owners

In 1890 was enlarged to a sizable 3 story frame structure. It contained 60 bedrooms, parlours and an immense dining room and bar. In 1889 it was purchased by E. Arnold and subsequently by J. Gaudaur when he was the world's sculling champion. A year after loosing their championship to Towns , Mr Gaudaur sold the Russell House to George Pagon. George Paton ran the hotel until the advent of prohibition in 1916. Dan McInnes used the building as a dairy for several years.

H.A. Oman was the owner when he contracted with George Kimberley to tear it down in 1934. The Lake of the Woods Motors occupied the space for a number of years. The garage was torn down in the 1980s . The building that replaced it was subsequent used by a chiropractor (Cousins), a Quidnos and a telephone Front Store. In the 21st century an additional building was added on the corner.

Sources: H&H page 35

206 Main St. Kenora Fur Store

January 4 1901

210 Main St. S. P9N 1T2 Brennan's Jewellers



Jacob Hose built the original Music Hall (Salvation Army Hall) in 1890. At one time it was owned and occupied by Carl Mackey as a one storey high building. In 1949 Mackey built the Mackey block at the rear of this building. He remodeled the old building and put in a modern store front. It was rented to Bert Brennan who opened a jewelry store. Subsequently it was bought by Mr Brennan.

Serving Kenora and area since 1949, Brennan’s is highly regarded for its customer service and fine selection of gold, diamonds (including many Canadian mined), huge selection of watches, Swarovski crystal and other fine giftware.

214 Main St. S. Shewchuk Macdonell Ormiston Richardt And Fregeau LLP, P9N 1T2


A white brick building was built by Angus & William McKinnon in 1877. Angus McKinnon and his family lived in the upper storey. W. F. Holmes operated a hardware store known as Rat Portage Hardware Company. C.E. Neads was the manager for several years. After the hardware store was sold another store and theater moved in. This building was sold and a new building was built for the Liquor Control Board. The building was then sold to become law offices currently Shewchuk Macdonell Ormiston Richardt.

216 Main St. S

1928 Kenora Keewatin Directory gives the address for "Westin Gust poolroom prop 216 Main St r 208 Water st

220 Main St. S. -1880 W.L. Baker General Store -1890 Smith and Co - Gustaf Westin Pool Hall -Lakeland Dairy -Land Titles Office -Services Ontario

Services Ontario

W. L. Baker built a red brick building for his general store around 1880. Around 1890 this store was occupied by Smith and Company as a general store. Later it was occupied by Pirie Electric. The property was owned by the proprietor of the Bay City Hotel in Keewatin (Horan, Gertrude, History of Rat Portage 1879-1905) Gus Westin purchased this property from Oscar Cronlund in 1912 and sold it in 1947 to Lakeland Dairies. He opened a pool hall on this location. There are two sources. Another source, Gerald Stuart, Early Businesses of Downtown Kenora, indicates that it was occupied by Acme Heating company.

The property was then purchased by Lakeland Dairy. The building was demolished and and replaced by a building for the Land Titles Offices

In 2013 it was occupied by Services Ontario.

224 Main St South Coulis Connection Studio

Land Titles

The land that this building occupies was once owned by Hudson Bay Company. It passed through various individuals and the Pequonga Lodge until it was acquired by the Town of Kenora in 1912 (West Lot). It was granted to the Province Of Ontario who erected a Land and Titles Office. In 1962 the Province granted the land back to the town of Kenora with the stipulation that the building labeled Registry Office be used as a museum , which if discontinued would be torn down and included in Memorial Park

The Registry Office was built in 1913. It served for over 50 years. Early in the 1960s a new Registry building was built in the lot immediately north of this lot (See 220 Main St North.)

Reference: Paula Harper, The Lake of the Woods Museum, Kenora Public Library 971.311 HAR

Sharp's Scrap Metal Yard - Cenotaph


I have no information as to when the cenotaph was constructed. There once was a scrap metal yard owned by a Mr. Sharp occupying the space.

300 Main St. S. Stone House - P9N 1T2 Lake of the Woods Museum


The museum was established in 1964. In that same year, the Land Titles building was transferred from the Province to the Town and served as the first museum. When the museum was first established, the collection centered on the artifacts of Captain Frank Edwards, an Indian agent in Kenora from 1920 until his death in 1945. In August of 1986 the new museum building was opened. The collection numbers in excess of 25,000 articles. Many displays are changed annually and feature First Nations and pioneer artifacts, natural history, minerals, textiles, pictorial and archival material, all illustrating the history of the Lake of the Woods and the surrounding area.

312 Main Street South - Alban's Cathedral

St Alban's  St Alban's 2

The Construction of St. Alban's was begun in August 1917 to replace an earlier church destroyed by fire in February 1917. The Gothic Revival style of the church include a steeply pitched gable roof, pointed arches and towers.. Architect was Arthur J. Wills of Winnipeg.

320 Main St. S. Stone Boat House - Mart's Marina - Nethercutt Terminus

On the shore of Lake of the woods at the South end of Main St. was located the Stone Boat Company. The Stone Boat House built many boats of every description over the years. This company was founded in 1897 and operated until 1932. Its first location was behind the Brydon Block. Subsequently it changed ownership several times. It was operated under the name of Marr's Marina.

Main Street South - East Side

1 Main St. S. 1898 - 1970 Post Office - 1971 -2013 Kenora City Hall

City Hall

The Post Office on Main St. South in Rat Portage was built in 1898.

Excerpts from,-1898.aspx November 10 2013

Ontario Heritage Trust

Kenora Post Office (Kenora), 1898

As Canada grew in the second half of the 19th century, the federal government made a concerted effort to impose a dominant presence in communities across the nation. During the last two decades of the 19th century, 66 small urban post offices were erected throughout Canada in towns of less than 10,000 people.

Thirty-one were built in Ontario to the designs of the federal Department of Public Works. Usually two and a half storeys in height and five bays wide, the post office buildings were designed to accommodate postal service and often those of Customs and Internal Revenue. The Rat Portage post office was commissioned to be built on land donated by Dr. Richard Scovil in 1897. Alfred J. Parsons, postmaster from 1886-1921, opened it in 1900. The town's name was changed from Rat Portage to Kenora in 1905. In 1937, street delivery was started, thus reducing the post office’s function as a daily gathering place for citizens. In 1970, the building was left vacant when the post office and other government offices were moved to a new federal building. The Town of Kenora bought the building in 1971 and, in 1980, the town offices were moved into the restored building. This building was associated with the federal public works initiative to provide well-designed federal buildings, such as post offices, in prominent locations in small Canadian towns in the late 19th century.

Designed by the federal Department of Public Works in stylistic blend of High Victorian, Second Empire and Richardsonian Romanesque, this predominantly brick building is characterized by a high, heavily rusticated, stone foundation. Semi-circular door and window openings with stone voussoirs and sills, string courses, a square clock tower with a hip roof and two circular clock faces with paired windows underneath also help to define the structure. The pavilion roof has gable dormers and a bracketed cornice. The front elevation has a projecting bay with a large triple window on the first floor, paired second-store windows and a small group of triple windows on the third floor and decorative stonework in the gable end. The clock was installed in the tower in 1915. A north addition was completed in 1927. A second, larger addition was built at the rear of the building in 1942.

In 1977, the Town of Kenora designated the post office under the Ontario Heritage Act and, in 1980, the Ontario Heritage Trust secured a heritage easement on the building.

When the Post Office moved it housed the Customs and RCMP Offices. It became a vacant building in 1970.

Kenora Town Hall

The Town of Kenora bought the building in 1971. In 1980 the town offices were moved in to the restored building. The Towns of Kenora, Keewatin and the municipality of Jeffray Mellick were officially amalgamated January 1st 2000. The Building was further restored during the summer and autumn of 2013

City Hall Parking Lot - Nordsrom's Esso Services

The Parking lot beside the City Hall was once occupied by the Hudson Bay Store warehouse. It was occupied by George Lee's Restaurant. Subsequent to this building being torn down the White Rose Service Station was constructed.

A variety store operated by a man named Alcock and then became Norstom's Esso Service.

25 Main St. S Eaton Building, Child Development Center -Leap Building

25 Main St

25 Main St 2

33 Main St. S. Daily Miner and News


39 Main St. S. Hudson Bay Store 1880, By 1990 New Addition to North, 1920 Grahams, 1930 Pitts 1980s Pitt's Ladies Wear, 1990 - Donny Bs Radio Shack -

Donny B's

39 Main St. S - North-East Corner Main and First St. S. Hudson Bay Company Store

The Hudson Bay Company Stores was built in 1988. It consisted of a grocery store and a dry goods store. Mr C. Chipman was the manger followed by John R. Bunn.

The Hudson Bay Store was sold to H. Graham by at least 1920 for a Ladies and Men's Dry goods store. By 1928 the Grahams lived above part of the store and the other part was rented to the school Board for two classes and a a playground behind the store.

The building and lot were then sold to Alfred Pitt and then Arthur Pitt and finally to Don Pitt.

In the 1980s the building was sold to The Bezants who operated Radio Shack , the Source franchise.

101 Main St. S. - South-East Corner Main St. S. and First Street S. - 1879 Rideout House - 1885 Humble liquor Store - 1900 - Wm Mckenzie dry good store - next purchased by Graham Brothers Ltd at least by 1921

- Walkey Drug Store - Arrow Drug Company owned by George Martin next Baxter and Walkey R. Einarson -(1921) The Fair Dry Goods- Waves Bicycle - King Furniture

101 Main St. S

Rideout House (AKA Construction House)

The Rideout House was built in 1879 on the corner of First St. and Main St. S. by Edward Manning Rideout. It was the first store in the town. Horan describes it as

"a three-story structure and in 1881 it boasted a coat of white paint -the only painted building in the town."

It started out as a log building with a dirt floor and developed over ten years. It was often referred to as the Construction House as it was used by many men building the railway. The Marquis of Lorne, Governor General of Canada stayed there in 1881. It burned down in 1888 (Horan).

John Wesley Humble build a block in 1895 to house his wholesale liquor business, with living quarters above. According to the April 3 1887 Winnipeg Daily Free Press John Humble was awarded a Shop License for sale of liquor.

In 1900 William McKenzie operated his dry goods store until 1908

101 Main St. S. Graham - Walkkey Drug Store

101 Main St. South Arrow Drug Store

The Arrow Drug Store was owned by George Martin. Harold Baxter was his pharmacist.

101 Main St. S. Wave Bike Store

101 Main St. S. King Furniture Store

King's FurnitureWaves

103 Main St. S. -Humble Block / Doug Willis barber shop / Bert Cade's Rex Pool Room- Massage Wellness Center and Braveheart Boutique

Braveheart & Message

109 Main St. S - 1935 Bungay Block, Beatty Washing Machine Co - Tilley Photo Sherwin Williams Paint and Wall Paper Nibbler's Nook- Ho Joe

Nibbler's Nook

111 Main St. S. In 1921 B. Platon Candy Shop as well as Scovil and Gun Doctors offices, Scovil Block (Swegg Tailor shop - Van Zandt hat shop - Beatty music store - Miss I. Congdon hats, Allan Young Clothing

- Thompson 's Restaurant - Ranole Cafe run by D. Jordan and Douglas Jackson - Jackson Brothers - Chapples Hardware (District Hardware and Electrical Co) Bucharest-Bank of Commerce- CIBC Building -

111 Main St.S. CIBC

The Scovil Block was built in 1896 by Dr Scovil. Martin Swegg, a tailor was one of the first tenants.

Miss Van Zandt operated a hat shop.

Beatty Music Store

Miss I Congdon Hat

Allan Young moved his clothing store from a location on Second Street

Mr Thompson purchased the building for his restaurant.

Subsequent D. Jordan and Douglas Jackson ran the Ranoke Cafe.

Chapples Hardware store called District and Electrical Company.

This building was once owned by Edgar and George Jackson who sold it to Bucharests.

Bucharests sold it to the Imperial Bank. The Bank of Commerce and Imperial Bank merged and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce tore down the Scovil Block and replaced it with a new building.

117 Main St. S. 1891 Sauerbrie House - Dalmore Hotel - Lila's Block - HoJoe's (See below) Link and Pin

Dalmore Hotel

The Sauerbrie House was built in 1891 by George Drewery. This hotel was the first in town to have indoor plumbing with the pipe running across Main Street, down the alley besides Johnson's Pharmacy and into the Lake of the woods. An amusement hall was located on the upper storey.

John Sauerbrei was born in Barvaria Germany according to the 1901 England Census. He started his career in Belgium at an early age and was involved in Hotel Management in Holland, France, Canary Island , England , Quebec and Toronto before moving to Kenora. He purchased the hotel around 1914.

He died in 1944 and the hotel was taken over by his son John Willoughby Sauerbrei who in turn died a year latter on 21 Aug 1945.

This hotel was latter renamed the Dalmore Hotel. Peter Steky was a part owner at one time.

Some older residents of Kenora speak of having their first drink in the Hotel bar and the reputation of lack enforcement of age requirements.

The building burned down Sunday 17 Mar 2017 with the loss of the Tenant's Link and Pin and 13 Tenants accomodations on the 2nd and third floors. It was rumoured that close to 60 persons at time would occupy these rooms

117 Main St. S. Ho Joe

HoJoe was opened in the early part of the twentieth century. First located in the Dalmore Hotel building described above. It subsequently moved to 109 Maind Street


The owner Jim Fox operated both a taxi business and bus line. Alf Plant drove the bus. Taxi drivers included Steve Ames, Henry Metail, Earl Thompson, and Doug Ward.

Fox Taxi and Bus Depot

121 Main St. S. (at least by 1921 ...F Bartsch Tailor and Furrier / George Evinson's Tailor Shop - Woolworth Store - Bargain Shop

Bargain Shop

In the early days three small shacks were located on the site occupied by the Bargain shop in 2013, George Economy's Candy Store, A shoe store, and Barney Levinson's tailor shop. In 1958-59 these shacks were removed and replaced with the Woolworth Building. In 2013 it was occupied by the Bargain Shop.

123 Main St. S. Kelly and Kimberley Contractors

125 Main St. S. (at least by 1921 R. Foster Grocer...) 2The Blue Store - Martin and Portier Grocery Store, F. Bartsch - Tailor and Furrier Duncan's Butcher Store, Leo Vineberg's Fox Cafe Ham Wong Bamboo Gardens - Plaza Cafe - Leo Vineberg's Fox Cafe, Charlie Wong's The Bamboo Gardens Plaza


"A number of small buildings were located in the building next to Jackson. There was a clothing store called the Blue Store. Martin and Portier latter opened a grocery store here. Later it was occupied by Bartsch - a tailor, Duncan's Butcher Shop, Leo Vineberg's Fox Cafe, The Bamboo Garden's owned by Charlie Wong and now the Plaza Cafe" (Stuart, Early Businesses in Downtown Kenora, Page 9).

127-129 Main St. Canton's Barbershop-1900 Jackson Block -Campbell Brothers- Elizabeth Campbell- Fabutan

Main St.S 127 Fabutan

This building was build about 1895 by Mr. Canton who operated a barber shop. At this time Jackson's Bakery was located on Matherson Street at the foot of the Matheson Bridge (Thompson Bakery). Jackson's bakery and Tea Room occupied the building from 1900. William Jackson arrived in Kenora in 1898 to operate Jackson's bakery and his brother Fred Jackson joined his brother in 1900. Fred left moved further West in about 1918 but returned to Keewatin in 1924 where he farmed.

Charles Wilbur Jackson came to Kenora in about 1904 to join the bakery and operated until his death when it was taken over by his sons Edgar and George.

The building was purchased by Bob Giles and Aussies Clark who continued in the Bakery business.

Campbell Brothers took over the building and operated a Maytag Appliance store.

Their daughter operated a book store in the premises following the closure of the Appliance store.

133 Main St. S - McTaggart - Safeway


137 Main St Tangled Tree-


Taangled Tree

The Queen's Hotel

Queen's Hotel accessed September 10 2016

Stuart Page 9 reports The Queen 's Hotel, next to the Hilliard House was built in 1885 by J. Clougher and owned by W.G Cameron around 1888. Brady and Devany purchased the Hotel from Cameron in 1900 citing interviews with A. Young and Mr G, Carmichael. "The New West" a publication from Winnipeg indicates that the Hotel was owned by Messers P. and T. Rigney in 1888.

1883 - 1902 Hilliard House

Hilliard House 1897 accessed September 10 2016

Hilliard House 1883 -1902, Economy's Candy Store, Shoe Store,Barney Tourist Hotel, Kenricia Hotel

Louis Hilliard erected the wooden building known locally as the Hilliard House in 1883 located on the corner of Main St. S and Second Street South. The building housed a bar, billiard rooms and a public sitting room. The House burned down on January 27 1902.

In October 3 1906 Louis Hilliard sold the lot to Clayton Delbridge for $11000 and on November 26 Delbridge sold the lot to Jacob Hose and Joseph Johnson for $23000.

The town of Kenora finally purchased the lot and after several set backs the hotel opened up on August 20 1910.

1910 -Tourist Hotel subsequently renamed the Kenricia Hotel


The architect of this building was Frank Newell. Mr Bunnell acted as hotel manager. In 1916 Mr. Andy Hutchinson assumed the position as manager of the hotel which he managed until 1924. In 1924 his son-in-law Dave Freed became the manager.

Mr. Reade took over management of the hotel under a conditional sales contract until his death at the age of 58. His wife carried out the remainder of the 4 year lease. In 1936 Mr. John James Gray and Mr. Mark long purchased the hotel and Mr Gray subsequent bough Mr Long's share. Mr Gray died at the age of 63 in 1952 . His son Burt and daughter-in-law Delorus until,1959.

On January 1 1960 George F. Johnston, Charles Zeal and Samuel Gold purchased the Kenricia. Mr Johnson managed the hotel.

In 1960 the verandas which decorated the front of the hotel was torn down after being declared unsafe.

In 1964 the banquet hall and parking lot were built. The parking lot was situated under the banquet hall and the banquet hall was built adjoining the dining room.

George Johnson died on October 4 1968 of a stroke. His wife took over ownership interest and son Bob became manager.

Reference: Johnston, Georgina, "The Kenricia-The Grand Hotel" In Common Ground: Stories of Lake of the Woods, page 266

201 Main St. S Jacob Hose - 1952 Percy Williams

Hose Hardware Building

Hose Hardware Building as it appears in 2012

Jacob Hose built his building for a Hardware business and was subsequently joined by Fred Cannif and the building was occupied for many years as Hose and Cannif Hardware store. Around 1894-95 a Brick building was built next to the Hardware store. Construction on the Hardware store was 1898. The architect was Edward F, Head. Hose Hardware occupied the store until 1952 when Percy Williams took over the building as Corner Hardware. Subsequent Tilley's Drugs owned by Mr Einarson occupied the building.

The building design used locally manufactured bricks. The windows and entryway were dressed in Tyndall stone. The frieze along the top edge is similar to that found on the Gibson's meat Market on the corner of Second Street South and Matheson Street.

Jacob Hose was born in Wisconsin, US in 1853. He married Adelaide Emily Lucas at Kenora in 20 Jan 1888. He arrived in Rat Portage in 1881 and started his hardware business known as the Tin Shop in a log Cabin. In 1883 he erected the store occupied by R.J. Husband. In 1898 he build the large brick building (pictured above at corner of Main St. South and Second St. South). In a few years with deteriorating health and increasing business he took Mr Canniff into the partnership of Hose and Canniff.

In 1890 he erected the first amusement hall on the southwest side of Main St. known as Music Hall,

If ever Rat Portage erects a statue to the memory of the man who fostered and fed amateur dramatic art, that emblem in reticent store must represent Mr. Hose. Talk about about kindness and good nature! Any local troupe could use the Music Hall every night for months free of charge, and Mr. Hose would supply the fuel and light. He did this not only for the dramatic club, but for the minstrels, and in fact for everybody in town who wanted to get up an entertainment. Indeed it is not going to far to say that there was a period in our early history when we thought the music hall belonged to the people. (Oct 4 1901)

He and his wife had no children. Mr Hose died suddenly July 11 1907. Mrs Hose moved in with her sister Mary Frances (Lucas) Kendall. She died 21 years latter on 11 Feb 1928. Eventually 4 of his sister Mary Kendall and her husband William's 5 children inherited her estate.

Two nephew Ivan and Melvin were managing the business in the early 1930s.

207-209 Main St. South- G. Westin Restaurant - Donner 2nd Hand Store , Furniture Store Larry's Jewelry Store, Excel Bus Depot and The Coach Stop


The first know business at this location was a restaurant owned and operated by Gustaf Westin. The birth registration of his daughter in 1909 shows him living at 209 Main Street. This building was purchased by J. Donner. This business was first a second hand store and latter a furniture store (at least by 1920). The building was completely destroyed by fire about 1938.(Source: Stuart,Oct 1976 Page 8 based on information provided by Chris McKinnon and Mr G. Beatty )

In 1948 Alphonse "Alf" Plante of Excel Bus Line build a bus depot with a lunch counter. The original name for this was the Depot Grilll. In 1948 it was refinished and renamed the Matad ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````or with an added kitchen. In 1970 it was renamed the Coach Stop and was redesigned into a cafeteria. The restuarant was operated by his daughter Annette and husband Len Romenak.

213 Main St. Shragge's Clothing Store, Delamere and Tilley furniture store Department of Lands and Forrest - PGA Health Unit on Main St


Inside of Shragge's Clothing store 1897 ( accessed September 10 2016 )

In 1921 Shragge's Clothing store is given as 313 Main St. S

Shagg's clothing store was build about 1893. It was a small structure. A few years latter it was enlarged and remodeled and living quarters were build above it. After Mr. Shragge sold his business in the 1920's to his son-in-law, A. Coppleman , the building was sold to Delamere and Tilley and they operated a furniture store. When they moved to their location -Second Street- they rented it to the Department of Lands and Forests. It was also occupied by the I.G.A. Grocery store for a short time and the Health Unit. (Stuart (1976) Early Business in Downtown Kenora)

213 Main St. NWO Claims Services Inc.

215 Main St. S. Xtra Cash


223 Main St. S - Cronlund's Tea Room -Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza

225 Main St. (at least by 1921) Dr D. A. H. Edmison S Stone Dave Elliott's Law Office

David Elliott

213 Main St Domino's Pizza, Canadian Tire, Lakeland Dairy

The southern portion of the Lakeland Dairy was built by the 16th company of the Construction Department during the building of the C.P.R. and was used as a store house.. Later it was occupied by R.B. Donkin's feed business (Stuart, Early Business in Downtown Kenora.

In 1897 a newspaper business was opened called the Daily Mirror and was edited by a Mr Weidman (also later spelled Wydeman 1920 and Wideman in his marriage certificate.

Kudson's Bow and Arrow

In one of the smaller shops between Lakeland Dairy and the Health Unit was Knudson's "Bow and Arrow" shop. (Stuart)


303 Main St. South Dr. Scovil Residence Don McLeod House -

A Red brick house was once located on Corner of Third St South and Main . this house was first residence of Dr Scovil and subsequently purchased by Norman and Louise McLeod and was the House in which Don McLeod grew up (Source Tattie McLeod).

305 Main St. S. Canadian Tire - Shoppers Drug Mart

Shopper's Drug Mart

Agar Stone's House

Harris House

315 Main St. S. Parrott Boat Company - Sutcliffe - Broker Link - MNP LLP

315 Main St South -Parrott Boat Company


Picture Licensed from Kenora Museum

315 Main St S

In 1907 a Boat Company was opened up for business on the water front at the south east end of Main Street. It was owned by a Winnipeg Syndicate including R.J. Parrott's father. The company went bankrupt during World War 1 When R.J. Parrott returned from overseas he opened Parrott Boat Company which continued to serve the public until 1929.

Anderson Boat Works and later Agar Stone bought the company. After he closed the boat works the Salisbury House rented the premises or part of it during the summer months. In 1955 it was sold to Imperial oil. Dingwall's operated it for a few years and later Lugosy tool it over.

Sutcliff's Insurance Company - Broker Link

Sutcliffe Insurance agencies was started by Jim Sutcliffe and was subsequently joined by Ches Scott and Tom Horsfall. A partnership of Ches Scott, Tom Horsfall and Charles Strachan bought out Sutcliffe. Subsequent players that held an interest in the partnership included Gail McCoy Zrum, John Ouelette, Jim Rivington and Gary Forsythe. The business was ultimately sold to Canada Brokerlink.

MNP LLP (Myers North Penny)

Hennepen Lane (Lane Between Main St and Matheson St)

Central House

Central house was a brick structure built by W. Lavoie and sold to John Beaudro in 1891. The brick structure contained fifty rooms and a bar expensively decorated and with ornate fixtures. It was stocked with the best liquor, wines and cigars. The choicest foods were served from the excellent dining room. The hotel burned down in 1901.

Source: The Summer People

Matheson Street - West Side

Shoe Repair Shop

Don's Home Bakery

J.B. Grocery

"J. B. Grocery" building on Matherson was built in 1894 by A.S. Horswill . William Jackson family lived upstairs. Reynard and Jack Smart were owners before business was sold to J.B. Grocery. In 1945 Peter Ratuski bought J. B. Grocery.

Wood Lot Used Car Lot - Adams Block

Sounds and Systems


Canadian Tire - Ristorante

Photo curtesy of Bill Richards

Retson Photo January 2019

104 Matheson St. Salvation Army

Salvation Army

Retson Photo 2018

1902 King Edward Hotel (on site occupied in 2013 by the Ho Ho Restaurant and the Kenora Telephone Company

110 Main St. S. KMTS


Retrson Photo 2017

112 Main St. S. Ho Ho Restaurant Ho Ho

District Service Board

District Service Board

132 Main St. S 1896-Albion Hotel, 1934 -Lake of the Woods Hotel

Albion House

The Albion House was built in 1896, owned by Mary Anne Milligan. On October 3 1911 she became Mary Anne Reddy as she married Joseph Alphonse Reddy.

Mr Corneille purchased the building in 1934 remodeling and expanding the building and renaming the business the Lake of the Woods Hotel.

LOW Hotel

North West Corner Matheson and 2nd street (See 250 2nd St. S)

South West Corner Matheson and 2nd street (See 251 2nd St. S)

216 Matheson St 1890 Ottawa Hotel, Northland


John Ward built the Ottawa Hotel in 1890. It was managed in succession by Paul Prouix, Pete Lalande, L. Cardinal and Bob McKay.

300 Main St ( at least by 1921) Dr A.D Ferguson Office

Canadian Tire-Shoppers Drug Mart (See 305 Main See above)

310 Matheson St. Boathouse

Boat House

The Boat House opened up in the spring of 2013.

R. P. Murphy Cartage

R. P. Murpahy Cartage

Photo curtesy of Dan Murphy

Matherson Street - East Side

YMCA - LegionLegion

Chipman Coin-op Laudramat


Savoy- Yummy Cafe


Boom Factory-Pool Room

Hing's Building

101 Matheson St S. Hing's Chinese Restaurant


Retson Photo 2017

Market Square

Barber ShopAlbert's

Only One

219 Main St. S Heights of Fashion

heights of Fashion

223 Matheson St. Prouix Block- Broderick and McVey's Liquor Store- S.P. Olson's Ice Cream Parlor -Albert Olson Orange Crush Factory -T.V. Ole's Repair Shop Department of Transport, Young's Glass-Lees Home Electronics


The building on the corner of Matheson Street and Third Street South was built around 1897 by Paul Prouix. The Building known as the Prouix Block had rooms above and McVey's Wholesale Liquor store below.

Swan Olson bought the building and operated an Ice Cream Parlor. Later the building was used by his son as an Orange Crush Factory.

Subsequent tenants included T.V. Ole's Repair Shop, The Department of Transport and Young's Glass

Vet Office


Corner Restaurant and Rooms

319 Matheson St. S Cameron and Heap-Keewatin Lumber Company Ontario Minnesota Paper Company-Consumers Frosted Food

Consumers FGrosted Foods  Frosted Food

The building at the bottom of Matheson Street was built by Cameron and Heap. It was occupied by them until 1926.

Cameron and Heap Wholesale Grocery

William George Cameron 1863 - 1940 was born near Truro Nova Scotia on February 8 1863. He received his education in Truro before moving to Pictou NS where he learned the grocery business. He lived in Portland Oregon for a few years before moving to Winnipeg. In Winnipeg he was employed as a brakeman by CPR and a conductor working Emerson and Winnipeg. He arrived in Rat Portage in 1883.

On December 12th 1888, he married Hattie Henesy (born October 7 1871). They had six children, William, John, Helen,Sadie, Max and Douglas Cameron

He continued to work with the CPR until 1894. He became proprietor of the Queen's Hotel in 1888 and continued until 1898. In 1898 he started the wholesale grocery with Max Heap which became known as Cameron and Heap. Branches were subsequently established at Regina, Prince Albert, Dauphin, Fort William, and Nipigon. They sold the business in August 1929 to Western Grocers.

Shortly after arriving in Rat Portage he was first involved with a mine of Cameron Island in Shoal Lake which he sold to the Buffalo Syndicate. He then got involved with the Wendigo Mine.

He was president of the Curling Club in 1895. He was a member of the Town Council 1900 to 1903. He was president of the Board of Trade in 1902. He served on the Hospital Board and the cemetery board. He was a member of the Pequnga lodge, AF & AM, Gold Hill Lodge, IOOF member of the Lake of the Wood Lodge and a chairman of the Kenora District Victory Loan Committee. He was a charter member and first Rotary Club President in 1920. He died in Kenora in 21 Jun. 1940.

Maxwell Kirkpatrict Heap 1870-1941, son of James Heap and Jean Heap was born May 3 1870 at Lindsay Ontario. He married Blanche Larson, the step daughter of Dr. Thomas Hanson and Carline F (Pruden) Larson May 26 1898.

He came to Rat Portage in 1895 as a bookkeeper for Lake of the Woods Fishing Company operated by his uncle F. Colcleugh of Selkirk Manitoba. He became associated with W.G. Cameron in 1895 and with Cameron and Heap Wholesale Groceries in 1897 or 1898 located on north side of 2nd St. S. Branches were subsequently established at Regina , Prince Albert, Dauphin, Fort William, and Nipigon. They sold the business in August 1929 to Western Grocers. After the sale of the business he moved to Vancouver where he died in February 11 1949.

In 1926 the building was taken over by Keewatin Lumber Company. Subsequent it was taken over by Ontario Minnesota Paper Company.

Doug Johnson, Meat Purveyor has operated Consumer Frosted Foods for Decades.

Chipman St. West Side

Canadian Pacific Railway Station -just North of Chipman St (Early 1900s)

CPR Station


5 Chipman St. Block Buster - Pet Valu Shop

Pet Valu

1899 Commercial Hotel, In 1952 renamed Kenwood Hotel


In 1899, William Shaw built the Commercial Hotel. William McVeigh, a liquor dealer was the next owner. William McVeigh sold the hotel in March of 1908 to the Burger Bros. of Winnipeg. The hotel sold for $40 000. In 1912, it was sold it to Abraham I. "Izzy" Katz. At his death in 1952 his son, Zen Katz took over the hotel. He spent two years on a thorough renovation and opened it as the Kenwood Hotel.

Stephen's Ltd Acklands-GraingerAcklands-grainger



101 Chipman St. John Kron & sons Ltd -Joubert Law Office


Bergman & Nelson

McLellan Avenue

Central Hotel

Adams Block

1901 Advertisement of Central Hotel

The central House or Hotel was built in 1888 by W. Lavoie. It was three stories high with thirty five bedrooms. It was bought by Joseph Beaudro in 1891. It burned down in 1917.

First Street South - North Side

230 First St. S. Sears


230 Ristorante Pizzeria


Husky Garage Husky

First Street South - South Side

209 Main St. South At least by 1921 G. W. Smith Stationary - Strains Stationary

King Furniture Extension

King Furniture Extension

213 Main St S. Century 21 Century 21

Knights of Columbus Hall

Jubilee Church of God

Retson Photo 2017

227 First St. S - Fingers and ToesFinger and Toes

227 First Street South - Back Stage Hair Studeo (See Picture above)

231 1st St S. Landry Real Estate


Park Street

Warehouse One


Retson Photo 2017

Post office

Post Office

Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods Insurance

Uncertain Address on Second Street South

Joseph Gouthier's Barbershop

Ward Hotel built by Charles Ward in 1885 located at the corner of Second Street and Hennepin Lane (Side unidentified)

Second Street South - North Side

"In order, east from the Tourist ,Hotel came Kovall's Meat Market, Williams Hardware, The Miner and News, Bob Clarke's Garage and Leo Murray's store on the Corner of Matheson" (Stuart King History & Heritage, page 21)

206 Second St S. Gardner Butcher Shop - Kobald Meat Market- Squire - Cecil's Cafe -Dino's Restaurant

206 Second St S.

"John Gardner constructed a building next to the Hilliard House to house his Butcher Shop. In 1880, Gardner sold his business to Mr. G. A. Kobold (often know as "Cris") who was forced to enlarge his business and moved to a new location.(Stuart, Early Business in Kenora, Page 13)

A man name Squire purchased the building for a meat market. Walter George Oliver Squire born in 1880 who married Ellen Arbon in Kenora in September 30 1917 is believed to be the "Squire."

In 1921 J.H. Ostler is given as a butcher at this address.

Cecil's Cafe (206 Second St St S.)

The building was purchased by Cecil Wong who operated a restuarant known as Cecil Cafe. By 1967 when his son Ham Wong sold the business to Peter Papioanou, Ham Wong had worked in the business for some thirty years.

Dino's (206 Second St St S.)

Peter Papioanou purchased the building in 1967. In 1982 Mr Papioanou renovated the Building and renamed it Dino's serving fine Greek Foods.

210 Second Street South - William Bishop and Co Grocery Store - R. W. Ferrier (1898) - Neale and Heath (1918) - Simpson Sears, Kenora Photo, Bill's Sound Center - Bill Richard's Second Hand Store -Nourish


The building was erected in 1885 by Mr J. McCracken. Wm Bishop and Co Grocery Store was the first company to occupy the building at 210 Second St. South. In 1889, R.W. Ferrier bought out the business from Wm Bishop. In 1918, Ferrier sold his business to Neale and Heath.

Neale and Heath Grocery 210 Second St. S

John H. Neale was born on March 4 1871 in Totbury, Gloucester, England. He immigrated at the age of 17 years to Canada in 1888. He arrived in Rat Portage in 1890. He married Isabel Ann Sherrington on December 25 1896 and they had one daughter. He was first employed by A Bishop in the grocery business and later by Mr. Heath. He subsequent formed a partnership with Mr. Heath for 15 years (at least by 1921). He was a member of the Kenora Board of Trade. He was a very active member of the Masonic Lodge and Past Master. He retired from his business after close to 44 years following a serious illness and died in December 23 1934.

William Eddie Heath was born in Portland Ontario on October 28 1890. He married Marie Martha Giquere in Keewatin May 18 1916. They had one daughter Phillis. He was Captain of the Kenora Volunteer Fire Department under Chief Baxter. In 1917-1918 he was assistant chief under Fire Chief Fred Dubois. He was president of the Curling Club (1921-22). He was a member of the I.O.O.F lodge. He was employed by R.W. Ferrier who owned a grocery store. He formed a partnership with Mr. John Neale to operate Neale and Heath Grocery. He bought out Mr Neale in 1932 and operated the Heath's Grocery. He died October 27 1957. After Mr. Heath passed away the building was bought by Ed Olson who renovated the building.

Simpson Sears - Kenora Photo - Treats and Treasures -210 Second St.

After Neale and Heath closed out, Simpson and Sears moved in. The building was subsequently occupied by Kenora Photo (Bob Ponton) and Treats and Treasures.

Bill's Sound Center, Bill Richards Second Hand Store - 210 Second St.

Bill Richards purchased the building from Bob Ponton in 1977 and operated the Business of Bill's Sound Center for approximate 15 years and another 15 years as Bill's Second Hand Store. He sold the building in 2007.

The Bistro

Audrey and Teraz Menzies purchased the building and currently operate the Bistro.

212 Main St. S. - Post Office - Morrison's Bakery and Candy Store -Miner and News - Wilson's Stationery

212 Second St. S.

Retson Photo 2017

"A small shop, next to the lane on the north side of Second Street was originally occupied by the Post Office. The Post Office moved to a new location and Morrison's Bakery and Candy Store opened for Business. The Building was latter occupied by the Miner and News. Allan Young operated a clothing store in a small building next to the Miner and News. Parallel to Allan Young's clothing store, was Percy William's Hardware store. Unfortunately all three buildings burned at the same time and were completely destroyed. Percy Williams bought the property and remodeled his store. Later this store also burned and Mr Williams rebuilt a larger and more modern store which is now owned by Marshall Wells." (Stuart, Early Business in Downtown Kenora, Page 13)

218 Main St. South Interior Decor

"The small building next to Marshall Wells was originally built for a Chinese Laundry. Other business moved in and out of this location after the laundry disappeared. These were Bill King's Harness Repairs, Bob Clark's Auto Repairs, Cameron Wholesale, Wismer's Stationary and Pat's Stationary. (Gerald A. Stuart Early Businesses in Downtown Kenora, Page 13-14)

Pat's Stationary was first called simply Pat's Stationary but was changed to Pat's Stationary and Record Store when owner Kelvin Winkler began to sell records. Winkler first rented the store and then bought it in the late seventies.

The Property between Pat's Stationary's and Johnson's Pharmacy remained vacant for many years until Mr. Coppleman built a large store for his Men's Wear. This was sold to Zeal and Gold for men's clothing and a ladies department in the basement. The Masonic Lodge was at one time on the upper floor. This building burned down three times and after the last fire was not rebuilt. (Gerald A. Stuart, Early Businesses in Downtown Kenora, Page 14)

Gibson Meat Market - Harry Hook - A.L.Murray (Leo Murray) 1948-Johnson's Pharmacy - Rice Drugs - Shopper Drugs


Retson Photo 2017

Gibson Meat Market 1897

Gibson Meat Market

Mr. A Gibson owned the Gibson Meat Market around the year 1890. James Gibson entered into a partnership and by 1898 James Gibson was the head of the firm. The Meat market offered fresh oysters by the pint, quart, gallon or barrel; mince meats, finnan haddies, yarmouth bloaters, labrador hedrring, boneless codfish, poultry , spanish onions and a var5iety of other vegetables. Gibson Meat Market was on the north west corner of Matheson and Second. Picture Curtesy of the Toronto Public Library

They sold out to Harry Hook who had a combined grocery store and meat market. He sold his business to A.L. Murray.

A.L. Murray Grocery Store

A. Leo Murray was born in Rat Portage on May 14 1890. He enlisted on January 20 1915 and saw service overseas. Upon returning from overseas in 1919, he opened a store on the Murray block which had a fire in May 1927. He reopened his grocery store on the North West corner Matheson and Second St. S. on June 29 1927 bragging of the most modern equipment. He retired in 1945 after 26 years and sold his business to Robert Jackson, a former employee. Mr. Murray served as an Kenora Alderman from 1930 to 1934. He was an active member of the Kenora Rowing Club and President of the club in 1933 and 1950. He was a member of the Kenora Lodge no 74 ,B.P.O Elks. He was President of the Canadian Legion from 1935 to 1939 and again in 1944.

In 1948 the building was sold to Johnson's Pharmacy - Gerald A Stuart, Early Businesses in Downtown Kenora, Page 14)

Matheson Street

Market Square

(Market Square Corner 2nd S. and Matheson) Small Framed building Divor's Shoe Repair Shop - Tilley's Drug Store owned by Clarence Tilly

Clarence Tilly's drug store in the Blatt Block was scarcely 10 feet wide located between the sidewalk and the spur line.

Spur Line

In the 1880s a spur line was built that ran from the main CPR line along the east side of Matheson St. crossing Second and First Street South then running along the lake, crossing Laurenson' Creek and then dividing to the left to sawmills on the grounds of the latter day recreation Centre or straight further along the lake to another sawmill in the area of the Machin Drive. This line was removed around 1931.

(Market Square)-

Ye Olde Chip Truck at Market Square.

In 1957, John Hutchuk, a bush pilot from the Toronto, who flew seasonally for Parson’s Airways in Kenora, bought an old delivery van and proceeded to refit it. He built the fryers and all the fittings, and installed the burners for the fryers himself. The Coleman burners used Naptha gas to heat the grease. George Granger, the base manager at Parson’s Airways, a good friend of John and helped him on a regular basis with peeling potatoes, cutting them up and working the truck. The vehicle would park on the street near its current location during the summer.

For at least one winter, the truck headed back to southern Ontario. In May each year it would open beside what would become the Shop Easy grocery store. In 1964, Hutchuk took a job with the Seagrams company in Winnipeg. He sold the business to Mary Lukianchuk who became known as Chip Truck Mary. She would set up on Chipman street but move one step ahead of the town officials who would try and get her to take out a business license if she was parked too long in one spot. In 1967 she met with an unfortunate accident that claimed her life. Her husband sold the truck to Gus Sloboda in 1968. A year later in 1969 the business was sold to Jack Venus and partner Leo Dubroy. Within the year, Jack bought out his partner and operated the business with his wife, two full time employees and part time staff as required.

In 1969, Jack took the truck into Winnipeg and refitted the truck with two additional fryers, a potato peeler and had the Coleman burners converted to propane. He arranged with Western Grocers, the then owners of the lot to permanently set up the truck in their parking lot. This site is now Kenora Market Square.

In 1972, Jack’s took on a partner, Buzz Haines, to help run the business. In 1973, they sold the chip truck to Herb Paul. He ran the truck on a seasonal basis until 1984 at which time it was sold to Tim and Deanna Treadway. During Treadway’s ownership the truck was put up on permanent blocks and the burners converted to natural gas. The Treadway’s kept the truck until 1991 when they sold it to Harry O’Hara of HOH Investments. He ran it with his brothers for a few years until they sold it to John Tresoor who in turn sold it to the Rob and Lisa Bell in 2001.

Research taken from May 22 2014

George Drewry Wholesale Liquor Store

George Drewry Store

George Drewery's Wholesale Liquor Store was built between Chipman St. and railway tracks in 1891. Drewery sold the Building to the Hudson Bay Company who used it as a warehouse.

George Drewry, son of Edward A. Drewry and Elizabeth Starkey was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 12 1861. In 1878, he went to Winnipeg to join his brother who was engaged in the brewing and malting business. In 1883, he came to Rat Portage where he began his own wholesale liquor business. He also had a branch in Keewatin and Rainey River, as well as numerous outlets through out the district. Drewry had owned the Lake of the Woods Brewing Company in 1903 and was a successful local businessman. There is a replica of George Drewry’s office at the Lake of the Woods Museum which includes his classic roll top desk.

Mr Drewery was President of the J.W. Stone Building Co. He was also president of the Kenora Board of Trade. He left his name on "Drewry Drive".

Western Grocers-Save Easy Store-Loblaws-Market Square

Cameron and Heap Wholesale Grocery sold to Western Grocery and occupied the building previously operated as George Drewery's Liquor Store for some period after George Drewery sold his business. They moved into the building in July 1924 after buying the building from the Hudson Bay company in the spring. Western Grocery continued to operate it until the building was torn down in 1958 to make room for a Shop Easy Store. In 1970, a Shop Easy store was constructed at the rear of the lot in oder to increase the parking space. In time this building was torn down to make room for Market Square.

White Rose Service Station

326 2nd St. South-Hilliard Opera House and Hotel

Hilliard Opera House

Courtesy of Toronto Public Library

About 1895 Louis Hilliard built the Hilliard Opera House on the North East Corner of 2nd St. South and Chipman Street. He owned and operated a hotel in front of the Opera House. The auditorium had a seating capacity. One entered the Opera House through the lobby of the hotel. There was a dining room and a small number of guest rooms. In 1898 this building burned down and Mr Hilliard replaced it with an imported curtain, better seats and other refinements. The seating capacity of the new house was 950 with an Assembly Hall with a seating capacity of 400 for smaller assemblies, lectures and dances. The entrance to the opera house was now on 2nd St. S. while the hotel doorway remained on Chipman St. In 1909 the Opera House and Hotel burned down and a smaller Hotel was built without attaching theater. In 1914 Mr and Mrs Hilliard lived in this hotel which once again burned down. Mr Hilliard was found unconscious in his room but was revived after being carried out. However he died one month latter on March 22 1914.

326 2nd St. S. Palace Theater -Bergman & Nelson-Bergman Building-Wind and Water Interiors

326 Second St S

Mr Joseph Derry bought the property following the death of Mr Hilliard in 1914 and moved his theater to this location. On December 5 1914 the Palace Theater was opened. It closed it's doors on November 9 1950 when Mr Derry opened the Paramount Theater next door.

Son Stan and wife operated the business with Bert Johnson as the projectionist.

Joseph Derry came with his parents, George and Louisa to Rat Portage in 1877. His father came to assist with the building of the CPR railway and for the first year was the only one who handled the new explosive nitroglycerine.

Bergman and Nelson bought the Palace Theater and renovated the building. The Building is now known as the Bergman Building. There have been many tenants over the years. In 2013 it was occupied by Wind and Water Interiors in the front.

330 2nd St. S.-Paramount Theater - Cinema 21

Century Cinema

The Paramount Theater was build at a cost of $250,000 in 1950.

334 2nd St. S. Harry Longley's Paint and Decorator Shop-Women's Fitness Club (See Picture below)

About 1900 Harry Longley's Paint and Decorator Shop was built. After many years a small daily newspaper called the Daily Reminder was established by H. Hauck. This business was latter bought by the Miner and News & Publishing Company who moved their printing plant from 212 2nd St. S.

Later it was occupied by a Women's Fitness Club.

336 Second St. S. Pirie Electric - Barber Shop - Novelty Store - Locker Plant - Safety Equipment - Johnson's Surveyor


The building at 336 Second St. South occupied by Ross Johnson Surveyor was once occupied by Pirie Electric, a barber shop, a novelty store and a Fire and Safety Equipment Store.

Copperfin Credit Union Building


Machin Confectionery -Max Altchuler Clothing Store / Kantola Motor Car Lot / Lakeshore Cooperative Union / Copperfin Credit Union

A small building was located at the east end of what in 2013 was The Copperfin Credit Union. This small building was first used as Machin Confectionery and later as Max Altcherler 's Clothing Store. The building was torn down to make room for Kantola Motors Car Lot. Subsequently a large building was constructed which housed the Co-operative Insurance Business and the Lakeshore Credit Union. The Lakeshore Credit Union was later amalgamated with the Notra Dame Credit Union and subsequently renamed Copperfin Credit Union.

350 Second St. South - Fire Hall- Lake of the Woods Brewing Company

lake of the Woods

400 Second St S. KFC / Jackson Sunset Country Donuts / Second St. Bakery

Eric Holmstrom moved his Kentucky Fried Chicken from its first location, the Hing Building on Matherson St. to 400 Second Street South where he operated the business before its moving to the East Highway. Sunset Country Donuts was then operated from the location May 1984.

Randy Jackson took over the business in May 1984 and added his name for the business to become Jackson's Sunset Country Donuts.

When he left the business in 1997 it became a lunch counter business and then Second Street Bakery.

In 2015 this business housed a Korean restuarant.

Presbyterian Church / Perths Dry Cleaner -Linen Service

Mitchell House

426-428 Second St. S Double House-Prelude Travel


UPS Store

Knox Presbyterian Church - Knox United Church

Knox United 1

Retson Photo 2017

Knox United 2

Retson Photo 2017

Knox United 3

Retson Photo 2017

The Reverent James Robertson came to Rat Portage in 1882 and organized a mission for the Presbyterian Church. The mission arranged a student from the Manitoba college to conduct services during the winter months.

Two lots were purchased on the north side of First Street North and in 1884 the first Presbyterian Church in Rat Portage was built.

In1897, a Zion Methodist Church was built on the North West corner of Third Street South and Fourth Ave South.

In 1898 Knox Presbyterian Church was built on the North West corner of Second Street South and Fifth Ave South. In 1917 fire destroyed the Zion Methodist Church and as discussions were being carried on for the amalgamation of the two churches Knox Presbyterian Church invited the Methodist church to attend that Church.

Second Street South -South Side

209 2nd St S. Urbain Shagg

Urban Shag

Around 1894-95 a Brick building was built by Jacob Hose next to his Hardware store. It was occupied by Linitsky's clothing store and subsequently Urbain Shagg.

Two small stores were constructed in the early days between Linitsky's store and Hennepen Lane. A number of business were located in these two shops including, Johnson Drug Company, Jim Perrault and Son Barber Shop, Houston's Barber Shop, Sandstrom's Tailor Shop, The Lake of the Woods Trading Post, Page's Flourist

The Lake of the Woods Trading Post was owned my Kelvin Winkler.

Page's Flourist was owned an operated by Donna Frisen.

Lindstrom and Nilson - 227 2nd St. S

On the east side of Henepene lane was a shop originally built to accommodate Mrs Sharp's Bismarck House. In 1915 Lindstrom and Nilson Lumber opened for business in this building . In 1937 they built a new store.

227 2nd St. S Business Development Bank


Retson photo 2017

Bismarck House

The Bismarck was built in the early 1880s located at approximate 227 2nd St where Lindstrom & Nilson's carpenter shop was subsequently on the southeast corner of Second St. and Hennepin Lane. See The Life of Emma Kerns for additional Information

Source: The Life of Emma Kerns in Common Ground 2010

231 2nd St South

243 2nd St. S. George and Howard Barnes Chinese Laundry, "K" Furniture Store, C.P Telegraph - Daiter Block - Penner's Jewellery Store - Flowers by the Lake

251 2nd St. S. Chinese Restuarant / Gin Wai Ken's Cafe / Ted's Cafe / Sushi 251


1933 Ken's Cafe was opened by Gin Ham Wai in 1933. He continued its operation until he retired in 1965.

South East Corner Matheson and Second St. South -W. L. Birden Meat Market - 1897 Partington and Appleton Grocery Store - Mrs Scotty Williams Tobacco Shop - Irish Confectionary - 1916 -1922 MacInnis -Colquohon Ice Cream and Candy Store - 1923 Bryce's Bakery - Salsbury House - Busy Bee - The Pier

W.L. Birden Meat Market

This first business on this site was a Meat market owned and operated by W.L. Birden

King Cash Grocery

Ernest Appleton came to Rat Portage in 1890 to open a branch of A. McDonald Wholesale Grocery. Later he organized and managed King Cash Grocery business with Mr John Partington (arrived in Rat Portage around 1895) by 1897.

Mrs Scotty Williams Tobacco Shop

Irish Confectionery

Retson Photo taken at lake of the Woods Museum january 26 2019 at a presentation by Branden Murray

In 1909 W. S. Irish owned a business located on the site. He sold cigars, tobacco, confectionary, stationary, candles, soft drinks, crushed fruit as well as serving refreshments and lunches. An ice cream parlour and soda fountain was operated during the summer months. The store was known as Irish Confectionary.

MacInnis Confectionery(1916 -1922)

Dan MacInnis arrived in Kenora in 1905 and left for Fernie BC after his marriage to Elizabeth Gould in 1910. He returned to Kenora and worked for Murphy Brothers hauling supplies to Redditt for the building of the CNR. From 1911 to 1915 he entered a partnership with harry Thorpe until 1915. Next he operated the confectionery business around 1915-1916. Six years latter he established a dairy business.

Bryce's Bakery (Around 1923)

Richard Hingston Elliott, came from Winnipeg to Manage the bakery for Bryce at least by 1933. He purchased the bakery shop from Bryce. A CPR spur which ran behind the bakery was removed by 1940.

Salsbury House

Busy Bee


The Pier

The Pier

307 Second St. S. - Hellif's Meat Market - Bob Strain's Butcher Store- J.T. Brett, at least by 1921 McKinnon and Ronan Grocery , Business Linnell Block Clayton's Grocery - Gurwich - Tom Hinton's, Richardson Co Travel Information Sure Thing - Indira

Linnil Block

In the early days Hellif's Meat market operated beside the corner building on east Side of Matheson Street. Hellif's meat market was replaced by Bob Strain's Butcher Store.

J. T Brett Grocery and Feed Business

John Thomas Brett operated a Hay, Feed and Grocery store located on Second Street South between Matheson and Chipman Streets. He had an extensive stock of staple and fancy groceries, canned goods and a domestic and imported fruit when in season. His business boasted one of the largest dealer in flour, feed and provisions and provided delivery to all parts of the town.

McKinnon and Ronan Grocery Store

The McKinnon and Ronan Grocery Store occupied the building until 1930 when it burned. James Ronan spent 25years in the grocery business and later became a partner with Chris McKinnon in the firm of McKinnon and Ronan.

Clayton Bulmer Groceries (Approximately 1930-1947)

After the 1930 fire the Linnil Block (The first three and last three letters coming from the contractors and owners, Linstrom and Nilson. Clayton Bulmer ran a grocery Business in one section. This business sold out around 1947 to Shop Easy Company

Indira Dress shop located in the Linnil Block in the

311 2nd St. S.

Mrs Gurwich operated a dress shop in another part of the Linnell Block It was known as the Fashion Dress Shop. Tom Hinton took over this space. Subsequent Sure Thing relocated from their previous location further West.

313 Second St. S. Link's Garage / Taggs


In 1890 C.C. Delbridge built the Palace Delivery Barn opposite Chipman street. Dellbridge who sold to Link and Henderson. In 1928 Henderson sold out to James Link and in 1939 formed a company known as J. A. Link Ltd. During the 1930s a fire destroyed the Link and Henderson Livery barn. Link build a garage on the location of the old livery barn. The garage operated for years known as Link's Garage. Phil's Esso Service came later and the business was renamed DuFresne Esso.

The Saans store operated in this location.

The store was then divided with the eastern portion being used as extension of the Standards Insurance Agency and the westerner portion occupied by Tagg's Source for Sports Weekend Adventure

319 2nd St. S. Standard Insurance

Stardard Insurance

George George A. Toole worked in insurance and real estate business for a number of years. He incorporated Standard Realty in 1908 and was its first President. He was succeeded by his son Laurence.

Horn and Taylor Tackaberry Delamere and Tilley / Parker Building / Town and Country




The Horn and Taylor Furniture and Undertaking Parlors opened up in 1897. In 1924 the building burned down and was rebuilt in the same year. When Horn retired he sold his shares to Tackaberry and the business became known as Taylor and Tackaberry. Tackabery sold the funeral business to Sandy Brown when Brown opened Brown's Funeral Home. Tackaberry enlarged its furniture store. In time they sold their store to Delamere and Tilley.

Town and Country

Delamere and Tilley in turn sold out their business to Town and Country furniture store. When this business closed the building became known as the Parker block.

A number of tenants occupied the business until it was finally sold and the new owner completely remodeled the exterior and Interior in 2013-2014.

Sharpe Block - E. A. Sharpe Tenants Machin Confectionnery, Squires Butcher Shop, Chardonet's Meat Market, Fleming Tin Shop, Stern -Board Anyone


Ernest Agustus Sharpe built the Sharpe block around 1905. E. A. Sharpe, was born in McCann, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia on July 9 1843. He arrived in Rat Portage in 1879 and worked in construction work during the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. He was the first express agent in the area. He started the first boat livery in 1883. Over the winter of 1881-1882 he went to Galveston, Texas, and married Emma Emma (Kems) Ebers, widow of Herman Ebers on March 16, 1882, and brought Emma and 3 surviving children to Rat Portage. One, Hermann Ebers who went by the name of Herman Sharpe was one of twelve teenage boys who formed the original junior Rat Portage Thistle squad in 1896. Ernest and Emma had four more children. Emma ran a boarding house in 1884 known as Bismarck House. He had a team and hauled wood and water to the house and subsequently started delivering water for 25 cents a barrel.

Mr Sharpe served on the Rat Portage town council in 1899. He served on the Board of Education. He died in Kenora Ontario 1 March 1912.

Machin Confectionery

The Sharpe Block

Centre Block - John Stepnik Unemployment Insurance Company War Time Prices and Trade Board Cambell Bros / Keric Funk / Perth's Cleaners lakeside Plumbing and Heating / Gillis and Waren / Bill Smith's Auto Parts / Powder Puff Beauty Salon



345 2nd St. S. Westario Motors-Northern Tire

Northern Tire

William Walker owned a small frame building built about 1900.

Years latter this building was removed and the Rolling Portage Garage was built. This building was rebuilt and named Westtario Motors subsequently renamed Kantola Motors.

Much later it was purchased by Northern Tire

405 Second St S. Shell Station


413 Second St. S. Masonic Lodge

Masonic Lodge

421 Second St. S Martin R. Nelson


Building renovated sometime after 2010

Brown Funeral Home and Cremation Centre


429 Second St. South-Sandy Brown-

Sandy Brown purchased the funeral business from Taylor and Tackaberry and built a modern funeral parlor at 429 Second St. South.

Presbyterian Church 200 Fifth Ave S.Presbyterian Church

In 1925 when the two churches united nationally not all Presbyterians wished to unite and property was carefully divided across the country. Those who did not wish to join began to meet in the former Christian Reformed Church on the North East Corner of Second Street South and Fourth Avenue. In 1954 the congregation built a church at 200 Fifth Ave S, South West Corner of Second Street South and Fifth Ave.

Fifth Ave. South

127 Fifth Ave. S. Kendall House

Kendall House

This property was divided out of he Hudson Bay Reserve in 1885 to Elizabeth Smith. In 1888 Elizabeth Smith conveyed the property to William Kendall

William Kendall, son of John and May Kendall was born in Battlesbridge, Essex, England on September 23 1853. He was employed as a CPR railway engineer.

He married Mary Frances Lucas, daughter of Francis Lucas and Hannah Frances Duffett on August 31 1888 in Rat Portage. They had five children,

Ivan Lucas Kendall born May 9 1890
Marvin Kendall born Jun 10 1891
Jennie Kendall born Sep 4 1892
S. Bessie Kendall born Dec 7 1893
Reuben Duffett Kendal born Aug 28 1895

In 1888 he bought 3 lots from Elizabeth Smith on Second Street South and in 1895 built a brick house on the north east corner of Second Street South and Fifth Avenue S. The family lived in the house until their last of their children died in 1983. In the mid 1950s the eastern portion of the property was sold to the First Baptist Church.

In 1987, Curtis and Barbara Sprague purchased the property and in the 1990s renovated the property and in 1997 opened it as the Kendall House Bed and Breakfast.

His wife predeceased him on July 20 1920. He died October 29 1931

A & W

East Highway

Wall Mart

Canadian Tire

Tim Horton's

Railway Street


Image One

Dufresne Furniture

Wharf Power Sports

K Sports

Superior Propane

Derouard Motors

Degagne Hundi


Degagne Enterprises

First Avenue South

Retson Photo taken January 26 2019 at Lake of the Woods Museum with permission, at a presentation by Braden Murray. Picture dates from before 1917. Building in the foreground is the Indian Affairs building. Tall building in the center of the picture is the Zion Baptist Church which burnt down in 1917. On right hand side of photo is the Kenora Lumber company mill on the site of the future Kenora Recreational center. In the center of the picture is a box car that sits on a spur-line that ran from the CPR main line parallel to Matherson street down the hill to First Ave South and following it along the lake frontage. The Hotel that bore the name Inn of the Woods, Best Western and Clarion has not yet been build

Second Street North

Retson photo taken on January 26 2019 at the Lake of the Woods Museum with permission at a presentation by Branden Murray shows the corner of 2nd Street Nortyh about 1910 before the construction of the water tower. The tower was removed 2018.

Keewatin Train Stop

Retson photo taken with permission at Lake of the Woods Museum January 26 2019 at a presentation by Braden Murray

Dodd's Camp

Andrew "Andy" Dodds

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company

Lake of the Woods

On June 29 2013 the micro brewing store and pub opened up at 350 2nd St. S.

According to the website at it all stated in 1898 when entrepreneur Abraham Kingdon opened the doors to the original Lake of the Woods Brewing Company in downtown Kenora.

John Reeves in The Lake of the Woods Brewing Co Ltd reports on the reopening of a micro brewery in 1927.


The first library in town was a library maintained by the CPR for the use of Employees of the CPR from around 1881. It was located near the first CPR Roundhouse.

Around 1895 -96 and Frank Carpenter, D.H. Currie, and J. W Humble with Mrs Lakeman established a "Mechanic's Institute" . Mr Humble gave the use of a room in his block on Main St. and the committee secured a small government grant to purchase books. carpenter, Currie, and Humble took turns keeping the library opened until the first Librarian Mrs Lakeman could be hired. There was a $2.00 subscription fee. The library was opened to the public from 10.A.M to 10.P.M.

In 1901 the library contained over 2000 books and several magazines with Miss M.F.A Thibadeau (Thboudau) in charge

Mr Humble was the first President of the Library Board, followed by C. W. Chadwick in 1899 and J. Warren in 1901.

In 1905 the library was moved to the Sharp block on second street. Later it was in the rear of Bevan's Tobacco and fruit store on Main St.

In 1916 a new library was built with the help of the Carnegie Foundation Fund.

After the Fire Hall on Main Street was burned, the Hudson Bay Company gave land for a new Fire Hall. The Library got permission for this to be used as a Library.


Post Office (Rat Portage -Kenora)

1890 Samuel Hunter -1917 Alfred Pitt - 1922 John C. Scott - J.C. Scotts and Sons General Merchants - Store closed in June 1979 Terry and Sue Johnson - Town of Keewatin, City of Kenora - Offices - Keewatin Library Building (221 Main St Keewatin Kenora)

Samuel Hunt was born about 1859. He married Evangeline Annie Jones on October 10 1888. He died January 4 1920. He started his business in a tent along the railway tracks and by 1890 had bought a building at 221 Main St the present location of the Keewatin Public Library. He operated the store until 1917 when it was sold to Alfred Pitt. For 5 years it was managed by John Campbell Scott who purchased it in 1922 and renamed it John C. Scott General Merchant. His son Archibald Scott commenced working with his father in 1928 and eventually purchased the store. It operated as a store until June 1979. The building was sold to his daughter and husband Sue and Terry Johnson. They in turn sold it to the Town of Keewatin who initially used it as offices with a library in the back . When the thee communities amalgamated in 2000 the Library moved into the front and the seniors center took over the space previously occupied by the Library


Post Office

The first post office was located beside the lane on the North Side of Second Street South. It was relocated to the location of City Hall on the East Side of Main Street in 1898. In 1970 it was once again relocated to the New Federal Building on the South side of Park St.

Reynards Grocery

Reynards Grocery located near the station had a prosperous business delivering groceries to the many cabooses in the Rail Yards Hamilton 1983 page 5

Excell Bus Lines

Alf Plant established a bus depot on main St in 1934. Annette bough building in 1948. son peter bough business in 1960

Mineral Hotel (Location as yet unknown)

Hotel built in the 1880 by F. Thompson (Summer People)

McKenzie Hotel built in 1880

Patricia Drug and Coffee


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Kenora Keewatin Telephone Directory January 1978

King, Stuart (October 1993) Lake of the Woods, History & Heritage

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Index of Streets

Chipman St. West Side
Fifth Ave. South
First Avenue South
First Street South - North Side
First Street South - South Side
Hennepen Lane
Keewatin Train Stop
Main Street South - West Side
Main Street South - East Side
Matheson Street - West Side
Matherson Street - East Side
McLellan Street
Railway Street
Second Street South - North Side
Second Street South -South Side
Second Street North

Index of Buildings

Barrelli (on Second St.)
Bijou Theater
Bill's Sound Center, Bill Richards Second Hand Store - 210 Second St.
Bismarck House
J. T Brett Grocery and Feed Business
Boston Pizza
Busy Bee
Cecil's Cafe -206 Second St St S.)
City Hall
Degagne Hundi
Degagne Enterprises
Dino's Fine Greek Foods -206 Second St St S.)
G.Westin Pool Hall
G. Westlin Restaurant
Hilliard House - Corner of Main St and Second Street South
Hilliard Opera House and Hotel - 326 2nd St. South-
JB Grocery
Ken Cafe
Kenora Photo -210 Second St.
Gibson Meat Market
J.B. Grocery
Knox Presbyterian Church
Knox United Church
Linitsky Block and Clothing Store
Link and Henderson, S. Link's Garage - 313 Second St.
McKinnon and Ronan Grocery Store
A. Leo Murray Grocery Store
Neale and Heath Grocery - 210 Second St.
Palace Theater - 326 2nd St. S.
Paramount Theater - 330 2nd St. S.
Pat's Stationary
The Pier
Rideout House (AKA Construction House)
Russell House
Salisbury House
Superior Propane
Styles Clothes Shop
Sutcliffe's Insurance Agencies
Town and Country


Dodd's Camp
Lake of the Woods Brewing Company
Post Office (Rat Portage -Kenora)


Stuart, Gerald A. Early Businesses in Downtown Kenora deposited in Kenora Library October Oct 1976, Library 971.311 Stu