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Kenora Legal Community

The Law is an abstract concept until it made concrete by judges, magistrates and justices of the peace who interpret the Law and appy the law to facts presented to them. In criminal matters the alleged facts are presented by Crown Prosecutors following investigation by police and having found a reasonable with criminal offences are defended by defence lawyers. In civil matters lawyers represent clients holding contested positions. In the criminal justice systems, if individuals are found guilty and sentence by judges, magistrates and justice to terms of prisonment tehn they are encarcerated in provincial jails if the term of the sentence is ywo years less a day or a federal penitentary if the term exceeds that period. The local legal community is covered by the following sites, The Law, Lawyers, Crown and Police and Jails. In the early years the jurisdiction of Kenora was in doubt and the town was actually incorporated as part of the Province of Manitoba. The decision of the Privy Council in London placed Rat Portage in Ontario 1886.Many of the early lawyers that served residence of Rat Portage had offices in Winnipeg. Thereafter the focus shifted away from Winnipeg.

Judges, Magistrates and Justices of the Peace

Pre-Elected Officials

Before the incorporation of Rat Portage and the election of Mayors and Councils the affairs of the Community was handled by Magistrates appointed by the Crown.

The first Magistrate was Manitoba Police Magistrate James Westropp Brereton 1830-1911.

In 1897 William Young 1848-1920 was appointed Police Magistrate. He left in 1908.

William Durie Lyon 1825 - 1893

Thomas William Chapple 1853-1926

James Robinson 1848 - 1910