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Bill Calder

Widow still alive

President of Rotary 1986-87

Sir Douglas Colin Cameron 1854-1921

Sir Douglas Colin Cameron KCMG. Colin Cameron who was born June 8 1854 in Hawkesbury, Prescott County, Ontario on 5 June 1854, son of Colin Cameron and Annie McClaren (or McLauren). He was educated at Vankleet Hill High School. He farmed in Ontario from 1871 to sometime between 1878 and 1880 when he moved to Manitoba in 1878, and worked as a contractor at Brandon. on February 11 1880, he married Margaret Cameron Ferguson (1857-?), daughter of William Ferguson of Vankleek Hill, Ontario. They had three children: Evelyn (Nan) Cameron (b 26 Jun. 1885), Douglas Lorne Cameron (b. 6 Jun. 1888), and James Leslie Fergus Cameron (b. 7 Jul 1896).

Subsequently he moved to Rat Portage. In the Fall of 1883 he formed the lumber business of Cameron & Company, later known as Cameron & Kennedy Lumber Company in Norman. In 1892, it was incorporated as the Ontario & Western Lumber Company, being renamed as the Rat Portage Lumber Company. He served as its General Manager from 1892 and president from 1894. He was also heavily involved in the forest industry in British Columbia.

In 1901 he was elected as a councillor in Rat Portage. He would later serve as the city's mayor. In 1902, he was elected a MLA of Ontario as a Liberal for Fort Williams and Lake of the Woods defeating Conservative Thomas Smellie, 1483 votes to 1121. He lost the 1905 election to Smellie, 1536 votes to 1228. Shortly thereafter, he moved Winnipeg to better oversee his business ventures. He was defeated as a candidate for Winnipeg in the 1908 federal election losing to Conservative Alexander Haggart by 8747 votes to 6729.

Other business interests included the Presidency of the Maple Leaf Flour Mills, and directorships of the Northern Crown Bank, Manitoba Bridge & Iron Company, and the Gas Traction Company. In 1910 he was listed by the Winnipeg Telegram as one of Winnipeg's 19th millionaires

He was a member of the Manitoba Club, St Charles Country Club and Lakewood Country Club. He served as President of the The St. Andrew Society of Winnipeg from 1906 to 1908. He was a Lieutenant-Colonel with the 79th Highlanders. He was a keen horseman, his stables winning many honours at horse shows. In 1911, he lived at 65 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg. His letter-book for the years 1911 and 1912 is at the Archives of Manitoba.

He was 8th Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba on August 1, 1911. In 1915 Cameron used his constitutional authority to call a Royal Commission of Enquiry into an ongoing scandal involving the construction costs of the province's new legislative buildings. The Commission upheld charges against Rodmond P. Robin's government by the opposition Liberals and Roblin was forced to resign. Cameron was made a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St. George in the 1914 New Year's Honour List. His term in office ended in 1916. He died in November 27, 1921 and is buried in St John's Cemetery.


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Maxwell Yorston Cameron 1904-1981

Maxwell Yorston Cameron, son of William George Cameron and Henrietta Louise Henesy was born in Kenora November 05 1904.

He married Jessie Alexandrina McLeod in Kenora. They had at least two children William and Don Cameron

He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1951 - 1952.

He died in Kenora May 17 1981.

Archibald Campbell 1863-

Archibald Campbell, son of Farquhar and May Campbell,l was born on 8 Jul 1863. He married Annie H Halstead 21 Oct 1888 in Kenora, Ontario.

They had 3 children

Stewart Woodbury Campbell b. September 15 1889
Daniel H Campbell b. March 4 1891
Isabella A Campbell b. December 5 Dec 1893

Archibald Campbell came to Rat Portage in 1886. In 1890 he was the owner of Rat Portage's first stationary and book store which was located in the lower part of the Hilliard House. There was a post office in the rear of the store.

In 1891 he was elected councillor along with Harding Rideout, John Nash and J. Clarkson. In 1892 he became the first mayor following Incorporation of the Town with counsellors C.W. Belyea, D.C. Cameron. J.B. Davies, John Nash, Walter Oliver and James M Savage.

In 1899 he went into the Insurance Business for a short time.

He was treasurer of the rowing club in 1892, a member of the first band formed in 1886 and a member of the first fire brigade formed in 1888 In 1894 he became Crown Land Agent.

They moved from Rat Portage to Kansas City in 1900. Mrs Campbell died there in October 1944 at the age of 76

References, Hylnski 1882

David Canfield

David S. Canfield born and raised in Jaffray Melick.

Prior to being mayor he was a loader operator at the local paper mill.

Formerly the mayor of Jaffray Melick

Canfield was elected mayor of the newly amalgamated city in 2000.

Served as the mayor of Kenora, Ontario from 2000 to 2006. In the 2006 municipal election, Canfield was defeated in his re-election bid by Len Compton. David Canfield was born and raised in Kenora, Ontario.  Among various other jobs, he spent 32 years working in the forest industry.  A crane operator by trade, he spent the last 10 years doing heavy equipment training for Abitibi.

Mr. Canfield entered the field of politics during the 1991 municipal election and served as Councillor until re-elected, as Mayor, in the fall of 1994.  Mr. Canfield served as Mayor for the Town of Jaffray Melick until December 31, 1999.  When Kenora, Keewatin and Jaffray Melick amalgamated to become the City of Kenora on January 1, 2000, Mr. Canfield was elected as the first Mayor for the City of Kenora for a one year term for 2000.  He was re-elected in the fall of 2000 as Mayor for a three year term 2001-2003 and again in the fall of 2003 for a three year term 2004-2006. He was once again re-elected as Mayor, in the fall of 2010 for a four year term 2011 - 2014, and re-elected again October 27, 2014 to serve the current four year term 2015-2018. 

Mayor Canfield was elected as President of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA) in 1998/99.   He was re-elected as president of NOMA April 2013.  Mayor Canfield has served on dozens of federal, provincial and regional committees over his political career, including,  

Mayor Canfield along with Grand Chief Leon Jourdain were the innovators of the Common Land Common Ground working group. A joint committee of First Nation Chiefs and Northwest Ontario Mayors working together on issues of common interest.

Frederick Wallace Canniff 1864- 1943

Angus Carmichael 1852 - 1938

Angus Carmichael, possibly son o Hugh Carmichael and Isabella McNiven was born in Cannington, Ontario on January 15 1852.

Angus came to Rat Portage in 1882 and rented Frank Gardner's store on the North West corner of Main He carried on the dry goods business until 1900 when he sold the store. He then went into the insurance business and real estate.

He returned east in 1886 and in Toronto married Minnie Helena Simpson, daughter of George Simpson and Sarah Jane Helliwelll, April 28 1886 in Toronto.

He returned to Rat Portage in May 1886 and resided above the store he had built on Main St. and Second St South. He operated a dry goods store until 1900. He went into the Insurance and Real Estate business which he operated from the Carmichael Block on Main Street. He build a home at 228 First Street North in 1889, one of the first houses north of the railway tracks.

They had three sons:

Hugh Melville Simpson Carmichael born April 12 1887 in Rat Portage, killed in World War 1, June 6 1916, buried in Menin Gate memorial cemetery (Ypres), at the age of 29 years

Ross McNevin Carmichael born March 8 1890, in Rat Portage, married Norah "Dora" Anne Johnson September 14 1921 in Kenora Johnson.

George Raymond Carmichael born March 12 1893 in Rat Portage, married Lillian May Nelson 08 Aug. 1923 in Peterborough, Ontario d. 03 Mar 1981 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In 1889 he joined Jacob Hose and other leading business leaders in forming the Citizen's Electric Light and Telephone Company. The company installed light and telephone systems until it was purchased by the town. He was president of the Board of Trade in 1904. He was an alderman in 1904,1905 and served as mayor in 1906. In this position he promoted the Maple Leaf along with Sir Douglas Cameron. The Maple Leaf Milling Company was incorporated in 1905 and capitalized for one million dollars. He became the Mill's first president. Angus Carmichael served as town counsellor in 1904-05 and mayor in 1906.

Angus Carmichael was an active sportsman being a member of the Bicycle Club in 1894, a member of the Anglers' Club and President of the Curling Club in 1890-91.

Angus Carmichael was one of the oldest masters of the Pequonga Lodge, a charter member of the Lake of the woods Lodge and a charter member of the Gold Hill Lodge I.O.O.F.

He was the first Rat Portage militia officer an held the commission as major of the Algoma Rifles and Commander at Rat Portage. The headquarters were in Sault Ste Marie. He was one of the first officers in the old 90th Regiment and in active service until 1902.

He and his wife were active members of Knox United Church. He was appointed clerk of the Session in 1884 and retired after 50 years. He was active in getting the First Presbyterian Church built.

Angus Carmichael died in Kenora on 30 Jul 1938

Alexander Fraser, A History of Ontario, Volume 11, The Canadian History Company, Montreal, 1907 818

George Raymond Carmichael 1893- 1981

George Raymond Carmichael, the son of Angus and Minnie Helena Simpson, was born March 12 1893 in Rat Portage.

In 1908 at the age of 15 years he enlisted in the Lake Superior Regiment. He attended the Royal School of Infantry at Fort Osborne Barracks and qualified as a Lieutenant in December 1915. He went over with the 94th Battalion embarking from Halifax on June 16 on the Olympic. In England he was transferred to the 32 Reserve Battalion on July 18 and then subsequent on August 31, to the Royal Flying Corps. He trained in Scotland and flew reconnaissance missions in France and Belgium.

In September 1917 his airplane was attacked by enemy aircraft, his observer wounded and the airplane damaged but he was able to land the plane in France. Following the incident, he was granted a 3 month leave in Canada and the remaining service were based in Toronto with the Royal Flying Corp.

Back in Kenora he remained active in the military affairs. In 1922 when the Kenora Light Infantry was organized under Colonel Schnarr, George Carmichael was one of the first called back to serve. He commanded the Kenora Light Infantry. In 1930 he worked hard to get a new armoury. In 1936 when the militia was changed from infantry to artillery he reorganized the 40th Medium Regiment including the 16th, 17th and 18th Batteries at Kenora, Fort Francis and Port Arthur.

During World War Two he was a member and Vice Chairman of the Department of National Board involved with the administration of the National Resources Mobilization Act, Division D, Port Arthur. He was also Chairman of the Industrial Survey Board Division D.

He promoted the lake of the Woods Military Institute and served as its president. He was an honourary life member of the Royal Canadian Legion and of the Woods United Services Institute.

Following World War one he returned to Kenora and joined his father's insurance business.

He married Lillian May Nelson on August 8 1923 in Peterborough Ontario and they had three children:

Nancy Carmichael born August 9 1927 Married Bruce McEown, Died Nov 8 1979
Angus Milville Dixon Carmichael born July 25 1934, Wife Marion, Died January 1 2011
George Terrance Carmichael born August 9th 1935, Married Lorraine Keefe, Died May 26 2012

George was a member of the Committee who organized Old Home Week in 1936, and a member who organized the Kenora Jubilee in 1952. In 1952 he was president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. He was President of the Kenora Kinsmen Club. He was a past master of the Lake of the Woods Masonic Lodge No 445. He was a trustee of the Knox United Church.

He was Mayor of Kenora from June 1948 to the end of 1951.

Mrs Carmichael died September 3 1959. George Raymond Carmichael moved to Winnipeg in November 1976 and died there March 3 1981.

Herbert C. Carpenter 1872 -

Herbert Carpenter, son of Sherrif Carpenter and Annie Carpenter was born October 16 1872

Herbert Carpenter served St. Albans for 41 years as Organist and choir director. Hundreds local of Kenora children were taught by him during his lengthy teaching career.

William Stewart Carruthers 1871 - 1952

William Stewart Carruthers, son of Christopher Carruthers and Mary Gibson was born on his father's farm in Huntley Twp, Carleton County, Ontario. He attended high school in Almonte and Armprior Collegiate in Ottawa.

He arrived in Rat Portage in March 1897 where he worked as a surveyor and diamond driller at Sultana Mine. From 1900 to 1902 he worked for the Rat Portage Lumber Company in charge of the supply depot at Rainey River in the winters. In the summer he was the purser on the steamer "Keenora" for the Rainey River Navigation Company. He is listed in the census as liing in Emo. The Rainy River Navigation Company was running a daily boat
service to Fort Frances with the steamer Keenora leaving Rat
Portage every evening and connecting at Beaver Mills with the
Agwinde. Their service meant that local wholesale merchants were
able to do a brisk business with the people along the river.

On April 22, 1903 he married Lucy Annette Allan of Prescott Ontario in Winnipeg. They resided in Fort Francis until the boats ceased running. He had one daughter Jean Caruthers who married George Reynolds.

He was assistant manager of the Rainey River Navigation company until its

He died November 14 1952

Ernest Leslie " Earnie" Carter 1909 -

Earnie Carter, son of Ernest Leslie Carter and Jessie R Carter of Winnipeg, Manitoba, was born there on October 1879. He moved with his family to Kenora Ontario when he was 4 or 5.He received his education in Kenora before attending business college in Winnipeg at the age of 17 years. He worked for the British Empire Grain Company for 5 years before returning to Kenora. He worked for his fathers Real Estate and Insurance Company. In 1934 he joined the Kenora Paper Mill Ltd which later became the Ontario-Minnesota Pulp and Paper Company. He commenced as assistant cashier and worked other positions until 1943 when he was sent to Fort Frances to set up a new office for the Company, He returned to Kenora in 1950 to become the office manager and comptroller until he retired in June 1 1974. He then took on the position of resident manager of then Kenora Shopper's Mall.

He married Gladys Tompkins on June 3 1935. They had one child, Harry L. Carter, born April 22 1937.

He joinedthe Rotary Club July 12 1952.

He served as a member and chairman of the Board of Education in Fort Frances. He was appointed to the Lake of the Woods District High School and served as Chairman from 1957 to 1961.

He served as town councillor from 1963 to 1965, mayor from 1966 to 1971 and then a councillor again from 1972 to 1977.

He was the inaugural chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners for Kenora in 1970-71. He was a member of the Hydro Commission He was president of the Kenora District Municipal Association. He was a member and a chairman of the Kenora Recreation Centre. He was a member of the Industrial Board, the Kenora Publicity Board, the Museum Board, the Library Board, and the Lake of the Woods District Hospital Board.

He was a member of the Tri-Municipal Committee, chairperson of the Provincial Government Advisory on Commercial Fishing in North Western Ontario vice-president of the Ontario's Mayor's and Reeves Association, President of the Chamber of Commerce, President of both Kenora and Rainey River District Music Festivals a member of the Retarded Children's Authority , a member of the Mississippi Parkways Commission.

Charles Walter Chadwick 1853 - 1925

John Ken Chambers

Kantola and Chambers

Curtesy of Kenora daily News July 1978

John Kenneth Chambers

Son Peter Chambers

Daughter Brenda


President of Kenora Rotary Club 1978-79

Edward Arthur Chapman 1850 - 1902

Edward Arthur Chapman was born May 08, 1850 in Corillion, Quebec. He married Cordelia Jane Ritchie about 1875 in Quebec.

They had two children:

Charles E Chapman born Apr 20, 1876 Married Margaret Hannah Fitzgerald June 5 1901

Kate Elizabeth Chapman born Nov 21, 1886

He came west and in 1891 census was reported as a Railway Conductor.

In 1894 he ceased to work with the Railway when he purchased the News - Lake of the Woods Journal

He died April 18 1902 after lengthy illness

Thomas William Chapple 1853 - 1926

Honourable Thomas William Chapple, son of Captain William and Eutychia Randall (McNaughton) Chapple, natives of Devonshire, England, and St. Andrews, Scotland, respectively, was born February 10 1853 in Kilkenny, Ireland.

His father, a regimental surgeon-major in the Second Dragoon Guards, Queen's Boys died in May, 1858, at Lucknow, India in a military siege. The family who had been living in London England departed the same year for Canada and established their home at Newcastle, Durham County, Ontario.

He commenced his study of law in 1876, with J. E. Farewell, K.C., of Whitby, and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1882.

In 1882 he married Lucy Ann French, daughter of Milton French of Oshawa. They had one son,

William Edwin Chapple b. January 28 1884, Studied medicine in University of Manitoba, M. Sarah Myra Louise Ross, d. Mar 19 1962.

In 1884 Judge Chapple moved to Uxbridge, Ontario where practice as a barrister until 1898. For many years he served as secretary of North Ontario and West Ontario Reform Associations. In 1892 he received the nomination of the Liberal party for North Ontario for the Legislative Assembly and was elected in his riding in the general election of 1894.

In 1898 he moved to Kenora where he presided as a judge of the Rainy River District Court for 28 years.

Judge Chapple was interested in promoting education. In Uxbridge he served as a Chairman of the Board of Education. He served as the first chairman of the Kenora High School Board.

Judge Chapple was a member of the Gold Hill Lodge, IOOF, district deputy grandmaster of the Masonic Order, and member of the Lake of the Woods Lodge A.F. & A.M. , district deputy of the Ancient Order of United Workmen and a high councillor of the Independent Order of Foresters.

He was a strong Presbyterian and subsequent an Elder in the United Church. He died 13 Nov 1926.


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Hélène (Collin)Charbonneau

Private Arthur Edwin Clarkson 1893 - 1915

Arthur Edwin Clarkson was born in May 1893 in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England, the oldest son of Sarah Ann (Annie) Clarkson. In 1898 when Arthur was five years old his mother married John Cahill. When the 1901 census was taken Arthur and his mother were living in Scarborough with his grandparents John and Frances (Clarkson) Pull. His step-father died of tuberculosis the following year on 4 November 1902, at age 28, Arthur was then 9 years old. 

When Arthur was 10 his family immigrated to Canada, arriving in Montreal on 13 June 1903. With him were his grandfather John Pull, his uncle John Pull Jr., his widowed mother and her two other children, John Jr. and Frances. Their destination was listed as Rat Portage (later called Kenora), in northwestern Ontario. Arthur's mother married again in February 1904 in Dauphin, Manitoba. At the time of the 1906 census she was living in East Bay near Dauphin Lake with her husband Maurice Barker, a farmer, and her two youngest children. Arthur was living with Uncle in Kenora, enjoying all that that small community had to offer.

Arthur remained in Kenora for several years with his uncle John Pull and worked at the Rat Portage Lumber Company's box factory. Around 1911 at approximately 18 years he moved with his mother to a farm in Manitoba.

Britain declared war on August  4 1914 which automatically brought Canada into the war.  Arthur volunteered at the age of 21 with the 94th Regiment (Manitoba Rangers) on August 16 and travelled to Quebec by train with the other recruits. At Valcartier they underwent training, medical tests and inoculations. He was found fit for service and on  September  21 1914 he enlisted with the 8th Battalion, a unit made up of recruits from Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.

In October the 8th Battalion embarked for England arriving safely in Plymouth, England on October 14. The 8th Battalion was sent to Salisbury Plain in southern England where they trained for several months. The men were billeted in tents and huts and due to the cold, wet winter weather many of them including Arthur became sick with severe colds and pneumonia. During a period of leave, Arthur  was married in Aberdeen, Scotland on 25 January 1915 to his wife a 20-year-old Sarah Newcombe, a resident of Aberdeen. The marriage certificate recorded Arthur as a Private with the 8th Battalion and his address as Larkhill, Salisbury Plains.

In February 2015 the 8th Battalion was sent to France and not long after arriving Arthur became ill with tonsillitis. He was in a hospital in Le Tréport, then at a convalescent camp for just over a month, from February 26 to March 28. He rejoined his battalion in early April, around the time they were moving to the Ypres Salient in Belgium. On April 12, while ill in a hospital, he wrote his uncle indicating he expected to be returning to the line shortly.

On April 17 a young Canadian Doctor from Ontario, John McCrae arrived near Ypres. After a few days rest, the 8th Battalion were back in the front lines again on April 19. Chlorine gas was first used by the Germans on a large scale on 22 April 1915 at Gravenstafel Ridge near Langemark, and the 8th Battalion was hit by it two days later on April 24th. The battle from April 22 to 24 is known as the Second Battle of Ypres.

The 8th Battalion suffered heavy casualties from the poison and in the fighting that followed as German infantry advanced behind the cloud of gas. Arthur was wounded just behind the trenches in an attempt made by his Company to stop the advance of the enemy coming in on the rear. Arthur lay on the battlefield in pain in no man's land all night. The next day his cries for help were heard.

Company Sergeant-Major Hall of Winnipeg along with Corporal Payne and Private Rogerson endeavoured to reach Arthur who was lying some 15 yards away from the trench, in the face of a very heavy enemy fire. The first attempt failed, and Payne and Rogerson were both wounded and returned to the trench. Hall then made a second  attempt, and was in the act of lifting up Clarkson to bring him in when he fell mortally wounded in the head. Shortly after another shell fell on Private Clarkson killing him as well just short of a month before his 22 birthday.

Neither Arthur's nor Hall’s final resting place are known and both are commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial (Ypres, Belgium), a memorial dedicated to soldiers whose grave locations are unknown.  Hall was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions in trying to rescue Private Clarkson. He was one of three men from Pine Street in Winnipeg who were awarded the Victoria Cross in the First World War. After the war Pine Street was renamed Valour Road in their honour.

In May 2015 on the 100 anniversary of Clarkson and Hall’s death, My wife and I visited Ypres to take of picture of Menin’s Gate and the Clarkson and Hall’s memorial commemoration.

Menin Gate



Brooding SoldierBrooding Soldier


Resource Credit: Arthur Edwin Clarkson in the Great War Project

James Clarkson 1857 - 1910

James Clarkson was born in 1857. He married Lucinda Martha Seymour (born September 10 1856 in Penetanguishene, Simcoe, Ontario) in August 4 1880. They had 4 children:

Margaret Anne Clarkson b. 29 Jul 1883 in St. Boniface, Manitoba
Stanley Seymour Clarkson b. 23 Mar 1885 in St. Boniface, St. Manitoba
Ida May Clarkson b. 9 Jan 1889 Rat Portage
John Gordon Clarkson b. 31 Mar 1891 in Rat Portage

He was a town Counsellor in 1884, 1885, 1890, and 1891

He died in 16 Aug. 1910 in St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada

Walter Daniel Smith Coate 1862 - 1944

Walter Daniel Coate was born on Aug 02, 1862 in Coburg Ontario. The 1871 Census still shows his residence as Coburg Ontario. The advertisement appearing in the September 1883 Argus as W.D. Coate's Medical Hall shows his new residence in Rat Portage. He was married to Nona Jane Hanson at least by 1911 and his residence for that year was Brandon Manitoba. They had four children all born in Rat Portgae:

Nona E Coate born July 0 1887, Mary R Coate born Nov 8 1888, Eva F Coate born Nov 7 1891 and Walter Daniel Coate born April 3 1895. She died on December 15 1912 at Brandon, Manitoba . He died on May 19 1944 in Haney B.C.

Medical Hall

John "Jack" Lewis Conlon 1877 -1962

John "Jack" Lewis Conlon, son of Michael Conlon and Jane Moore was born in Black River, Saint John County, New Brunswick on 11 July 1877. He married Clara Mabel Speight in New Brunswick. They had seven children,

Gladys Mary Colon b. in Saint John NB, 26 Apr 1898, m. Albert Martin Edmonds, d. in Winnipeg 8 Feb 1969

Edward Lewis Colon b. Saint John, NB, 9, Oct. 1899, m. Rose Lachapelle, d 30 Jul 1952. He too served as a conductor

William Herbert Conlon b. Saint John, NB. 20 aug. 1901, d. in Kenora, Ontario, 30 May 1973

Joseph Alfred Conlon b. in Saint John New Brunswick 31 Mar. 1903, m. 22 May 1925 in Kenora, Ontario, D. 18 Apr 1969 in Vancouver

Arthur John Conlon b. 31 May 1905 in Kenora, Ontario, m. Simone D. Bravery, d. 13 Aug. 1879 in Kenora, Ontario

Olive Pearl Conlon b. 4 Sep. 1906 in Kenora, Ontariomarried Melville Wauchoss Robert Lawson d. 9 Jun 1998 in Kenora Ontario

Marguerite Hilda Ruth Conlon b. 3 Nov 1916 in Kenora Ontario, m. James Mussen Beck d. 9 Sep 1984 in New Wetsminister BC.

He was employed as a brakeman in Saint John and left for Kenora between March 1903 and 1925 where he became a switchman for the CPR.

Ed Sweet in Keewatin Reflections spoke of Conlon's work,

It was pretty to watch Conlon make a "drop" - first the entire train would get moving with one switchman uncoupling and remaining on the unit to be dropped. The engine would then acceleraterapidly, widening on the gap between it and ongoing cars. Within this interval another man would throw the switch diverting the oncoming unit to the desired track. Keewatin's yardage space was fairly cramped so this whole act required perfect timing and co-operation; one can imagine the costly damages if anything went awry in executing the performance. Shoild any one in the act dally or hurry too much he incurred Conlon's wrath interspersed withcolourful and scorching remarks. Colon expected perfection from his crew because Colon was good himself. He indeed ranked high in everyone's esteem.

John Lewis Conlon died in Kenora 6 Dec. 1962.

Jack's son Edward Lewis Colon, also served as a conductor.

Jack's son Arthur John Conlon also worked for the CPRcarried on in the same occupation.

Allan Roy Conlon retired from the CPR Feb 1957.

Retired Feb 1957

Source: Sweet, Ed Keewatin Reflections, Total Printing and Reproduction Services

Henry Porter Cooke 1884-1936

Henry Porter Cooke, son of Henry Hamilton Cooke and Catherine Elizabeth Bennis Bolster was born 4 January 1884 in Uxbridge, Durham County, Ontario, Canada Ontario .

He received his education in Uxbridge public schools and then proceeded to University of Toronto where he graduated with a BA and an LLB. He was called to the bar in 1908. He practiced law with the law firm of Sharpe and Cooke until World War 1.

On 19 August 1911 he married Hazel Margaret Jane Vicars. They subsequent had two children

Marian Ellen Cooke b. 08 Dec 1913 d. 09 Nov 2003

Norah Muriel Cooke b. 15 Aug. 1918

The British army established a military post where the museum at Exhibition Place, Lakeshore Boulevard East Toronto, ON is presently located, in 1840-41 to replace aging Fort York. Known as the New Fort, it consisted of seven limestone buildings around a parade square, and a number of lesser structures. In 1893 the fort was renamed Stanley Barracks in honour of Governor Lord Stanley. Canadian forces assumed responsibility for the post in 1870 and garrisoned it until 1947. Cooke trained at the Barracks and served with the 34th regiment. He further trained at Petawawa in 1911 and enlisted on went overseas in 1916 with the 116th Battalion. He returned home on sick leave and was placed in charge of the Military Service Act in Kingston. After coming to Kenora he was promoted to Lieutenant- Colonel and took over the command of the Kenora Light Infantry which he retired from in 1932.

In April 1919 he moved to Kenora and opened his practice of Law. Ion December 19 1921 he received his King Councillor. In 1922 he was appointed Crown Attorney and Town solicitor.

In 1931 he assumed command of the Kenora Light Infantry as Lieutenant -Colonel and retired from position in 1932.

In Kenora he was a member of the Kenora Rotary Club and served as president in 1935-1936.

He was a Master of the Masonic Order.

He was an active member of the Board of Trade, a Director of the Kenora Golf and Country Club, the Kenora Legion and an honourary solicitor of the Children's Aid Society.

Henry Porter Cooke died 22 April 1936 in Kenora.

Abraham Coppleman 1896- 1958

Abraham "Abbie" Coppleman, son of Samuel Coppleman and Maggie Rosen was born May 14 1896. He was a furniture store owner.

He married Yhetta Gertrude Shragge

He was President of the Kenora Rotary Club 1945-46

He died June 19 1958 in Vancouver, B.C.

Henry "Harry" Cornish 1873-1947

Harry Cornish was born in England and arrived in Canada in 1881 at the age of 8 years. He married Martha Mary Etta Callander on October 24 1900 in Cameron, Manitoba. They had one daughter Netta Marie Cornish born December 31 1900 and who died February 4 1915.

He was Keewatin Town Councillor in 1907-14 and Mayor from 1915-20.

His occupation in the 1921 census is given as Flour Shipper. He was the General Superintendents of Lake of the Woods Milling.

He was President of the Kenora Rotary Club 1930-31.

He moved to Oak Bay British Columbia in 1935. He died there on January 12 1947.

John "Jack" Cortens 1923 - 2012

John "Jack" Cortens, son of Alfred Peter Cortens and Gertrude May Gange, was born July 11 1923 in Wnnipeg Manitoba. He graduated from St. Paul's College.

Jack Jack

He served as a Flying Officer with the Royal Canadian Airt Force as a navigator from 1942- 1945.

Following the war, he finished his studies to be a chartered Accountant. He started to Work for Revenue Canada where he met his wife, Byrnece Pawlicki who he married Octoiber 23 1950 St. Ignatius Parish . They had 9 children, and was survived by 6 children Phillip, Peter, Michael, David, John and Andrew. How many still live in Kenora What additional information might I get on Them. Three others, infant children Megan (d. Nov 3 1962) and Joseph (d. July 8 1963) and daughter Catherine Ann (d. Dec 14 1965) at age 9.

In 1953 they moved to Kenora to become a partner with the firm of Dunwoody, Saul and Smith. In 1963 he moved to Dryden to set up an office for the Dunwoody Firm and eventually set up his own office.

Following his retirement they moved back to Kenora where they lived at their camp on Conney Island until 2005 when they moved into town. They celebrated their 60 wedding annivesary in 2011.

Jack was passionate about politics and religion. In politics he was a staunch conservative and a lover of human liberty. In religion a ferverent orthodox Roman Catholic dedicated to traditional liturgy and an advid Pro-Lifer. He had a lifelong love of reading. He took great enjoyment in travel, golf, sailing and bridge. Jack passed away in Kenora on April 26 2012 and was buried in Dryden, Ontario.

Claude Albert Cossey 1897-1973

Herbert Thomas Cossey 1871 - 1947

photo curtest of Leigh Cossey,

Standing L to R. Stanley Thomas Cossey, Herbert Thomas Cossey, Lillian Helen May Cossey, Lela May (Denure) Cossey, wife of Jack, Douglas Jack Cossey, Emerson Farnsworth, husband of Ruby, Ruby Rose (Cossey) Farnsworth, Claude Albert Cossey, Seated L to R. Rose Annie Cossey, Dorothy Farnsworth (daughter of Emerson and Ruby), Margaret Christina Viola (Hall) Cossey

Herbert Thomas Cossey, son of Thomas Robert Cossey and Mary Elizabeth Harrison, was born in Ormesby St. Margaret, Norfolk, England. He had been engaged in with his father in yacht and boat building in England before coming to Canada. His father arrived in Canada on 3 June 1903 and Kenora in 1905.

In Canada, Herbert Thomas Cossey first went to Prince Albert where he build the 120 foot stern wheeler "Alberta " for the Hudson Bay Company. Later it was brought down the Saskatchewan River through Lake Winnipeg and the Red River where it wound up its career making excursions to River Park. In Keewatin his business was called Lake of the Woods Boat Building where he built many boats for cruising Lake of the woods including, the Erin, Calypso, Hostalingia, Raven, Ramona, Nahmeaka, Condon and the Ariel.

"Alberta" Rat Portage, Library and Archives Canada

He left Kenora in 1926 to Gravenhurst District where he carried on his trade until his retirement in 1945.

He married Rose Annie Lake in April 13 1893 in Yarmouth, Norfork, England and emigrated to Canada with 4 children, two others having died in infancy. He had a total of 10 children:

Hylton Herbert Cossey born March 1 1894, Greater Yarmouth, Norfork, England, died May 1967, Saint Clair Shores, Macomb, Michigan, US, (See further information).

Ruby Rose Cossey born Aug. 1895 Norfork, England died 1968 Huntsville, Ontario, Canada married Emerson Farnsworth 17 Feb 1917 in Winnipeg Manitoba. They had three children Lorne E Farnsworth born 3 April 1921 Donald Farnsworth and Dorothy possibly in Hunstville Ontario where they were raised.

Claude Albert Cossey born 22 Feb 1897 Flegg, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, died October 1 1973 Haney, BC. See Further Information

Olga Lilian Cossey b. Abt. 1899 Norfork England, d. July 1899, Norfork, England

Basil Wilfred Cossey b. July 1900 Norfork, England d. July 1900 All the above were born in Norfork England

Donald Wilfred Cossey b. Apr. 1902, Greater Yarmouth, Norfork, England

Lillian Helen May Cossey 31 Mar 1906 Kenora, Ontario d. 1985 in Gravenhurst. She was Post Master for many years.

Stanley Thomas Cossey b. 04 Jan 1909 Kenora, Ontario d. 06 Oct 1971 North Vancouver, BC

Douglas Jack Cossey born. 28 Jul 1911 Kenora, Ontario d. 27 Oct 1969 Orillia, Ontario, Canada married Lela May Denure 03 Apr 1941 in Gravenhurst, Ontario. They had no children. She died 01 Dec 1998 in Orillia.

Gordon Nelson Cossey born in 1918 in Kenora died on 16 Jan 2003 in Ladner, BC, Canada. After serving in Italy and Holland during WWII, Gordon returned to Ontario and married wife Ethel Hunt (surname unknown). In 1950, they moved to BC and in 1952, Gordon rejoined the Royal Canadian Engineers, serving at various bases in Canada and Germany. In 1966, retired from the army and joined the Federal Dept. of Supply and Services in Calgary. Shortly afterwards, he was successful in securing the position of Property Manager, Northern Region, Medical Services, Health and Welfare Canada. He then moved to Pacific Region, Medical Services (Vancouver) in the same position from which he retired in 1983

Herbert Thomas Cossey died on March 24 1947 at the age of 75 at his home in Gravenhurst.

Hylton Herbert Cossey

Hylton Herbert Cossey, son of Herbert Thomas Cossey and Rose Annie Lake was born March 1 1894, in Greater Yarmouth, Norfork, England, He came to Canada with his family on 3 June 1903 and Kenora in 1905. He died May 1967, Saint Clair Shores, Macomb, Michigan, US.

He married Florence Mabel Auckland on 15 Oct 1917 in Michigan He had two children, Viva Florence Cossey born in Keewatin 16 Aug 1922 and Catherine Rose Cossey born in Windsor, Ontario 07 Mar 1924. Following a divorce on March 31 1950, he married Helen O'Donnell 29 May 1950.

He worked with his father Herbert Cossey in Keewatin before enlisting in WW1 on September 23 1914 serving in the Navy Regiment no VR5485 (For further information on war records see )

Stan Cox


Kenora Rotary Club 1981-82

William John "W.J." Craig 1866 -1935

W.J. Craig

William John "W.J." Craig, son of William John Craig and Martha Wagner, was born 16 Dec 1866 in Kingston, Ontario. He married Charlotte Jane Cowan 5 Oct 1892 in Car;eton, Ontario. They had four children:

William George Craig b. 9 May 1894 Carleton, Ontario
Gordon Maxwell Craig b. 7 Aug 1897 Carleton, Ontario
Mildred Craig b. 25 Apr 1902 Keewatin, Ontario
Elnora A. Craig b. 13 Sep 1905 Keewatin, Ontario

W.J. Craig was a municipal councillor in Keewation in 1901, 1902 and 1903. Ed Sweet in Keewatin Reflections, page 72 indicates,

W.J. Craig municipal clerk from before the time of incorporation until 1935, came to Keewatin to join the staff of the gold refinery and also worked for Keewatin Lumbering and Manufacturing for several years. During his tenure as clerk he acquired the reputation for being an efficient and conscientious servant of the town. During Keewatins early development there were numerous emergences, financial and otherwise, and W.J. proved himself equal to every situation. As a side line he engaged in the insurance business and built up a sizeable clientele, indicative of the popularity he enjoyed. He was also fire chief for many years, and a good one too. Mrs Craig was prominent in chirch circles and an active community worker, performing numerous acts of beneficence in her own quiet way. She was an ardent Red Cross workers during the first world war.

W.J. beyond any doubt had a a lot to do with Keewatinès early growth and success. Regrettably he dies in harness without the Privilege of the joys of retirement.

William John Craig Headstone

He died on 24 Feb 1935 in Keewatin. His wife died in 1947.

Resources: Sweet, Ed Keewatin Reflections Tota1 Printing and Reproductions Services (avaoalble in Kenoea Public Library)

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Marlyne Myrtle Crawford 1950 - 2016

Marlyne Myrtle Crawford, daughter of Donald and Beatrice McNeill was born in 1950. She met her husband Don in 1969 at the bowling alley and they married in 1971. They had three children Krista Purdy (Miles), Sean Crawford, and Wayne Crawford. Grandchildren Nathan Purdy and Braiden Purdy. Brothers Wesley McNeill (Mary), Ray McNeill, Gord McNeill (Filipina), and sister Joanne Read (Bill).

Marlyne moved to Kenora at the age of 14. She worked many jobs in the city including at the Bank of Nova Scotia, running her own day care service, Home Care support services, and the Care-taking of Knox United Church until she retired in January of 2015.

She served in various capacities at Knox United Church including the Agape table, U.C.W., Church School teaching, senior choir, youth programming and social coordinator. She played an integral role at the United Church's Cambrian Presbytery Youth Programming, Sunny Cove Camp, volunteered to the work of both the Manitoba Northwestern Ontario Conference of the United Church as well as it's National General Council.

She volunteered in community activities including the G-Clef Choir, Alzheimer's Society, coordinator of Brownie/Girl Guide/Beavers programs and camps, Ringettes, Trylight Theatre Company and Dragon Tamers.

Marlyne was recently recognized for all her contributions by being given the "Smart and Caring Community Volunteer Award" by the LOTW Community Foundation.

She was a two time national 5 pin bowling champion.

She passed away away on November 10, 2016 at the Lake of the Woods District Hospital at the age of 66 years old.

Janet Clarissa Crooks 1865-1951

Janet Crookes

Picture courtesy of and used with permission of Dale Nutley, descendent of Miss Crooks

Janet Clarissa Crooks, daughter of Allan McAuley Crooks and Jane Johnson born November 10 1865 in Dover, Ontario, the 7th of 10 children:

Mary Jane Crooks 1852-1893
Johnson Alexander Crooks 1853-1932
Agnes Elizabeth Crooks 1855-1934
Margarets Amelia Crooks 1857-1952
Helen Augusta Crooks 1857-1952
Frances Isabella Crooks 1863
Janet Clarissa Crooks 1865-1951
Edith Maria Crooks 1868-
Catherine Louise Crooks 1872-

Her father who died the day after her marriage and two sisters were also teachers. There is a Helen Crookes listed in the 1891 Census for Rat Portage.

She applied to 22 school districts and got 8 job offers. She arrived in Rat Portage by 1883 at the age of 18 years. She was the first public school teacher in Rat Portage.

The funds for the first school were raised by standing on busy street corners and collecting donations. The funds collected were used to build a one room 50 foot log school house facing on Hennepen Lane at the rear of the present day (2013) Salvation Army. The children used land presently occupied by Ristorante Italian in 2013as their playground. She taught single handed until 1886 when she was joined by 18 year old Melvin Seegmillar. In the spring of 1886 they had 70 students in eight classes .

She met her husband Pierce "Pirrie" Thompson who was working for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. They married at Rat Portage on April 5th 1886. Her first child was born in Rat Portage. She moved to St Cloud Minnesota in 1887 or 1888. They had 6 children:

Nell Constance Thompson born January 13 1887 in Rat Portage, She died 1970 in Palo Alto, San Mateo, California, USA

William Francis Thompson born April 3 1888 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He died November 7 1965 in Seattle Washington.

Gertrude Mary Thompson born August 25 1890 in St Cloud, Minnesota. She died August 3 1963 in San Pedro, California.

Leonard Ramsay Thompson was born in St. Cloud Minnesota on October 18 1892. He died August 25 1970 in San Pedro California.

Ethel Marion Thompson was born on October 12 1894 in St Cloud, Minnesota. She died March 7 1996 in Tucson, Arizona

Irene Lillian Thompson was born 28 Aug 1902 Melrose, Minnesota.. She died 18 Jan 2002 in Tucson, Arizona

She moved first to St Cloud Minnesota and in the early 1900's she and her family followed Pirrie's work top Everett, Washington. In the fall of 1926 Pirrie and Janet went to San Pedro near their son Leonard. Janet worked in Leonard's Medica Office from 1926 until 1944. Sister Irene worked in the office 10 years. Janet and Irene moved back to the family house in Everett in November 1944.

She died in Everett, Washington on September 24 1951

Donald Hector Currie

D.H. Currie