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People of Kenora - M

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Colonel Harold Arthur Clement Machin 1875 - 1931

Colonel Harold Arthur Clement Machin, son of Charles John Machin and Emma Mary Louisa Biddlecombe was born 9 May 1875 in Rochester, New York, USA.

He received his education in a boarding school in Beaconsfield, England where he met Arthur Albert Knight, brother of his future wife. He was often a guest at social events at Horner Grange (See pictures of house and Knight family at The building is now used as a girl's school called Sydenham School. Furniture from the home was sent to Harold and Ida's house in Kenora and then subsequently in their new home in Shoal Lake. Many articles of this house are now in the Victorian Parlour, Lake of the Woods Museum, Kenora, Ontario.

He was involved in the 1896-1900 Canadian gold boom. In 1908 the couple went to Northern Quebec to prospects for copper. He was President of the Kenora Mines Limited. In 1910 he reopened the Mikado Mine and over Regina Mine. The Mikado mine was situated south of Bag bay on Shoal lake and was one of 4 principal mines of the Lake of the Woods area.

He came to Kenora around 1900. In 1902 he was called to the Ontario Bar and established his practice in Kenora.

He married Ida Florence Knight of England and South Africa in 1902. They had two daughters,

Ida Annie Knight Machin b. 08 Dec 1903 South Africa

Barbara Machin 1914

Machin was a conservative most of his political career and was the Provincial Representative from 8 June 1908 to 23 September 1919. In 1908 he ran in the newly created Electoral District of Kenora in 8 June 1908 defeating Liberal Andrew E. Annis 1078 votes to 847. In 1911 he defeated Liberal John T. Brett 1179 votes to 733. In 1914 he was acclaimed. Machin was a fierce opponent of Conservative premier William Howard Hearst's Ontario Temperance Act. He became a prominent member of the Citizen's Liberty League formed in 1919 to oppose prohibition in Ontario. He quit Conservative Party and ran as an independent in the 1919 election. He was defeated by labour candidate Peter Heenan:

Peter Heenan       1870      Labour
Machin Harold A.C. 895      Independent
Alfred Pitt              610     Conservative
Fife, Ashton T.       405     Liberal

Colonel Machin had a distinguished military career. In the Boer, he held the rank of Lieutenant and Captain in the South African Constabulary. Private to Staff Sergeant - 2nd Special Service Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment (1st Canadian Contingent, South Africa). Saw actions at; Sunnyside - 01 Jan, 1900. Padeburg - 18 to 26 Feb, 1900. Poplar Grove - 07 Mar, 1900. Driefontein - 10 Mar, 1900. Hout Neck - 01 May, 1900. Vet River - 05/06 May, 1900. Zand River - 10 May, 1900. Pretoria - 04 Jan, 1901. 1901 - Commissioned as a Subaltern, South African Constabulary. 1902 - Promoted to Captain, South African Constabulary. Served in the Orange River Colony until the end of the war in May 19, 1905 - Resigned in May, retaining his rank. He received the Queen's Medal (South Africa) with 4 clasps. and King's medal (South Africa) with 2 clasps.

Mr. Machin was one of the first to offer his services in World War 1 and organized the 94th Battalion which he commended on their trip overseas. He served in France with distinction. The history of the 94th Battalion is set out at

While the formation of the 94th "Overseas" Battalion was not officially authorized until 22 December, 1915 when General Order No. 151 was published, the people of North Western Ontario had known that the Battalion was being formed since the 25th of October when the Fort William Times Journal published the news that the Kenora - Rainy River Regiment had been ordered to form a new Battalion for overseas service, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Arthur C. Machin, the Member of the Provincial Parliament for Kenora. Colonel Machin had served in the Boer War with "C" Company, 2nd Special Service Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry and later as a Lieutenant in the South African Constabulary. Recruiting began immediately, and on November 4th, 1915, in Port Arthur, 198002, Sergeant Frederick Charles Cornell signed his Attestation Papers becoming the first of 1,385 men to join....

The next seven and a half months were spent trying to organize an effective military unit, and in spite of all the confusion which had been built into the system by the machinations of the Minister of Militia, Sam Hughes, they managed to get the job done and, I might add, done very well. At first, those men from towns where there was a Militia unit and an Armories, lived and drilled in barracks, but in towns and cities such as Fort William, the men lived at home or in hotels and drilled where ever they could find a space large enough for their purposes. There were no uniforms, weapons, or even office supplies. Most of the officers were learning their duties at the same time as the men, and it was very fortunate that a number of the enlistees had previously served in the British Army so as Non Commissioned Officers they were able to teach the men the basics of military life and how to live under military discipline. As the weeks went by, things began to change for the better and the men began to look like soldiers. On December 4th, 1915 the first uniforms arrived and were issued. On December 11th, "A" Company, which was living in the Port Arthur Armories, was issued wash tubs and washboards. On the 29th of December, the first shipment of rifles arrived and were distributed to the various companies, each receiving enough for one squad at a time to drill with them. There was no note as to when enough were received to issue one to each man. On January 27th, the renovations to the Steel Plant in the west end of Fort William were completed and the men of "B" Company finally moved into barracks. The atmosphere there was greatly improved on the 18th of February, when the bathing facilities were completed with 6 bath tubs and 1 plunge tank. The people of North Western Ontario adopted the men and made sure that there was always something being done to entertain them. They organized dances, parties, teas, sporting events, and concerts and set up reading rooms. They cheered the battalion's hockey team which competed in the Lakehead Senior Hockey League and almost won the championship, losing out to the "Fort Williams" in the final game of the season. They attended battalion church parades and inspections, cheered the men on route marches, listened to concerts given by the excellent brass band, and turned out to view them training to "Storm the Hun trenches". The 94th was truly, the battalion of the people. On May 25, 1916, the men of "C" an "D" Companies from Kenora and Fort Frances were moved to the Lakehead and on June 9, 1916, the Battalion left for Valcartier, Quebec for "Summer Camp" as it was called. For two hundred and five of these men it was the last time they were to see their families and friends. The 94th trained at Valcartier for a period until June 13th when they sailed from Halifax for England on the RMS Olympic. Although the 94th remained a battalion on paper until July 27th, 1918, with an office at East Sandling, it actually ceased to exist on July 13th, 1916 when it was broken up and the men were transferred to the 17th and 32nd Reserve Battalions to be used as replacements for casualties in front line units. The band's instruments were "disposed of." and the resulting funds were disbursed. I have not been able to learn what actually happened. The 94th did gain some measure of fame because of the story that is that it was broken up as a result of a coin toss. Apparently two battalions sailed to England on the Olympic, and it was decided that one of them would go to the front and the other would be broken up. Colonel Machin made the wrong call.

The local newspaper report:

Kenora, 27 May, 1916 KENORA UNIT 94TH LEFT THURSDAY -------- AN IMMENSE CROWD GATHERED AT STATION TO SAY GOODBYE WILL REMAIN IN PORT ARTHUR FOR SHORT TIME The Kenora detachment of the 94th Battalion left Thursday morning in command of major Schnarr in a special train. The boys in Khaki assembled at the Armories and headed by the combined bands of Kenora and Keewatin paraded to the station followed by an immense throng of citizens. The men presented a splendid appearance ant it was the general expression that they compared very well with any of the other contingents that have left here for overseas service. The men entrained as soon as they arrived at the station. As the 94th is expected to leave for Valcartier in the course of a couple of weeks, and none of the men will likely have the opportunity of visiting their home here again before going overseas, there were many affecting scenes of farewell. It was marvelous, however, to see the manner in which the mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts bore up when saying goodbye. They did all they could to cheer the men rather than depress them reserving for themselves the culmination of departure until after the train had left. In fact many of the wives and relatives of the men refused to go to the train, the parting scenes being held in the sanctity of their own homes. How nobly the women of Kenora and Keewatin are meeting the sacrifice has been amply evidenced on the occasion of the departure and anyone who was at the station on Thursday could never for one moment question the duty owing to the dependents of these gallant fellows.

Machin's record during World War 1 is recorded at

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel, he was from Kenora. Battalion Commanding Officer. Transferred to 32nd Reserve Battalion, 18 Jul, 1916. Transferred to Canadian Pay Office, 21 Aug, 1916. Made CO of the 1st Canadian Labour Battalion, In 1917, he was assigned by Major General Sir John Wallace Carson to "put a stop" to the large numbers of Canadian soldiers who were getting married in England. On 3 September 1917 a Military Service Council, acting directly under the Minister of Justice, was created "to advise and assist in the administration and enforcement" of the Act relating to Contentious Objectors". On 15 Jun, 1918 its duties were taken over by the Military Service Branch of the Department of Justice and he was appointed Director of that Office. ACPF - RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 5827 - 21

He died at his summer home on Shoal Lake on October 13 1931 after a lengthy illness. The District of Machin, Ontario, is named in his memory.

Dr. Allan Scott Macdonell 1856-1901

Doctor Allan Scott Macdonnell, son of Donald David MacDonell and May Chisholm, was born in Glengarry County, Canada West (Ontario), Canada in 1856.

He came to Winnipeg as a 20 year old and worked first as assistant to Dr. Blanchard and than Dr Good. He moved to Rat Portage in 1884.

In 1885 he set up an office over W.D. Coates Drug Store on Main St.

He married Isabelle MacDonald 09 Nov 1898 in Rat Portage he 42 and she at 35. He died of Heart failure 5 March 1901 after a severe attack on pneumonia.

John "Shorty" MacGuire 1874 - 1948

John Macguire was born in Glasgow Scotland around 1874 and came with his family to Canada at a young age. They settled in Carp, Ontario, near Ottawa. He attended school and after graduating from school worked in the mills. Around 1898 he moved to Keewatin and remained for a short time before moving west to British Columbia

He returned to Keewatin in 1910. He began a bus service between Keewatin and Kenora. The bus was often referred to as "the old stagecoach".

From 1922 to 1940 he operated a taxi business.

He died on Jaanuary 8 1948 at age 73.

Lloyd Mack

Lloyd Harold Mack, son of Gary Mack and Karen Corscadden was born December 3, 1961 in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan. He was the oldest of four children which included: Corinne, Wayne and Trevor. He married Shirley Dyck on July 7, 1984 in Dodsland, Saskatchewan. They have three daughters: Kathleen Erica born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Marissa Erin born in Trail, BC and Lauren Elizabeth born in Lloydminster, SK. Lloyd’s career in community newspapers meant moves from Saskatchewan to BC, then to the Border City of Lloydminster AB/SK and finally to Kenora in October 1997. He was employed at the Kenora Daily Miner and News as managing editor until taking early retirement at the end of January 2017.

Lloyd was president of the Rotary Club of Kenora 2008-2009, coached a girls soccer team for three years and was a founding member and treasurer of the Kenora Athletic Soccer Club. In retirement, Lloyd is a member of the Ancestor Seekers of Kenora and active member of the Kenora Agricultural Society.

Robert Mackie 1874-1956

Robert Mackie, son of Robert Mackie and Margaret George, was born in Petrolia, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada on 2 Mar 1874. By the 1901 census at age 20 he was residing with his brother in law in Rockwood, Selkirk, Manitoba. He marriet Margaret Ellen Johnson on 25 September 1905. In 1906 they resided in Townships 15, 16 in ranges 1, 2 east, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada. By 1921 the family had moved to Kenora, Ontario. He died in Kenora in 22 Aug 1956. Margaret died in Kenora in 27 Nov 1972. They had the following children,

Mary Caroline Mackie b. 02 Apr 1906 at Gunton, Manitoba, d. 07 May 1995 at Kenora, Ontario, m. Andrew William Albert Patterson 23 Nov 1925 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Gracie Elizabeth Mackie b. 08 Jan 1908 in R.M. of Rockwood, Manitoba, d. 1973 in Kenora, Ontario, m. John Frederick Moon 30 Nov 1926 in Kenora
Robert Henry Mackie b. 09 Mar 1910 in R.M. of Rockwood, Manitoba, d. 19 Mar 1984
Irene Georgina Mackie b. 05 Jul 1911 at Green Ridge, Manitoba, d. 28 Feb 1989 Dorintosh, Saskatchewan, Canada, m. Charles Noble MacKay in 08 Jan 1928 at Kenora, Ontario
George Andrew Mackie b. 1914, d. Nov 1987 at Kenora, Ontario
Alma Eva Clarence Mackie b. 02 May 1918 Toulon, Manitoba, Canada, d. 15 Feb 1996 Kenora, Ontario, Canada, m. Norman George Rayner 10 Oct 1936 at Kenora
Victor James MacKie 1921 - 1944Victor James MacKie b. 26 Dec 1921 d. 22 Jul 1944 (See below)
John Wallace Allan MacKie b. 06 Oct 1924 Gunton, Manitoba, d. 29 Jul 1944 (See below)

Victor James MacKie 1921 - 1944 and John Wallace Allan MacKie 1924-1944

Victor James Mackie 1921 – 1944 and John William Allan Mackie 1924 – 1944 Victor and John were the youngest of eight children of Robert Mackie and Margaret Ellen Johnson. Robert and Margaret were married 25 Sep 1905 and the first child Mary Caroline Mackie was born 11 months latter on 02 Apr 1906 in Gunton, Manitoba, followed by Gracie Elizabeth Mackie 08 Jan 1908, Robert Henry Mackie 09 Mar 1910, Irene Georgina Mackie 05 Jul 1911, George Andrew Mackie in 1914, Alma Eva Clarence Mackie 02 May 1918, Victor James Mackie 26 Dec 1921 and John Wallace Allan Mackie 06 Oct 1924.

Sometime between 1924 and 1940 the family moved to Kenora, Ontario. Robert Henry was the first to enlist and was wounded on the Italian front. Victor enlisted 6 August 1940 in Kenora and commenced training at 37th Field Battery at Camp Shiloh as a gunner with the Royal Canadian Artillery with his residence given as 512 11th St. North, Kenora. He was discharge on 3 October 1940 having been found to have been irregularly enlisted Routine Order 37 (1) . He re-enlisted 14 Oct 1942 in Winnipeg Regiment H-54861 and transferred to 103rd Fort Garry and subsequently A4 CATC . He embarked overseas 24 Jul 1943 . He landed in France on D Day June 6 1944 and was assigned to 12 Field RCA. He died in France as a result of wounds sustained by a shell blast. His mother received the dreaded telegram July 26 1944. He was buried in Grave 11, row B, plot 15.

John Mackie (Library and archives Canada)

John enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force on 2nd February 1943 . He received Wireless Operator and Air Gunner training from Sept 20 1943 to Oct 29 1943b at Mont Jolie, Quebec and embarked from Halifax on 24 Nov 1943 for the United Kingdom. His last flight part of 61 RAF Sqdn, took off at 22.18 in an operation against Stuttgart, Germany on 28 Jul 1944. German records report the aircraft was shot down at 1.30 on the 29th Jul in the locality of Malach 1 ½ km. North East of Neumalech and 500 m. East of Reichsstrasse 3. Seven days after the death of brother Victor. The aircraft was totally destroyed. Word of the missing in Action was received by the family shortly after 29 Jul 1944 and on 23 Jun 1945 officially “presumed dead. The official notice of the findings of the aircrafts crash at Niederseebach a small village about five miles South of Wissenbourg, Department of Bas Rhin. The identification of all of the crew but John and Pilot Officer Currie were confirmed. The body was reburied at Choloy War Cemetery, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France 3. F Joint grave 9-10 for the two. Henry survived the war.

William "Bill". M. Marr 1933-2017

William "Bill" M. Marr, son of William and Dorothy Marr,l was born in Winnipeg on December 30, 1933. The family moved to Kenora when Bill was 11 years old. Following school in Kenora where he enjoyed the music program and Barbershop Quartet, he attended the University of Manitoba earning a Commerce degree. During the summers he oversaw operations at North Star Dock, providing gas and boat taxi services. After University he founded Marr's Marine with his partner Al (Didi) Engstrom in 1957 in Kenora located in the blue building on the Lake at the foot of Main Street.

Expansion led to the wholesale distribution business, resulting in a move to Winnipeg where he lived for 37 years. Marr's Leisure Products grew to become one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of recreational products in Canada.

He enjoyed regular family ski trips in the motorhome, duck hunting, fishing for salmon in BC and traveling the world with wife Norah (Collins, married 60 years). His camp on Gun Club Island hosted many a family reunion and old school pal reunions through the years. He died in Kenora on September 7, 2017.

They had four children

Bill (Debra and children Gabriella, Alessandra, and Sebastian)

Glenn (Nathalie and son Aidan)


Peter (children Justin, Kristin, Logan, and Morgan).

Duncan John Mason 1895-1954

Doctor Duncan John Mason, son of Robertson and Amelia John, was born 09 Jun 1897 at Pawassan, Perry Sound. Ontario. He received his education in Winnipeg, Manitoba and graduated from University of Manitoba in 1920. He interned in St Boniface Hospital 1920-1921 and practice at Birtle Manitoba before coming to Kenora in 1924. His office in 1930 was in an office above what is now King's Furniture. He was President of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1946-1947. He was President of the Kenora Board of Trade, President of the Kinsmen Club and President of the Kenora Thistle Hockey Club. He was a member of the Kenora Gulf and Country Club and IOOF.

He married Mary Catherine Hagan in Detroit, Missigan 25 Oct 1922. They Had three chidren:

Brian Robertson Mason born in Kenora in 1930, d. in Kenora 15 May 1996
Mary Jacqueline Mason
Dorothy Mason

J. "Jack" D. MacDonald

Ken's Storage

wife Belle

joined Rotary 17 04 1945

Carter's Motors limited 1953

John F. MacGillivray 1870 -

John F. MacGillivray, son of Farquhar MacGillivray and Jane Mary MacFarlane, was born August 20 1870. His parents were both of Scottish ancestry. His father. Farquhar was born in Williamstown, Ontario. His wife was from Montreal. Farquhar was employed as a clerk at the House of Commons, according to his obituary, where he had a long career on the staff of the House of Commons, retiring in 1903 at the age of 70. They had 4 children

John MacGillivray b. 20 August 1870. Ottawa, Ontario
Archibald D.F. MacGillivray b. 09 Aug 1874 Ottawa d. 28 Mar 1885 Ottawa, Ontario
Edmund MacGillivray b. 01 Mar 1876 Ottawa, Ontario
James Alexander Farquhar Grant MacGillivray b. 10 May 1880 Ottawa, Ontario. d. 15 April 15, 1917, Vimy Ridge

In March 1885 brother Archibald died of Whopping cough and in June 1885, Mrs MacGillivray died of Consumption. They were buried in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa. Grant was living at home with his father for both the 1891 and 1901 censuses, with no occupation listed, and he was still living there in February 1907, when his father died of pneumonia at the age of 74. Farquhar was buried in Beechwood Cemetery beside his wife and son.

John arrived in Rat Portage on December 31 1896 and his brothers followed after. Edmund arrived in 1911. After his father's death Grant headed out west, possibly spending some time in BC, and when he enlisted in the army in May 1916 he was living in Kenora, Ontario.

Brothers, Grant and Edmund enlisted in World War 1 in Kenora on the same day, 10 May 1916, Grant's birthday. They joined the 94th Battalion, a local unit that was based in Port Arthur. A note on Edmund's Attestation Paper says he was discharged at Valcartier on 25 June 1916 and he re-enlisted for Home Service in Canada. Grant fought and died in the battle at Vimy Ridge (See further information at

John was a Barrister and set up his law practice in the Nicholson Block after arriving in Kenora. In October 1900 he moved to the Humble Block. He became Crown Attorney for the District of Kenora, replacing replacing P.E. Mackenzie as Crown Attorney when the latter moved to Saskatoon. He was appointed K.C in April 1910. In December 1918 he moved to Toronto where took up the position of Taxing Officer

He was also a dedicated supporter of the Kenora Thistles hockey team and served as their secretary in 1907 when they won the Stanley Cup. He was a member of the Kenora Rotary Club.

Ernest David Manning 1891 - 1945

Ernest David Manning, son of Sydney Manning was born on 4 April 1891 in Forrest, Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario. His father, Sydney Manning, was born in Harberton, Devonshire, England and immigrated to Canada as a child in 1867 according to census documents. His mother Elizabeth Shillington was born in Lambton County. The couple had married in Plympton in 1889 where they raised their children

Ernest Manning
Ellen Frances Manning born 1893
William Shillington Manning 1896-1969
Ray Frederick Manning born 1898
Earle Sydney Manning 1901-1959
Joseph Coulton Manning 1905-1905
Mary Margaret Manning born 1909

In 1891 Ernest and his mother living with the Wilkeson family in the county of Lambton, his mother listed as a domestic. His father Sydney was living with his parents, also in Lambton. By the 1901 census the family had reunited and were living on their farm at Plympton with new members since the last census, Ellen, William, and Ray. By 1911 the family was completed with two more children Earle and Mary; sadly baby Joseph had only lived for a few months in 1905.

Ernest graduated from Queen's University.

Ernest signed his attestation papers for World War 1 in Guelph, Ontario on 10 June 1916. His present address was given as Georgetown where he was working as a high school teacher. He gave his father Sydney back in Forest, Ontario as next of kin. Twenty five years of age, he had blue eyes and black hair. As a Private with the 56th Overseas Battery, Canadian Field Artillery, Ernest embarked from Halifax aboard the SS Metagama on 11 Sep 1916. In January of 1917 he was transferred to the new 55th Battery, CFA and arrived in France in late August. Less than a month later, on 18th of September at Lens, he sustained a shrapnel wound to the elbow. Invalided to England by the end of the month, the injury was very serious. The elbow was shattered and disorganized, requiring a complete excision with bone removal. Infection set in and Ernest was to spend time at a number of hospitals in England including six months at the No 16 Canadian General Hospital, Orpington before being transferred to the No 5 Canadian General Hospital at Liverpool in May of 1918.

Ernest was invalided to Canada aboard the Araguay, arriving in Halifax in early June of 1918. He was granted a furlough and then discharged in London, Ontario on the 6th of September as medically unfit for service. His intended residence was Forest, Ontario where his father was living.

On 12 August 1919, Ernest married Nellie Madeline Darling in Simcoe, Ontario where Ernest was working as a teacher. Born in 1897 in Durham, Gray County of Ontario, Madeline was the daughter of John and Eliza Mary (Horn) Darling. Her father was a druggist by trade. They had three children,

Helen Patricia born in Simcoe Ontario, married G Wakefield
David Manning
Madeline Manning

In 1921 Ernest was working as a teacher in Simcoe. After leaving Simcoe, Ernest was a high school principal in Tweed and Newmarket for a number of years.

The family moved to Kenora, Ontario where Ernest took over the position of principal of the Kenora High School in September 1935 and remained until his death in 1945. He was a governor of the Ontario Teachers' Federation. He was a member of the Kenora Rotary Club, a member of the Masonic Lodge AF and AM, the Kenora Branch of the Canadian Legion, and of Knox United Church. During the Second World War years he made a point of meeting the boys and girls of Kenora passing through the town or returning after the war.

Ernest died on 15 November 1945, in Kenora, stricken with a seizure while at work. He was survived by his wife Madeline, son David with the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy, daughter Mrs G Wakefield of Winnipeg, and daughter Madeline in nursing training in Toronto. Ernest is buried in the Lake of the Woods Cemtery, Kenora.


Canadian Great War Project at

William "Bill". M. Marr 1933-2017

William "Bill" M. Marr, son of William and Dorothy Marr, was born in Winnipeg on December 30, 1933. The family moved to Kenora when Bill was 11 years old. Following school in Kenora where he enjoyed the music program and Barbershop Quartet, he attended the University of Manitoba earning a Commerce degree. During the summers he oversaw operations at North Star Dock, providing gas and boat taxi services. After University he founded Marr's Marine with his partner Al (Didi) Engstrom in 1957 in Kenora located in the blue building at the bottom or Wharf Street.

He was President of Kenora Rotary Club in 1958-59 and Commador of Lake of the Woods Sailing Association in 1968.

Expansion led to the wholesale distribution business, resulting in a move to Winnipeg where he lived for 37 years. Marr's Leisure Products grew to become one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of recreational products in Canada.

He enjoyed regular family ski trips in the motorhome, duck hunting, fishing for salmon in BC and traveling the world with wife Norah (Collins, married 60 years). His camp on Gun Club Island hosted many a family reunion and old school pal reunions through the years. He died in Kenora on September 7, 2017.

They had four children

Bill (Debra and children Gabriella, Alessandra, and Sebastian)

Glenn (Nathalie and son Aidan)


Peter (children Justin, Kristin, Logan, and Morgan).

Duncan John Mason 1897 - 1954

Duncan John Mason, son of Robertson and Amelia John, was born 09 Jun 1897 at Perry Sound. He received his education in Winnipeg, Manitoba and graduated from University of Manitoba in 1920. He interned in St Boniface Hospital 1920-1921 and practice at Birtle Manitoba before coming to Kenora in 1924. His wife was Mary Catherine Mason. They had at least two children
Mary Jacqueline Mason
Brian Mason
Dorothy Mason

was President of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1946-1947. Heb was President of the Kenora Board of Trade, President of the Kinsmen Club and President of the Kenora Thistle Hockey Club. He was a member of the Kenora Gulf and Country Club and IOOF.

He died August 1 1954 in Kenora

David Low Mather 1854- 1947

John Mather 1827- 1907

John Mather, son of James Mather and Jean Low, was born 29 Oct 1827 in near Montrose, Craig Parish, Scotland. His father was a contractor and builder.

He was apprenticed to his father as a youth. He subsequently worked as assistant engineer on the Montrose - Aberdeen railway.

He subsequently managed a saw milling and ship business in Montrose.

His wife Jean Jane Low b. 24 Jun 1824. predeceased him on 08 Jan 1906 in Ottawa. He had three sons and two daughter, one of whom predeceased him:

Robert Addison Mather b. 19 Nov 1851, d. 18 Oct 1925 Vancouver BC

Ann Weir Mather b. 30 Mar 1853, Scotland, d. 11 Apr 1870 Chelsea, Quebec,

David Low Mather b. 17 Mar 1855 d. 1947 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jemima Jane Mather b. 27 Jul 1857, d. 13 Sep 1933 Ottawa, Ontario

Alan Gilmour Mather b. 27 Nov 1862, d. 13 Dec 1954 Ottawa, Ontario

John Mather died 10 June 1907.

References Dictionary of Canadian Biography, , Obituary June 12 1907 Kenora Miner & News

Robert A. Mather

Ruth Jessica (McArthur, Tait) Bowiec

See Ruth Jessica Bowiec

William McCarthy 1848-1913

William McCarthy, son of John McCarthy and Catherine Dawson was born in Ottawa (ByTown) on June 29 1848 according to his head stone and July 12 1848 according to his death certificate.

William McCarthy served in the defence of Canada during the Fenian Raids. He subsequent went west via St. Paul in 1872 with Colonel French who established the Northwest Mounted Police. He was present at Edmonton and other places when Mounted Police Posts were established.

He came to Rat Portage around 1881. He served on the Town Council in 1884, 1887, 1894 and was mayor in 1898-1900. He was a prominent conservative in the area.

He married widow Viola (Valigmar or Valsada) Halstead and had two sons John and William as well as raise her four step daughters

Annie Halstead 1868 (Mrs Annie Campbell)
Rosy Halstead 1870
Minnie Halstead (Mrs Burrage)
Tilly Halstead (Mrs Hockey)

John Seagar McCarthy 27 Sep 1881
William Oliver McCarthy 25 Jan 1919

Mr. McCarthy was one of the first farmers in Rat Portage squatting on the North side of Coney Island. In 1812 had a frame building where he took in tourists. When the boundary dispute was settled he applied for title but John A, MacDonald had given all the islands to Mr Mather of the Keewatin Lumber Company. He purchased a building on the south west corner of Main and and Second Street and moved to town. They took in summer borders with his wife and daughters doing the work They kept adding to the house and called it the Russell House.

He died December 30 1911.

Thomas McClellan 1881-1966

Thomas McClellan, son of James McClellan and Isabella Sheppard was born at Whitehaven, Cumberland, England on May 7 1881.

He came to Canada in 1906 to St Thomas, Ontario. He then traveled to Edmonton, Alberta before moving to Kenora in 1907.

He married Janet Cossar on June 9 1909 at Kenora, Ontario

He became a mechanic with C.P.R. in October 1905 and retired in June 1946

He was a member of Pequonga Lodge No 414, A.F. and A.M. the International Brotherhood of Machinists.

He was a veteran of the First World War. His war record may be seen at

He was a charter member of Branch No 12, Royal Canadian Legion.

He served as chairman of the Board of the Kenora General Hospital for 21 years.

He served as a Kenora Town Counsellor from 1930 to 1934 and Mayor from 1935 to 1939.

He passed away August 8 1966.

James Nelson McCracken 1861-

James Nelson McCracken born in Ontario in 1861. His wife, Annie Ethel Bunting who possibly born in 1867 in New Brunswick. Their marriage certificate have them married in Rat Portage on May 10 1889.

James McCracken built what became known as the Heath Block for a grocery business. J. McCracken served as a town counsellor in 1885-1886 and became the Reeve in 1887-1888 according to James Duffus, in A History of Politics in Kenora, 1976. In early Settlers of Rat Portage it is said to be John McCracken who was married to Annie Bunting and had three children Nelson, Arthur and Ida.

Samuel Charles McGimsie 1847 - 1936

Samuel Charles McGimsie, son of John and Janet McGimsie from Scotland was born 30 Apr 1847 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada. He moved to Rat Portage in 1882. . He was involved with the construction of the CPR and subsequently went into the Contracting business first in partnership with Mr R.E. Dorsett and then on his own.

In 1875, he married Susan Charlotte George who was born 05 Apr 1856 in Cobourg, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada.

They had 4 children

Janet Margaret McGimsie b. 22 Jun 1878, d.12 Jun 1940 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

William George McGimsie (See below)

Susan Adelaide McGimsie b. 22 Oct 1883 died 11 Aug 1886

Samuel Charles McGimsie b. 4 Aug 1887 . He served in World War 1 with the 183rd Battalion of Winnipeg. In 1920 he was appointed Tax Assessor for the Town of Kenora. He married Mildred McDonald and had one daughter Jenny McGimsie (Marshall). He then married Mrs. Monty Mackenzie. He died in Vancouver 5 may 1970

Samuel Charles McGimsie Sr. served on the Town council in 1889. He was an active supporter of the Liberal party. He was a staunch member of the Methodist church. He died 22 Nov. 1936 in Kenora.

William George McGimsie 1880 -1968

b. 07 Jun 1880 known as Billie, was born in Woodsville, Ontario but moved with his family to Rat Portage when only one. As a youngster he was a member of various church groups and school teams that played hockey. His father build the Princess Rink in 1896 and installed it with electric lights to be used by the senior league. Billie and his younger brother along with other local boys made the rink their club house. In 1896 he was a member of the Junior Thistles that took on and defeated the Senior Thistle team. In the 1903 games first challenge for the Stanley Club McGimsie scored three goals. In the 1907 Stanley Cup game he contributed to the win. He was elected to National Hockey League hall of fame in 1960. He died at age 88 in Calgary, Alberta, October 28 1968. (Source Kenora Thistles: Our Hockey Heritage, Bowes Publishing Limited)

Donald "Dan" McInnis 1881 - 1980

Donald "Dan" M. McInnes, son of Peter McInnis and Jane Neil was born in Maxville, Ontario on September 23 1881.

IN 1905 Dan and his two brothers traveled to Kenora, Ontario. Dan entered the business of Cheesemaking.

In July 21 1910 he married Elizabeth Gould in Kenora, After the marriage, he moved to Fernie, British Columbia. They had three children Kenneth, George and Evelyn.

He moved back to Kenora and worked with Murphy Bros delivering supplies to Redditt where thenCNR line wsa being constructed as well as tolumber camps on Lake of the Woods. From 1911 to 1915 he entered a partnership with Harry Thorpe purchasing a wood sawing machine.

In 1915 he purchased a confectionary business on Matheson St (South East Corner Matheson and Second St. S. Six years later he established a dairy. He retired in 1936.

He then moved to Fort William, next to London anf finally returned to Kenora.

He supported theThistleHockey Team. He was an original shareholder of the Rat Portage skating rink. He helped form the Kenora Pipe Band.

Captain Robert Sutherland McKenzie 1843-1933

Robert Sutherland McKenzie was born on the ocean between the straits of Belle Isle and Quebec, on the 22nd of May, 1843, his parents, at that time were en route for the Province of Quebec. (Fraser (1907) History of Ontario Pages 819-821) (Other records record birth at Lochaber, Papineau, Quebec, and many subsequent records indicate birth was around 1844).

The father Donald McKenzie was born in Ross Shire, Scotland, and the mother, Isabelle in Cromarty, Scotland. Mr. McKenzie was a mechanical engineer and brought to this country the first passenger engine operated between Montreal and Quebec. He afterward followed his chosen calling in the North Nation Mills at Quebec, superintending the machinery up to the time of his death by drowning in August, 1845.

Robert Sutherland McKenzie, was the youngest of six children, five sons and one daughter. He was educated in the public schools of Quebec and Ottawa At the age of twelve years he a job in a mercantile house, and was employed as a salesman until twenty-one years of age. He took part in 1866 at the Fenian Raid, being a lieutenant in the Ottawa Garrison Artillery

In 1866 he embarked in business of men's furnishings and tailoring goods, in Ottawa. In 1870, he turned to the steam boating and forwarding business on the Ottawa River, until 1884, when he sold out and entered into business relations with a contractor on the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. In this connection he built round houses at Chapleau, White River and Schriber.

He was chosen by Dominion Government to arrange a settlement with the Duck Indians shortly after Second Riel Rebellion in 1885.

In the spring of 1886 he went to British Columbia, building the round houses at Donald, Beaver, Roger's Pass, Albert Canyon, Kamloops and New Westminster, returning to Ottawa in January, 1887. He was afterwards engaged in building twenty railway stations between Smith's Falls and Montreal. In the spring of 1887 he built the round house at Revelstoke.

In the fall of 1887 he was appointed Indian agent at Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, North-West Territory, by the Dominion government, serving in that capacity until 1900, when he was transferred to Port Pelly, Saskatchewan. In 1903 he was transferred to Rat Portage. The Cecelia Jaffray Indian Industrial School was opened in the year of his arrival and he took great interest in all its affairs.

He has remained as Indian agent for twenty years in charge of the Rat Portage and Savanne agencies, with supervision over two thousand Indians.

On 1 Aug 1886 Mr. McKenzie was married to Miss Elizabeth (Lizzie) A. McDonald, a daughter of the late John McDonald of Ottawa, who was government slide master for thirty-seven years on the Ottawa River. They had at least four children: Robert William, who was an inspector of ties for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Florence ; Eva Harriet; and Donald John Charles, who died at Hankow, China, where he was officer in the Imperial customs service. Early Settlers of Kenora give the names of children as William, Clayton, Charles and a daughter who became Mrs Joseph Ritze. I can not figure if Clayton was McKenzie's son or step son.

After his first wife died he married his sister-in-law Hattie MacDonald widow of Lizzie's brother William (maiden name Hattie Clair Farr) on 30 Oct 1913 in Cuyahoga, Ohio.

After his retirement in 1921 he continued to live in Kenora until 1926 when he moved to California. He later moved to Rock Island Illinois where he died in April 1933 at age of 89.

Mr. McKenzie was a member of the Masonic fraternity and a Presbyterian. Fraser in 1907 indicates that "Few men have more intimate knowledge of the west, its conditions, its development and its possibilities, and to a considerable extent he has aided in its development, while in official service he has also made a record that makes him a most worthy and valued citizen."

Fraser, Alexander,A history of Ontario : its resources and development (1907) 1860-1936 Volume: 2, Toronto : Canada History Co. Call number: AMY-0015 Robarts - University of Toronto Pages 819-821

Christopher Hugh Mckinnon 1889 After 1954

Chris McKinnon, son of Angus McKinnon and Catherine Jane McRae was born in Rat Portage in 1889. He grew up in Rat Portage. He played with the Kenora Thistles and in the Allan Cup games of 1913-14.

In 1912 he went into business with James Ronan and remained with him until 1932. Subsequent he went into business with R. Foster until 1939.

In 1939 he was appointed Mining Recorder for the District of Kenora.

He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1953-1954.

He served several years on the Kenora Library Board and School Board.

Hugh Bathgate McKinnon 1885 - 1944

Hugh Bathgate McKinnon, son of William A MacKinnon and Clementine Geary, was born in Rat Portage on April 21 1885.

He married Edna DeGagné Jan 25 1911. They had four daughters,

Dorothy McKinnon1913

Helen McKinnon 1915

Hugh McKinnon 1917

Monica McKinnon1919

Lorna McKinnon 1919

William McKinnon

Edward McKinnon1929

He joined the Canadian Pacific railway as an engine wiper in 1901 and by age of 21 became one of the youngest railway engineer at the time.

McKinnon was an unsuccessful provincial Liberal - Labour candidate at the Kenora riding in the 1926 election. He was first elected to Parliament in the Kenora-Rainy Federal riding in a by-election on 24 September 1934 for the seat vacated by Peter heenan. He was re-elected in 1935 and 1940.

He was responsible for for house to house delivery of mail in Kenora

McKinnon died at his Ottawa residence on 10 April 1944, before completing his term in the 19th Parliament. He was survived by seven children besides his wife.

William Alexander McKinnon 1851-1911

William Alexander McKinnon was born around 1851 and left Shebandowan in 1879 on their way to Brandon, Manitoba. They crossed the Portage into Maligne's Lake where their canoe capsized and they lost their supplies. The continued across Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods on their way to Brandon, Manitoba. In Brandon they started a dry goods store. After their business was destroyed by fire they decided to return to Rat Portage where they were attracted by the lake.

William and his brother started a store on Main Street. In 1881 they hired Bill Lyon, and subsequently for a short time J.W. Humble before he opened up is liquor store. Around 1883 the brother's partnership was wound up and brother Angus returned East. William carried on the business for a few years before it was sold by public auction. He worked other jobs such as book keeping after the business was sold.

He married his wife Clementina (Bathgate ?) and lived in the Rideout House until their frame house was finished on First Street South. Latter they moved to third Street South. They had 4 children

Beatrice McKinnon b. 1884

Hugh Bathgate McKinnon b. 1886

Monica (or Marion) Isabella McKinnon b. 1890

Jim McKinnon who was still young when Mrs McKinnon passed away and he was brought up by a family named Galligan.

Mr McKinnon was a town councillor in 1894. He Died on February 20 1911.

Reference: Early settlers of Rat Portage

Chris H. McKinnon

1953-54 Mining Recorder Government Servics

Imperial Oil

joined Rotary 10/02/1920

Donald "Dan" McLeod 1868 - 1947

Donald Dan McLeod

Donald "Dan" McLeod, son of Farquahar and Jessie McLeod was born January 1 1868, Bexley Township, near Peterborough, Victoria County, Ontario.

He married Alexandrina Sutherland June 3rd 1896 in Keewatin, Ontario. They had six children

Agnes McLeod Born May 1897 married R.G. Davidson 1936-37 (Kenora Rotary President)

Jean McLeod born January 1899 Married F.J. Kelly

Jessie Alexandria McLeod January 29 1901, married Maxwell Yorston Cameron (1950-51 Kenora Rotary President)

Donald Margaret McLeod January 6 1906 married Laurence Archer Toole (1947-48 Kenora Rotary President)

Catherine A. McLeod born February 14 1908

He left home at the age of 15 years arriving in Keewatin in 1883. He acquired a job with the Canadian Pacific Railway construction crew working on the Winnipeg -Rat Portage portion of the railway. Shortly afterwards he he went to work for the Keewatin Lumbering and Manufacturing company starting at the bottom on the "green chain" piling lumber as it came out of the sawmill. He worked on bush camps as Camp clerk keeping track of supplies and payroll records. When he was 21 he was sent to Northern Minnesota for the winters as a timber cruiser. In time he worked his way up to camp supervisor. In the summers he would return to Keewatin where he worked in the sawmill. In 1903 he became supervisor of the lumberyard. In 1906 he was still going to the work camps and was responsible for several camps at the south end of Lake of the Woods. Following the fire of the mill in 1905 most were out of work. Backus and Brooks bought the Keewatin Lumbering and Manufacturing Company in 1906, renamed it the Keewatin Lumbering Company, rebuilt the sawmill and kept Dan as logging superintendent. In 1907 he was appointed the General Manager of the company. He was appointed Vice President of the company and general manager of the Kenora Paper Mill when it opened in 1923. The Compamy became the Minnesota and Ontario Pulp and Paper Company on January 8 1941. Dan retired at age 73 in 1943 at age 75.

Thoughout his life Dan was active in community affairs. He joined the IOOF in 1895. He joined the Keewatin Masonic Lodge at age 21 (1889) and remained with it for another 58 years. He joined the Kenora chapter in 1914. He was a member of the Board of Trade in 1920 and subsequent president and the Board of Education in 1921-22. He was a charter member of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1920 and President in 1923 - 1924. He was a Mayor of Keewatin.

In reporting his death, the local newspaper described him as a Pioneer of the District LumIndustry and a "tower of strength in any project organized for town and district improvement". He died February 26 1947.

A plaque in his honour was placed on the waterfront described him,


Further information may be found in Don Cameron, "Dan McCleod: The Man Behind McLeod Park" in Common Ground Stories of Lake of the Woods, page 188-200.

Donald Thomas McLeod 1924-2009

Donald "Don" Thomas McLeod, son of Norman McLeod and Louise was born June 22 1924 in Vancouver, BC. Don was youngest of four children Margaret Wilton McLeod, John "Jack" McLeod, and his twin sister Mary Lee.

He attended schools in West Vancouver and completed his education at the University of British Columbia. His studies were interrupted by services in the Royal Canadian Airforce during World War 2.

In 1946 while traveling to Kenora to spend a holiday vacation he was asked to "temporary" fill a position at the Kenora Town Hall and remained 43 years progressing to Clerk, Treasurer and Chief Administrative Officer.

Don married Catherine McLeod in Kenora. They had one child Donald in 1969.

Don was a community builder serving in many community services. He was President of the Rotary Club in 1983-84. He was president of the Kenora Thistles. He was secretary and president of the Kenora Golf and Country club. He was a member of the selection committee of the Northwestern Ontario Sports hall of Fame. He was a member of the vestry, Rectors Warden, and finance Committee of the Diocese of Keewatin and St. Alban's Cathedral.

Don loved the Lake of the Woods spending the summer months at the family cottage on Isle Petite. He loved hunting in the Whiteshell. In retirement he enjoyed Alaskan cruises talking with fellow passengers and crew of diverse backgrounds.

Don was a friendly greeter at Rotary, at the Recreation Centre and around town and was fondly remembered long after his death on September 30 2009.

William A. McLeod

Robert "Bob" McMillan 1936-2011

Robert McMillan

Robert "Bob" Alexander McMillan, son of Walter and Jean McMillan was born on June 2nd 1936 in Regina Saskatchewan. Other siblings included Wally, Eileen and Isabelle.

He married Joanne his wife of 54 years in 1957. They had three children:

Cathy McMillan married Rick Roy, Children Ryan, Christine, Michelle and Melissa

John McMillan married Charlene; son Luke

Brian McMillan married Cheryl, Children David and Devon

While in Kenora he was employed by TransCanada as Manager.

He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1984-85.

Bob was caring, fun loving, generous and loved to spend time with family and friends. He was loved his family deeply and was loved equally by them. Family times were treasured by Bob as was every game of golf with wife Joanne and their friends. Bob was a very special person that meant so much to each family member.

After a brief illness he died in Kelowna on June 26th 2011.

Rory McMillan

Rory McMillan

Rory McMillan is a lifelong resident Kenora where he attained his early education. He attended Lakehead University and Ubiversity of Manitoba graduating with a Master of Social work - Administration. He is married to Glenda McMillan. He has been employed by the Ministry of Community and Social Services in Kenora as a Program Administrator. He also has been an accasional instructor at Confederation College in Kenora. He has served as a Kenora Town and City Councillor for over 16 years. In October 2014 he received the most votes of the elected 6 councillors. He chaired the Corporate Services Committee. His interests include community volunteer work, reading and music.

Charles Edward McMurdie 1854 - 1932

Charles Edward McMurdie born 31 Jul 1854 in Lambeth, Surrey, England is reported by D. Hogoboam as arriving in Rat Portage in 1877, He married Catherine Sullivan (b. 9 Jun 1854 in Peterborough, Ontario) in 1881 Erie, Pennsylvania. He had 5 children:

Marie Josephine McMurdie b. 12 Jul 1882 Erie Pennsylvania d. 25 Sept. 1895 Rat Portage, burried in Lake of the Woods Cemetery.
Gertrude Catherine McMurdie b. 07 Jan 1884 Rat Portage d. 16 Nov 1959 Kenora
Charles Leo McMurdie b. 20 Oct 1885 Rat Portage d. 30 Jun 1968 Los Angeles, California
Edward Alphonse McMurdie b.17 Sept. 1887 Rat Portage, 29 Sept. 1918 France
Joseph Francis McMurdie b. 19 Mar 1891 Rat Portage d. 25 Dec 1948 Kenora, burried in Lake of the Woods Cemetery.

He passed away on Februrary 16 1932 in Kenora, his wife Catherine having predeceased him in February 2 1923. Both are buried in Lake of the Woods Cemetery in Kenora.

George McPherson, Sen. 1814-1891

George McPherson, son of Andrew Barton McPherson and Marie Binisi Okijikokwe Ikwesens (most common spelling) (Alternative, Marie Binisi Okipikokive Kewasens) was born near the Ottawa River possibly on 10 Aug 1814.

His father worked for the North West Company starting around 1803 which was amalgamated with Hudson Bay in 1821. He worked in the Grand Lac area , Temiskamingue district northwest of Montreal. George was one of at least 10 children born to the couple between 1803 and 1831.

George attended school in the Cornwall area where his grandmother Mary McPherson lived.

In 1830 he returned to Grand Lac. He was hired by Hudson Bay in 1831 and worked in the Temiskamingue district untill 1836.

In 1837 he was rehired by Hudson Bay Company and worked in the Albany District. He spent time in Moose Factory, Lac Seul, Fort Albany and Osnaburg House. He was in charge of the Osnaburg House Post from 1843 to 1856.

He married Isabelle Okewakumekekwa on 3 Jul 1842 at Martens Falls House, ON. They had the following children:

Margaret McPherson 04 Oct 1839 Martin House Falls, RupertsLand

Mary McPherson 23 Nov 1841 Martin House Falls, RupertsLand, d. June 1856, buried in St. Andrew's Church cemetery, St Andrew's Manitoba

Andrew McPherson 07 Dec 1836 Martin House Falls, RupertsLand d. 11 Aug 1855 Fort Albany, Ontario

Jean George McPherson 03 Oct 1845 Osnaburgh, Ontario

His first wife died sometime before 1850. He married Margaret Ademar 4 Jan 1850 in Osnaburgh.

He retired in 1856 due to ill health and spent two years living in Fort Alexander and the Red River Settlement.

The Hudson Bay established a Post first on Old Fort Island, Kenora in 1836. George McPherson was rehired by the Hudson Bay Company in 1858 and was sent to this post. in the summer of 1861 the store was moved to a site on what would later become northeast corner of First St. South and Main. In 1869 the Hudson's Bay Company surrendered its vast land holdings to the government. At Rat Portage, the Company retained a 50 acre plot which was increased after a company request in 1872 by 640 acres.

In 1870 George McPherson welcomed Colonel Wolseley of the Wollseley's Red River Expedition to Rat Portage. Captain G.L. Huyshe who accompanied Wolseley wrote of George McPherson, the Hudson's Bay Company factor:

Mr Macpherson, the official in charge is a Scotch half-breed, a quiet, gentlemanly, elderly man, who had received a good education in Montreal. He has for 13 years been buried alive at this post! Is it not a most extra-ordernary thing, that men of education can be found to stand a life like that, utterly cut off from the rest of mankind, receiving news from the outside world only once or twice a year, to all intents or purposes dead or sleeping? I ventured to question Mr. Macpherson on this subject and he replied simply that he had long since ceased to feel anything of the kind; he had is little farm and his wife and family, and was quite happy and contented. Mr Macpherson had a few acres of wheat, barley and potatoes, some pigs and cows, and a number of mangy-looking pariah dogs. These dogs are of all sizes and colours, nasty-looking brutes, but very useful. They do all the winter work, galloping for miles over frozen snow, dragging small sledges. (Throught the Kenora Gateway, Lake of the Woods Writers Group -Kenora Centennial Committee)

In 1871 George Senior retired from the Hudson Bay Company.

[In 1879 there were 13 men at the post under George McPherson. At this time the settlement consisted of nothing but the post and two other one-story log shanties. Through The Kenora Gateway (Page 43) Questionable]

George opened a private training post at Northwest Angle beside Harrison Creek following his retirement. The Post provided both supplies and over night accommodations. A map showing the location of this trading post prepared by A. Campbell and W.J Twining of the US Northern Boundary Commission may be seen in Robertson & McCracken's Magical, Mysterious Lake of the Woods at page 111. The post was located at the end of the Dawson Road.

In September 1873 the services of George McPherson were secured as interpreter for negotiations which were ultimately consummated in Treaty 3. A report of the negotiations and the treaty are reported in a book by Alexander Morris.

George died at Sabaskosing on Lake of the Woods in Sept 1891 and is buried in LOW Cemetery beside his wife, three daughters and an infant grandson.

The Following obituaries were provided by Becky Johnson:

The Late George McPherson

It was our painful duty last week to chronicle the death of Mr. Geo McPherson, but as the news was received just before going to press we could not do more than give it a brief notice. The deceased was one of Nature's noblemen, a native of this country, born on the Ottawa, his father being in the Hudson's Bay Co's service. He was educated at Brockville, Ont and afterwards entered that Co's service, being at Moose Factory and other points. He had charge of the old post location on Millers Island, and later removed to the present site of the Co's house, where he built the first house erected in Rat Portage. Nearly twenty years ago he left their employ and went into trading on his own account. Later he was appointed Indian Agent for the Lake of the Woods reserves, which position he held till about two years ago, when he was superannuated. He was born in 1814 and was 77 years of age. He held the highest respect and esteem of a wide circle of friends, and was especially beloved by the Indians far and near. He leaves a son and daughter to mourn his loss.

The Late Geo. McPherson

Last week one of the oldest inhabitants in this portion of the district passed away in the death of the late Geo. McPherson. He has occupied a prominent part in the history of Rat Portage and for the past number of years has held the position of Indian Agent. He was a native of the country and was born in the year 1814 and was consequently in his 77th year. He had charge of the old Hudson Bay Post when it was located on Miller's island in the Winnipeg River and was factor of the company here at the time of the removal of the post to the present site of their large stone building. Early in the seventies he left the employ of the Company and went into trading on his own account and continued this for a few years when he was appointed Indian agent over the Lake of the Woods Reserves. He held that position until about two years ago when he was superannuated and was succeeded by Mr. Pither, who was transferred from the Fort Frances agency. He remained on the superannuated list until last summer when upon the death of Agent McCracken Mr. McPherson was appointed to pay treaty on the reserves of his old agency, Mr. Pither taking the duty of paying on the Fort Frances reserves. The funeral was largely attended and took place on Saturday last to Union Park Cemetery. The deceased was well known by all the oldest inhabitants and of late years has been residing on what was known as McPherson's island near the traverse and his place was a principal stopping point for all either going or coming across the lakes, especially during the winter months. He was highly esteemed and among the Indians was looked upon as their best friend. Messrs.. Matheson and Lyon have been named as the executors to his will, and the deceased leaves a son and a daughter.

George McPherson (Jr.) Son
English 1881 Census of Canada
Half Breed 1894 scrip application
Scotch B 1901 Census of Canada
Scotch 1911 Census of Canada
Chippewa 1921 Census of Canada
Scotch 1921 Census of Canada

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Lake of the Woods Writers Group - Kenora Centennial Committee (1981) pages 43, 71;
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Alexander Dorherty McQuarrie 1852- 1928

Alexander Dorherty McQuarrie, son of Archibald McQuarrie and Ann Docherty, was one of three brothers who acted as Town Counsellors of Rat Portage. He was born on February 3 1852 i in Nova Scotia, and moved to Goderich, Huron County, Ontario before 1859. He married Salome Headley on March 20 1879 in Goderich and had his first child shortly after. He had a total of at least 5 children:

Paul Headley McQuarrie b. 1 Jun 1879
Sidnham Charles McQuarrie b. 11 Jun 1880
Grace H. McQuarrie b. Mar 1883, d. 26 Mar 1883
Malcolm Keith McQuarrie b. 17 Aug 1884
May Bierl McQuarrie 16 May 1889

He arrived in Rat Portage possibly in 1882 and worked with his older brother in a grocery business called the McQuarrie Brothers. He served as Town Counsellor in 1896, 1898, and 1900

He died in Alert Bay, Comox, British Columbia, Canada on 05 Feb 1928.

John McQuarrie 1850-

John McQuarrie, son of Archibald McQuarrie and Ann Docherty, was one of three brothers who acted as Town Counsellors of the young Rat Portage, incorporated in the Province of Manitoba. He was born in 1850 possibly in Margaree, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. He moved with his family from Nova Scotia sometime between 1852 and 1859 to Goderich, Huron County, Ontario, Canada.

He served on the first council in Rat Portage along with Fred Bulmer, Frank Gardner, H.F. Holmes with William L. Baker as Reeve.

He was the first sheriff in the year 1885 to 1886. His brothers who also were counsellors of the Town were Malcolm and Alexander Alexander.

Malcolm Doherty McQuarrie 1847-1933

Malcolm Doherty McQuarrie, son of Archibald McQuarrie and Ann Docherty, was the oldest of three brothers who acted as Town Counsellors of Rat Portage. He was born on 19 September 1849 possibly in Margaree, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. He moved with his family from Nova Scotia sometime between 1852 and 1859 to Goderich, Huron County, Ontario, Canada. He arrived in Rat Portage in 1882. He started a grocery store on the east side of Main Street. After the CPR finished he sold alcohol along with the groceries. He was a member of the Town Council in 1888.

He initially lived on Matheson Street and then moved into W.R. Juries house on Main St. North. On April 30 1872 in Huron County Ontario, he married Caroline Halliday, b. 15 May 1847, Lanark, Ontario. He had at least 9 children. From the 1891 Census they were listed as,

Alexander McQuarrie b. 1873
Isaac Halliday McQuarrie b. 1875
Hector McQuarrie b. Abt. 1877
Annie Elizabeth McQuarrie b.26 May 1879
Archie Malcolm McQuarrie b. Abt. 1880
Edna May McQuarrie b. Abt. 1882
Mamie Salome McQuarrie b. Abt. 1884
Caroline Flora McQuarrie b. Abt. 1886
Gregor Grant McQuarrie b. Abt. 1887

November 19 1883 Manitoba Attorney General came to Rat Portage to throw some weight on the sovereignty issue. In the mid afternoon Mr Malcolm McQuarrie who sold liquor under an Ontario licence was summoned to appear before Manitoba Police Magistrate Breeton to answer the charge of selling liquor without a license.

At the Council meeting that night a resolution was put forward,

Moved by Councillor Gadbois, seconded by Councillor Alexander, that the Attorney-General be instructed to take the necessary action, under the advice of the Council to Prevent Messers. Holmes, The Reeve, and Councillors Stubbs, Chadwick, MacDonald and Baker from interfering with this corporation, and with the government and management of the town

The Council voted 3-2 McKinnon and Kobald voting Nay

McQuarrie disregarded the summons and a strong armed force of the Ontario police was placed in and outside of his store to protect him from arrest.

Attorney -General threatened to bring out the Field Battery from Winnipeg to maintain order.

He died in Vancouver, British Columbia on 02 May 1933

Ontario Manitoba Boundary Dispute The Argus Nov 23 1883
Dispute Dispute

Charles Henry "Rabbit" McVeigh 1897-1984

Charles Henry "Rabbit" McVeigh, son of William Henry McVeigh and Charlotte Lottie Mary McGinnis was born in Kenora on March 29 1897. His father owned the Commercial Hotel All of the siblings were born in Rat Portgage (Kenora).

William James McVeigh born March 31 1895, married Gertrude May Beaudro16 Oct 1893 in Kenora, died 20 Mar 1948 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, buried in Lake of the Woods.

Charles Henry McVeigh March 29 1897

Laura Vivian McVeigh born on January 28 1899, married William James Cuthbert 01 Jun 1921 in Winnipeg died 08 Apr 1978 in Winnipeg.

Dinah McVeigh born on November 24 1900, beleived to have died young and at least by 1911.

Daniel C. McVeigh born Nov 1901, married Leslie Norah Lupton in Winnipeg on 09 Feb 1920, died 26 Apr 1961 in Montreal.

Eleanor Caroline McVeigh March 20 1903, married Harry Frankland in Winnipeg on 21 Aug 1926, died in Winnipeg on 20 Nov 1956.

Robert Earl McVeigh born and died on November 04 1906

Charles Henry McVeigh was an outstanding hockey paper. he played with the Regina Capitals of the WCHL from 1921 to 1925, the Portland Rosebuds of the WHL in 1925-26 and the played 397 games in the National Hockey league with Chicago Blackhawks 1926-8 and New York Americans, 1928 to 1935 and finished with London Tecumsehs in 1935-36. He the refereed with the American Hockey League.

He married Grace Marion Wood in 1922 in Sackatchewan and they had one daughter Charleen (1928 1983)

Dammon Merredew

Dammon R. Merridew, son of Robert Walter Merridew and Janet Godfrey was born in Keewatin, Ontario and educated in Kenora. Dammon lives with his wife in Keewatin. They had three children Stephen Merredew (Vanessa), Sarah Merredew and Laurie Merredew. Dammon worked in the Investment Service business in Kenora with Bill Gow. Dammon was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 2005-06.

 Robert “Bob” Walter Merredew 1923 - 2018

Robert “Bob” Walter Merredew of Charles Merredew and Elsie Elizabeth “Edith” Russell was born in Winnipeg on 1 August 1923. The family moved to Keewatin when he was a teenager. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force served in the 126th Tactical Air Force, servicing planes and keeping them flying, even when supplies were scarce. After an initial posting in England his squadron crossed the Channel to Normandy shortly after D Day in June 1944, followed by postings in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany before arriving home in September 1945.
He married Janet Godfrey on 26 October 1946, initially living in a little log cabin on their beloved property on the lake in Keewatin and afterwards built a new family home. His wife, Janet died in 2001 after 54 years of marriage.
They had two children, Dammon Merredew (Carol) and Florence Merredew Bradley (John Bradley).

He ran the family business at Keewatin Boat House as well as worked Canadian Tire, and various car dealerships. He retired in 1983. He died in Kenora, Ontario on September 7th, 2018.

Frank Ranover Miclash 1953

Frank Miclash was born May 16, 1953 in Kenora Ontario. He served as a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1987 to 1999.

Miclash was educated at the University of Manitoba, receiving a certificate in education, and later worked as a teacher. He was elected to the Lake of the Woods District Hospital board in 1985, and served as a commanding officer of the Navy League Cadet Corps.

He was first elected to the Ontario legislature in the 1987 provincial election, defeating New Democrat Doug Miranda by just over 1,000 votes in the Kenora constituency. The Liberal Party won a landslide majority in this election; Miclash was served as a parliamentary assistant in 1988-89. Miclash defeated Miranda a second time by 331 in the 1990 election. Miclash served as chief opposition whip in 1991-92, and was easily re-elected in the 1995 election.

The province's boundaries were radically altered in 1996, such that Miclash's Kenora riding was merged with the Rainy River of NDP leader Howard Hampton as Kenora—Rainy River. Hampton won the election by just over 3,000 votes.

Miclash worked for three months as a manual labourer on the Grace Anne luxury yacht following his defeat. He was subsequently appointed to the province's social benefits tribunal by the Progressive Conservative government of Mike Harris and he continues to serve on that body. He owns a fishing camp and a bed-and-breakfast inn.

Jessie Alexandrina (Mcleod) Cameron

Jessie Alexandrina (Mcleod) Cameron, daughter of Donald "Dan" McLeod and Alexandrina Sutherland was born January 29 1901 in Rat Portage.

She married Maxwell Yorston Cameron in Kenora, Ontario.

They had at least two children, William and Don Cameron

In the 1930 Jessie Cameron started a choral group called the G Clef Choir. During a Week in 1936 this group performed on the stage of the Thistle Rink. The group was subsequently directed by Gladys Whitehead and then Tattie McLeod.

She died January 15 1999 in Kenora, Ontario.

James Risk Mercer 1883 - 1969

James "Jim" Risk Mercer, 8th child of William Clark Mercer and Annie Munsie Stuart was born in Dryfesdale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland September 21 1883. His siblings included Jane Anderson Woods Mercer, 1868 - 1874, Isabelle Porteous Mercer 1870 - 1966, Stuart Mercer 1872 - 1966, Mary Euphemia Mercer 1874 - 1962, Thomas Mercer 1876 - 1942, Annie Stuart Mercer 1880 - 1904, William John Mercer 1881- 1931, Eleanor Cowan Mercer 1887 - 1978, Elise Pearl Mercer 1888-1970. According to the 1891 census, the family immigrated to Canada in 1886. According to the 1921 Census the year of immigration was 1883. The last two were born in Canada and all born in Scotland except Jane and Mary ended up immigrating to Canada.

The family commenced living in Kingston Ontario. William died on April 2 1894. In 1901 the wife, Anna, James Eleanor and Elise were living in Montreal. Jim married Annie May Small on August 19 1914 and he described his residence on August 18 1914 as Montreal.

He joined the Rotary Club between its Charter meeting and July 1921 when he is described as Chairmen of the Rotary Boys' Committee.

He was secretary of the Club for three years prior to his term as president of the Club 1928-1929.

In Kenora he was employed as Secretary of the YMCA. He passed away September 16 1969.

Captain Fred Mongrain

" was born at three Rivers, Quebec December 2 1863. He came to Rat Portage when he was only 16 years of age. "Fred" was one of Rat Portage oldest citizens. He had a record of over 60 years of lake transportation.

He married Marie Perrault and had at least three children.

Fred or Alfred Mongrain

Rosana Mongrain

X Mongrain married L.J. Oliver

X Mongrain who married Charles McArthur

Reference Early Settlers of Rat Portage p 567

George "Sailor" Oswald Morgan 1909 - 1947

George "Sailor" Oswald Morgan, son ofJames Edmund Morganand and Anne James, was born 08 Sep 1909 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, He was educated in Calgary and Winnipeg. He moved to Kenora in 1928. He was first employed by the Department of Northern Development and then the Kenricia Hotel. In 1935 he started to work with the Kenora Paper Mill.

He married Eileen May Hicks 04 May 1933 in Kenora. He enlisted early in the war with the Winnipeg Grnadiers. He was taken prisoner of War on December 25 1941 and spent years in Japanese Prison of War camps. They started in North Point Camp and then moved to Sham Shui Po Prison Camp on the mainland, near Kowloon. Next they were moved to Japan where they worked in shipyards chipping and calking vessels. After two years they were send to the North of Japan to Oyama(or Oyeama). Their release came on September 4th 1945 when the guards disappeared. They took a train to Yokahama where they were received by the Americans. The Americans flew the POW to Guam, then on to San Francisco where along with John Kitt and Wallace W. Harrington, took a train to Vancouver arriving Sunday October 19 1945 and on to Kenora arriving Wednesday 24th

On July 1 1947 he suffered electrocution at No 1 power house of the Ontario Minnesota Pulp and Paper Company on the east branch of the Winnipeg River.


News Item from Kenora Miner and News July 1947


A. Leo Murray 1890-

Leo Murray was born in Rat Portage on May 14 1890. He enlisted on January 20 1915 and saw service overseas. Upon returning from overseas in 1919, he opened a store on the Murray block which had a fire in May 1927. He reopened his grocery store on the North West corner Matheson and Second St. S. on June 29 1927 bragging of the most modern equipment. He also owned a large chicken farm in Clearwater Bay. He retired in 1945 after 26 years and sold his business to Robert Jackson, a former employee.

Mr.. Murray served as an Kenora Alderman from 1930 to 1934. He was an active member of the Kenora Rowing Club and President of the club in 1933 and 1950. He was a member of the Kenora Lodge no 74 ,B.P.O Elks. He was President of the Canadian Legion from 1935 to 1939 and again in 1944.

Harry "Sherry" Sherman Murphy 1871 - 1958

Henry Sherman Murphy, son of Aaron Hiram Murphy and Hannah M Britt was born Dec 16, 1871 in Andover (Perth-Andover) New Brunswick. He received his education in New Brunswick and worked with the Canadian Pacific Railway in New Brunswick before coming to Rat Portage in March 1896. He worked with Frank Gardner in his store on Main Street. He join his brother in the carthage and fuel business around 1897 and the firm became known as Murphy Brothers. In April 1913 the Murphy Brothers purchased the ice business or Eric Holstrom. He retired from the business in 1928 when the brothers sold to John Kron. He became associated with Sun Life Assurance from 1928 to 1950 in the insurance business.

He married Maud Saxton (born Apr 04, 1882, Glencoe, Ontario) on September 9 1914 and they had 2 children,

Harold Murphy born Jun 05, 1919 in Kenora, married Marianne Doris Tettley in Glencoe Ontario, died Oct 19 1959 in Kenora

Marian Elizabeth Murphy married Al Sherrett

He was a member of the Kenora town council in 1908 -1909. He was an active member of the Board of Education. He was past President and Honourary member of the Kenora Board of Trade. He was a long time member of Rotary Club.

He was active in the construction of the Tabernacle Baptist Church i later years a devote member of the Knox United Church. He was a member of Gold Hill Independent Order of Odd Fellows and holdrer of the fifty year Jewel.

He died in Kenora on October 28 1958.

Robertson "Bob" Pierce Murphy 1858-1940

Robert " Bob" Pierce Murphy was born in Andover New Brunswick August 27 1857 or 1858. He farmed there until 1881. He married Susan Ada Donnelly in Andover New Brunswick prior to moving to Rat Portage in 1882. They had one daughter Elizabeth who died at approximate 2 years

He founded his cartage business on Sep 14 1882 with a two wheeled cart and the first horse brought to Kenora.

1st Horse

Picture curtesy of Dan Murphy

Grandson, James Hyatt, passed on an amusing story of bob's enterprising nature,

Bob Murphy found a young orphan bull moose during a freight run and took the moose home with him.  The moose was stabled with the draught horses and over time it apparently came to believe it was a Percheron horse. When the moose grew to adult size, Bob harnessed it with an older Percheron and used the team to pull freight loads to local mines.  This arrangement ended in the autumn when the moose rediscovered his true lineage and entered the rut,  Bob then released the moose in a remote location with it's own kind.

The firm expanded in 1897 with brother Herman Sherman Murphy known as Murphy Brothers which developed into the largest teaming and transfer business in the district. The firm expanded to cope with construction work on the various camps on the lakes in the early years and in winter hauled heavy machinery across the ice to various construction sites.

In 1928 the business sold to John Kron and son.


Pictures curtesy of Dan Murphy. Bob is the second man to the right of the tall man in the middle of the picture.

Mr. Murphy was a member of the first band formed here in 1886 and in later bands. He was a member of Gold Hill Lodge, I,O.O. F, Golden Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, and Pequona Lodge A.F. & A.M. . He passed away in 1940. The dates on his headstone are "Aug.27, 1857 - Sept.14, 1940" .

His wife died 30 May 1915 after a 13 month illness:

Death of Mrs. R. P. Murphy

After an illness extending over the past thirteen months Mrs. R.P. Murphy passed away at her home Sunday morning. It had been known for some time that she could hardly recover but nevertheless the announcement of her death came as a shock to her many friends.

The late Mrs. Murphy was born In Andover, N.B. Shortly after her marriage at that place, she removed with her husband to Winnipeg. In 1882 they came to Kenora and have made their home here ever since. She was therefore one of the old timers, and prior to her long illness took a keen interest in the welfare of the town. She was devoted to her home, and also found time to give active service to her church in which she will be greatly missed. Besides her husband, she leaves three brothers and two sisters, Joseph Donnelly, Fort Fairfield, Maine, James, Three Lakes, Wisconsin, Mrs. John de Marchant and Miss Lillian Donnelly, who has been here for the past six weeks.

The funeral took place yesterday from her late residence to Lake of the Woods Cemetery and was largely attended.

(Kenora Miner and News, Wed., June 3, 1915.)

He remarried in Winnipeg, Sep 05, 1917 to Emily Annie Lodge. They had two children

Roberta Emeline Murphy born May 13 1918, married William George Hyatt April 6 1946, and subsequently married Ragnar Ongman.

Roy Pierce Murphy born June 13 1921 in Kenora, Ontario, married Ethel Ann Francis, died January 4 2009 in Edmonton.


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