Kenora Rotary Alumni

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The Rotary Club of Kenora

Serving the community since March 20 1920

The Rotary story would not be complete without mention of the many individuals who have participated in a number of Rotary Programs referred to by Rotary as "Rotary Alumni" These programs includes any of the following programs:

InteractRotaractRotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards(RYLA), Rotary Peace FellowshipsRotary Scholarships (funded by global grants or district grants), vocational training teams (members and leaders), Ambassadorial Scholarships, Grants for University Teachers, Group Study Exchange (members and leaders), and Rotary Volunteers.

If you are a Rotary Alumni, you can connect with this community, by registering for a My Rotary account or sign in to update your profile. For more information, follow this link: Alumni or contact Alumni Chair James Retson 807-468-3205, email .

I would be interested in identifying missing Alumni and getting contact information for the following Rotary Alumni.

Rotary Exchanges Students

Name        Year Country
Greg Linton 1994-1995 Argentina
Danielle Favreau-Valiquette 1995-1996 Germany
Andrea Beatty 1996-1997 Japan
Celeste Parott 1998-1999 Argentina
Jana Sobiski 1998 - 1999 Brazil
Chris Curtis 1999 - 2000 Japan
Sarah Merredew 2000 -2001 Belgiam
Rebecca Daly 2001 -2002 Venezuela
Branden Beatty 2001 -2002 Brazil
Rebecca Beatty 2005 - 2006 Mexico
Rebecca Huard 2013 - 2014 Spain
Carmen Haw 2014 - 2015 Czech Republic


The Kenora rotary club sponsors an unchartered Interact Club


Kenora had a Roteract Club which is currently inactive

Model United Nations Assembly

Each year Kenora Rotary sponsors teams to attend a Model United Nations in Winnipeg. See information at website

Former participants

1998 Amanda Green, Steve Sweeney,

1999 Carly Patterson, Lynsey Rebbetoy,

2000 Debbie Girard, Angela Paparazi, Melissa Young, Amanda Pattison,

2001 Rachael Wolfe, Sam Wilson,

2002 Kendall Behrsin, Caitlin Baker,

2003 Marissa Serduletz, Devin Thibedeau

2004 Dan Charlebois, Carly Christiansen, Kordan Harvey, Marissa Serduletz, Devin Thibedeau, Allie Whiddon,


Breanne Bencharski, Hannah Beveridge, Carly Christiansen, Kordan Harvey, Karen Ingo, Jelena Sagolj, Katelyn Stajkowski, Allie Whiddon, Counsellors, Roberta Retson, James Retson, Wayne Jutila




Muna 2007Team Kenora 2007 consisting of Kelly Berringer, Dominique Corbett, Brooklyn Doran, Shauna Fulton, Leshia Knopf, Leo Letourneau, Daelle Pediny, Allyson McTaggart, Curtis Smith, Grant Shelske, John Sparks, Mark Vaudrey, Counsellors include Mr. Wayne Jutila, Kelly Ledyier, James and Roberta Retson




Muna 2009







Muna 2015

Rotary Youth Leadership Award

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camp is an all expense paid camp focusing on leadership, developmental topics of interest and recreational activities. Strong leaders are made, not born. Leadership skills and principles are learned not inherited. Rotary clubs around the world are dedicated to helping young people develop their leadership skills to the fullest. We believe that Camp will assist young persons realize their potential and to adapt their experiences within their life and their communities.

Former participants:

Basic Camp, 2000 Basic Camp Melissa Allan, Caitlin Baker, Katelyn Murray, 2001 Laurie Merredew, Eric Raymond, 2002 Kelly Berringer, Megan Leblanc, Lynn Osborne, Nick Ratuski and Kelsey Williams 2003 Allyssa Acs, Brittany Nelson 2004 Marissa Mack 2005 Jackie Grinrod, Dillon Karst, Jerry Ossachuk, Ryan Riopel, Mathew Sharp, Rebecca Valentini

Advanced camp, 2000 Branden Beatty, 2002 Kendall Behrsin, Katelyn Murray 2003 Danielle LaJeunesse, Melissa Allan, Nickle Taylor, 2004 Christopher McCaffrey, Sara Nabb 2005 Katie Mack, Kayla Ossachuk

Adventures in Science and Technology

This adventure involves a four and one-half day exploration of advanced technology, research, development and applications. During their visit, students will be able to open the doors to an exciting array of some of Canada's finest corporations and research facilities, including the University of Saskatchewan, Innovation Place Research Park & the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron to name just a few. Of course, the students will also be treated to the best in Saskatchewan hospitality and have the opportunity to make new friends from across the western provinces.

Former participants:

2001 Branden Beatty, 2004 Mat Hall 2005 Matthew Bruneau

Adventures in Citizenship

The Adventure in Citizenship program is a program designed to develop their potential as leaders in their communities and in the Canadian society.

The program is an exceptional opportunity for the Adventurers to explore our identity, shared values, the implications of the freedoms we all enjoy, and our history of tolerance and the search for compromises to bridge our differences. The obligation to be ethical and fair in all relationships is considered. Also examined are the implications of the fact that most of us are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants to this land. While the program is focused on governmental processes and institutions at the federal level, it is founded on the premise that the most important attributes of citizenship are determined by Canadians individually and collectively. A guiding principle is that a broadly varied program is to be presented which provides insights into our national institutions not normally available to visitors to the National Capital.

Former participants:

2000 Rachael Wolfe, 2001 Melissa Young,2002 Shannon Hastman, 2003 Kara Hill 2005 Greg Cederwall

Others: Encounters with Canada

Adventures in Forestry

Held in Prince George, BC, the Spruce Capital of the World, this program consists of three exciting days of actively observing the BC Forest Industry as it is conducted in the Central Interior of the province. The program includes overviews of the following: silviculture, timber extraction, sawmill operation, value added pulp operation, paper process, forest planning and G.I.S., as well as the College of New Caledonia and the University of Northern BC. Exposure

Former participants:

2000 Andrew McIver, 2001 Brain Peck 2002 Travis Young

2003 Taylor Boucher 2004 Caitlin Port

Alumni Residing in Kenora Sponsored by other Rotary Clubs

Fred Wright - Citizenship Adventure

James Trudeau - Exchange Student

Todd Penner - MUNA

New Generations Service Exchange

Rotary Peace Fellowships

Rotary Scholarships (funded by global grants or district grants)

Vocational training teams (members and leaders),

Dave Sinclair

Ambassadorial Scholarships,

Grants for University Teachers,

Group Study Exchange (members and leaders),

Rotary Volunteers.

Other Information

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