Kenora Lawyers

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Kenora Lawyers


Lawyers Practicing in Kenora

Earliest law firms that that did work in Kenora included Frank J. Apjohn; S. C. Biggs; J.K. Brydon; Ewart, Bodwell & Wilson; Fisher, Sutherland & Curran; Glass & Glass: Macmahon & Cameron; Morice & Allan; Ross Killam & Haggart, W. B. Thibadeau. A.C. Boyce, Henry Porter Cooke, H.J. Donley, James A, Kinney, Henry Langford, J. F. MacGillivray, Colonel H.A.C. Machin, Earle Cameron Pepham and W.B.Thibadeau. In the early years the jurisdiction of Kenora was in doubt and the town was actually incorporated as part of the Province of Manitoba. Many of the early lawyers that served residence of Rat Portage had offices in Winnipeg. The decision of the Privy Council in London placed Rat Portage in Ontario 1886. Thereafter the focus shifted away from Winnipeg.

Arthur Cyril Boyce 1867 - 1942

William Moore "Bill" Benidickson 1911 -1985

John Kerr Brydon 1847-1930

Tom Carton

Henry Porter Cooke 1884-1936

Harry John "Jack" Donley -1948

Sayer S Down

George Herbert Draper 1873-1922

David Elliott

Aaron Grupp

E. James T Hook

Greg Iwasiw

Tyler E. Johnson

Pieter Joubert

Doug Keshen

Peter Kirby

Stephen R. Lundin

Bruce A.J. Ormiston

Shane Pearce

Bernd M. Richardt

Cheryl C.M. Siran

Kylee M. Ronning

W. Randall F. Seller

Rod W.W. Shewchuk

Robert Sinding

Beth A. White

William Baldwin Thibadeau 1844-1923