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The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement (Anonymous)

Human beings are a mixture of biology and culture, of must and may, of head (mental capacity), heart (emotional capacity), (Also Social capacity), body (physical capacity), and breath (spiritual capacity). Nature dictates some elements of his existence and his future. However, he is not so totally determined by his biology that he or she is free to be influeced by his nurturance - most immediately and directly his family and friends and indirectly by culture. Throughout his or her life the individual is free to change - to grow and develop

Growth and development is both spontaneous and directed. One makes choices in what activities one which to engage and spends one times. Where one spends one time one tends to develop one's capacities. Some may say that such choices intentionally target what one will become.

Competencies and capacities (or maintaining healthy potential) must be pursued along 5 line:


"The life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." says English Philosopher Thomas Hobbes.

Aristotle indicated "the good is that at which all things aim...the highest of all the goods is happiness (although he also say "but what constitute happiness is a matter of dispute"

Growth and development in all aspects of an individuals life -physical, mental, socially emotionally spiritually is also one of the highest of all the goods

Hope in life keeps sustains us when nothing else can.

Faith is a person's or group's way of finding coherence in and giving meaning to the multiple forces and relations that make up our lives.

Love is caring about the well-being, happiness, and growth of the people you love.

We are wealthy when we have learned to live with ourselves, knowing that what we are and have is enough.

The simple person is a person without pretensions, unconcerned with himself, his image, or his reputation.