What's In a name?

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What's In a name

In 1897 the Rainey River Navigation Company launched the S.S. Kenora from Kendell's Dock (End of Main St) The streamer was originally to be called the S.S. Keewatin but this Indian Word meaning North Wind was deemed by the officers of the company so a compromise was sought. The first syllable of Keewatin was joined to the first syllable of Noranda, a nearby gold mind to produce "Keenora".


"Now therefore the municipal council of the corporation of the town of Rat Portage , in council assembled, enact as follows:

That it is the opinion of the council that the name of Rat Portage should be changed to that of KEENORA making the corporate name of the said town 'the corporation of the town of KENORA

Done and passed in open council this seventeenth day of October AD 1904


Dennett, Marg Boat Building Around Rat Portage, Kenora, 1976