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The Top 6 Athlets in Alphabetic order:


Si Griffis

Vic Lindquist

William George McGimsie 1880 -1968

Thomas Neil Phillips 1883-1923

Mike Richards 1985-

Michael Smith

Skating Rinks

In 1894 there was an open rink on Second St. called the Granite Rink. Another link with no name appeared on Second St. In 1896 S. C. McGimsie built the Princess Rink on the South side of Second Street betwween Chipman and 4rh Ave. South where Town and Country was subsequent.

The first indoor skating rink was located on the south side of First Street where Strain's Stationary store was located. It had a small surface and no seating.

The Victoria Rink (1897-1915) was located at Park Steet on the site of the future Federal Building and Post Office. The rink was built by W. R. Wilson in three months with the majority of supplies bought from the Kenora Sawmill which was located wher the subsequent Recraetion Centre (See below) was located. The land where the Victoria Rink was built was a muskeg which required piles driven 23 feet into the ground.

In 1912 Wilson sold the rik to the Peterson brothers