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My Introduction to Genealogy

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I have provided a list of our ancestral roots outline which will be constantly revised in the near future. Its purpose is to assist with a context for the various roots spread over 400 years. They can be found Surnames can then be found along left hand sidebar. (15/Jan/2017)

I have posted latest update on hitchcock file. Most updated information will be found in second part under Descendeants of Richard Hiscockes(8/Jan/2017)

My latest research on the Roddick file has been posted and you can get the information from the side links. In the process i found a lot more information on the collaterals including McNabs and Campbells which may make some of those file out of date. I will attempt to update this page over the next two months. (1/Jan/2017) my Wikitree

Maternal Line mtDNA Haplogroup: H11a2a1 See (I am just commencing research on this line.)

Retson DNA Info

Retson Family House


Picture by was Paulette Yorke presented to Mavis York in July 1981 on the occasion of her marriage on the property I grew up on in Salmon River owned by the family from 1951 to approximately 1996. Immediately below is a picture that appears on google street view 2010. Below that picture is a picture appearing on Royal LePage



Royal LePage's description: Absolutely Stunning! This heritage estate has been transformed into a tranquil oasis of luxury & comfort. Keeping the home's original character, while adding today's most sought-after styles such as marble floors and granite countertops has been beautifully accomplished. The grounds are truly breathtaking with a panoramic view, pond with fountain, slate walkways, fencing & gorgeous gardens, magnificent mature Maples line the driveway as you enter.

Some of My Most Interesting Ancestors

  1. 8th Great Grandfather John Hoar born in Situate, Massachussetts in 1622 (relative of Nova Scotia Retson's either through Beatrice Clifford-Agnes Hoar or through Bessie Johnson-John Lutes Hoar and then the common ancestor David Hoar) and
  2. His mother, Joanne (Hinkmen ) Hoare, born in Gloucestor England about 1590, her father Charles was Sherrif of Gloucestor who died in 1638, his father Charles died in 1636, mother of our line in North America and distant grandmother to John Quincy Adams, George Bush and son George Bush. She was a puritan who left England during the civil war to left "seeking a church without a Bishop and a state without a King.
  3. Jeremiah Belcher born in September 1613 in Wiltshire, Lincolnshire, England, one of the earliest if not the earliest ancestors of this website 's designers, James C. Retson to touch foot on the North American continent in 1634. He also bears the distinction of being simultaneously our 9th and 10 great grandfather as one of Jeremiah's daughters, Abigail direct descendent, Grace Retson, married the direct descendent of her sister Dorcus, Cliff Retson in 1941.
  4. Samuel Archibald (1719-1774) first ancestor to be die and be buried in Nova Scotia and Canada.
  5. David Nelson one of only 4 individuals to swear an Oath of Allegiance to George III in 1777.
  6. John Ratson born in New Hutton in 1779, Westmorland County, England is the earliest YDna bearer and the first to bear the name Retson, which name he died with. His father is beleived to be Richard Ratson and his father Richard Rattson all born in Kendall Parish, Westmorland, England
  7. Janet Armstrong, born in Dumfries-shire, possibly in Annan, in 1779, our earlest maternal ancestor and hence the carrier of mitochondria from Haplogroup h11a2a1
  8. Great Grandfather Deacon James Clifford -born near Truro, Nova Scotia on 31 Oct 1838, Father of Beatrice Clifford for which the author of this website was named after.
  9. His father John Clifford - probably born in 1801 in Ireland, Grandfather of Beatrice Clifford emmigrated from ireland a Catholic, alleged murderer of a travelling salesman. All his chidren joined protestant churches.
  10. William Rankin Retson, last of our ancestoral lines to immigrate to Canada in 1903.
  11. Grace Retson, First Female Justice of the Peace in Nova Scotia.
  12. Sussana Lynds McCurdy, female preacher who preached in Maritime provinces in first half of 19th century and whose story is told in Bell, D.G "Petticoat - Apostle: The Preacing Adventures of Susannah Lynds McCurdy" in Henderson, T.Stephen and Wendy G. Robcheau's The Nova Scotia Planters in the World 1759-1830.

The Retson Surname

There are many derivation of the family name Retson.  By far the most common root is for descendants from Western Europe who can trace their name ultimately to son of Richard, but bore various spellings Rattson, Ratson, Ritson but also Richson, Richardson and variations.  A second common root is through the Greece "Retsos".

Ancestors of Cliff and Grace Retson

Siblings of James C. Retson