Parliamentary Procedure

Basic Principles

  1. Balance between desire for input, fairness and order
  2. Look for Parliamentary Authority - for Muna it is set out as Robert's Rules of Order except as modified by orders - James Retson has an outdated copy of orders - See abstract of rules below
  3. Motion must be Moved, Seconded before debated
  4. You must be on speakers list to debate resolution, Some are placed there before Assembly begins, others are requested if they want to be added

Website Links

  • Abstract of Rules of General Assembly
  • MUNA Site Robert's Rules of Order Abstract
  • Muna's Robert Rules of Order as perceived by JCR
  • Parliamentary Procedure on Line
  • Books on Parliamentary Procedure

    Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief - Book used by Kenora'a Participants

    Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 10th Edition -- Book used by Kenora's Counsellors

    Webster's Guide to Robert's Rules of Order

    The Guerrilla Guide to Robert's Rules by Nancy Sylvester