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Model United Nations (MUNA)


2015 Kenora Muna Team


What is Model United Nations or (MUNA)

The Model United Nations Assembly, or MUNA, is a reproduction of the United Nations General Assembly. An agenda of topics, closely related to issues before the current UN General Assembly, is prepared for debate several months in advance of the MUNA event, which takes place each year in the month of May. Participating students are expected to diligently acquire information on agenda items about the policies of the country they will represent.

Every year around the Kenora Rotary Club sponsors up to three teams to attend the Model United Nations Assembly in Winnipeg.

Students learn parliamentary procedure, how to debate in structured debates and learns about various Countries' Political Outlook and one country in depth.

This experience will particularly benefit students seeking a vocation in law, economics, or political arenas. Benefits include training in public speaking and representation, interpersonal dynamics and behaviour. It will assist individuals in eligibility for Rotarian Scholarships and other recognitions.

The 2017 Model United nations will be held Thursday, May 4 to Saturday, May 6th. 2017.

Basic Information on Winnipeg Muna

Winnipeg MUNA Site     Muna Picture Gallery 2017 Preparation

Parliamentary Procedures

Basic Information on United Nations:
The starting place for everything related to the United Nations. In Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. 

Security Council Resolutions and General Assembly Resolutions

United Nation's Introduction for Students
A brief guide to the United Nations' history and work.   

Global Issues

Secretary-General's Homepage Itineraries, speeches, schedules, actions of the main leader of the United Nations.  

The Millenium Report
A seminal document of the UN's progress and challenges at the beginning of our new century.   

United Nation's Charter

Documentation of UN's Activities including Resolutions of General Assembly From this page you can follow links to General Assembly and Security Council to find resolutions for current session and previous sessions

2017 Resolutions in PDF Format for Downloading

Resolution 1 -  Resource for Resolution 1

Resolution 2   Resource for Resolution 2

Resolution 3 -   Resource for Resolution 3

Resolution 4 -   Resource for Resolution 4

Specific Countries

To see specific Country down load Google Earth to download software. Run Good earth program that is downloaded and then enter the name of the Country you want to see. Clicking on various characteristics on the left margin such as borders will give greater details.

Afghanistan,    Angola,   Argentina,   AustriaAustralia   
Belgium,  BoliviaCanada, ChinaCuba   
Dem. Rep. of Congo Eritrea, Ethiopia   FijiFinland
FranceGermany, Greece, HungaryIsrael,   
 IndonesiaIraq, Iran,   JamaicaJapan  Jordan
Kenya     Kosovo    Libya   Mali    Mexico   
Netherlands New Zealand     Nigeria    North Korea    Norway   
Pakistan Philippines    Peru    Poland   
Russia    Spain    Somolia    South Africa    South Korea   
Sudan    Sweden    Syria     Thailand     Uganda     United Kingdom   
Venezuela    Uganda    United States    Vietnam    Yemen  

Specific Topics:

African Development      Ageism      Aids/HIV      A More Secure World    

Armed Intervention    Children     Climate Change    Comparative Advantage
Corruption    Debt Relief   Declarations and Covenants   Disabilities   
    Environment    Foreign Policy Goals    G - 20    Gender Equality

Geopolitics    Human Genome     Human Rights     Indigenous People   

International Law    International Criminal Law    International Financial System and Development    International Ethics   
International Space Law    Islam    International Trade    Law of the Sea   
Malaria    Millennium Development Goals    MINUSMA
NPT Non-proliferation Treaty    Nuclear Disarmament    Nuclear Freezone    OECD    Policy Instruments (Short of Violence)   
Poverty    Disarmament     Responsibility to Protect    Sovereignty   
Terrorism    Torture    United Nation's Charter    United Nation Association in Canada

Useful Website

For Researching Countries

CIA World Fact Book: US Central Intelligence Agencies Reports on Various Countries' profile Wikipedia

 For Researching Resolutions

Finding UN Resolution

An excellent presentation of the goals of the IMF can be found at the following site: IMF

Other Bodies

International Court of Justice

International Atomic Energy Agency

The World Bank

International Monetary Fund Human Rights Watch

Books Worth Reading

Bracken, Paul (2012) The Second Nuclear Age, Strategy, Danger and the New Power Politics Paperback on sale at Chapters

Fasulo, Linda (2004) An Insiders Guide to the UN, New haven Yale University Press

Kennedy, Paul (2006) The Parliament of Man, The Past, Present, and Future of the United nations, Toronto: HarperCollinsPublisher

Landeres, David S (1999) The Wealth and Poverty of nations, Why Some are So Rich and Some So Poor, New York: W.W. Norton

Maathai, Wangari (2009) The Challenge for Africa, New York: Pantheon

Rashid, Ahmed (2008) Descent into Chaos, The United States and the Failure of nation Building in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia

Sachs, jeffrey D (2005) The End of Poverty, New York: The Penguin Press

Sachs, jeffrey D (2008) Common Wealth, Economics for A Crowded Planet, New York: The Penguin Press

Williams, Ian (1995) The U.N. for Beginners, New York: Writers and Readers