Effective Management

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Essential Books for Mangers to Read

  1. Block, Peter() Stewardship
  2. Covey, Stephen R. ()Seven Habits for Highly Effective People
  3. Covey, Stephen R ()First Things First
  4. Peters, Tom() In Search of Excellence
  5. The Power of Focus-Canfield et al
  6. This Will Make You Smarter-John Brockman
  7. Cashman, Kevin (2008) Leadership From the Inside Out
  8. Linchpin Are You Indispensable?-Seth Godin
  9. Six Thinking Hats De Bono
  10. Paradigms-The Business of Discovering the Future
  11. Scott, Susan () Fierce Leadership, A Bold Alternative to the Worst "Best Practices of Business Today
  12. Value Based Leadership, Rebuilding Employee Commitment, Performance, & Productivity
  13. Bridges, William () Managing Transitions, Making the Most of Change
  14. The Leader Who Had No Title- Sharma
  15. The Empowered Manager, Positive Skills at Work-Block
  16. The Righteous Mind-Haidt
  17. Launching a Leadership Revolution-Brady
  18. Servant Leadership-Greenleaf
  19. Strategy of the Dolphin-Lynch
  20. What You Can Change…and What You Can't-Seligman
  21. Strength Based Leadership- Rath and Conchie
  22. Developing Critical Thinkers, Challenging Adults to Explore Alternative Ways of Thinking and Acting-Stephen D. Brookfield
  23. Leading Change- John Kotter
  24. Senge, Peter () The Fifth Discipline
  25. Covey, Stephen M. R. () Smart Trust
  26. Covey, Stephen R. (2011)The 3rd Alternative
  27. Blue Ocean Strategy, How to Create Uncontested Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant-Kim and Mauborgne
  28. Leading Quietly, Am Unorthodox Guide to Doing The Right Thing
  29. The Leadership Challenge, How to get extraordinary things done in Organizations-Kouzes and Posner
  30. Drive-The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
  31. Poke the Box -Godin
  32. Bennis, Warren () On Becoming a Leader
  33. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari-Sharma
  34. The Corporate Culture Survival Guide. Edgar Schein-Organizational Culture and Leadership
  35. Learning to Listen. Learning to Teach. Author Jane Vella-Good information about creating a learning culture when working with adults
  36. Argyris, Chris () Organizational Traps: Leadership, Culture, Organizational Design.
  37. Mintzberg on Management. Author Henry Mintzberg
  38. Byrne, Jo-Ann C. and Richard T. Rees (2006)The Successful Leadership Development Program, How to Build It and How to Keep It, San Francisco: Pfeiffer
  39. The Mindful Leader – M Carrol
  40. Creativity, Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Intervention
  41. Flow - Csikszentmihalyi
  42. Strength Finder 2 (14)
  43. Creativity, Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Intervention-Csikszentmihalyi The 3rd Alternative-Stephen R. Covey
  44. Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sharpe (2010) Practical Wisdom, The Right Way to Do the Right Thing-
  45. Blanchard, Ken () The One Minute Manager
  46. Covey, Stephen R.() The 8th Habit: from Effectiveness to Greatness
  47. Collins, Jim (2001) Good to Great, New York: HarperCollins
  48. Altier, William J.(1999) The Thinking Manager's Toolbox, Effective Processes for Problem Solving & Decision Making, Oxford: Oxford University Press
  49. Mintzberg, Henry (2004) Managers Not MBAS San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  50. Adams, Marilee (2009) Change your Questions Change Your Life, 10 Poweful Tools for Life and Work


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