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People of Kenora - Template

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Andrew Allan Young 1876 - 1942

Allan Young, son of Robert Hamilton Young and Elizabeth Paterson was born in Scarborough, Ontario on December 1 1876. He came to Rat Portage around 1890. He carried on business with his father until his father left for the West around 1909. He carried on business for several years.

In 1907, he married Mabel Creighton of Rat Portage and had two Children

Robert Creighton Young born October 18 1908

Paddy Young born in 1914

He was an active member of the Board of Trade, Gun Club, Anglers Club and Rowing Club. When he retired from the Clothing business he was connected with the Singer Sewing Machine Company and Carling's Distillery. He died in Rat Portage in the 1942.

William Young 1848-1920

William Young was born in Scotland February 19 1849. He came west in the 1870s and was located in Rat Portage during the Construction period of the CPR. In the early years he was a prospector and in the 1891 census was listed as a miner. He was was one of the first discoverers of Gold in he area. Later he went into the contracting business.

Around 1885 he was a justice of the Peace. He was Reeve in 1889, 1890 and 1891 before Rat Portage was incorporated. In 1897 he was elected Mayor but resigned a few months later when he was appointed Stipendiary Magistrate for the District.

He married his wife the much younger Helga at least before 1901. He left for British Columbia around 1908 and acted as Magistrate during the construction of the G.T.P. in Northern BC.

He passed away in Winnipeg in January 20 1920.


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