People of Kenora U,V

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People of Kenora U,V

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Jeffrey Edward Prendergast Vereker "The Honorable JEP Vereker " 1858- 1940

Jeffrey Edward Prendergast Vereker, son of Standish Prendergast Vereker (4th Viscount Gort) and Caroline Harriet Gage was born in London England on 27 Mar 1858.

While serving in the British Army he fathered Jeffray Vereker, born 5 Jan 1896 in Chelsea, London, United Kingdom with Susan Harriet "Deno" McCutchan who had separated from her husband Lt. Col James Shaw McCutchan in 1892. JEP Vereker had been been promoted to major in the Royal Field Artillery.

Col. McCutchan filed for divorce in 1900 naming JEP as co-respondent, JEP resigned his commission and departed for Canada. In 1900 Harriet joined him, bringing with her two of her younger children, Donald and Gladys, from her first marriage and Vereker’s son, Jeffrey. The family established themselves in a home on Rupert Road. After Harriet’s divorce was finalized in 1901, they were married in Winnipeg on July 1, 1902. Lt. Col. McCutchan had been awarded custody of his youngest daughter, Gladys Rose. Deno petitioned for custody and in October 1902, the Verekers were ordered to return Gladys Rose to her father in Ireland. A daughter, Lena, was born in 1903.

Vereker had his brother-in-law Edward F. Head design and build the Rat Portage Cold Storage and Provision building on the corner of First Street and Matherson and a commercial block, the Vereker Block, on Matheson Street which was destroyed by a fire reported in the Miner and News on March 3 1917. He also joined an English consortium that acquired the Black Eagle (Regina Mine) gold works in 1907 in Sioux Narrows.

The mine was expanded and operated into the 1920s.

JEP, as a former artillery officer, offered his services and was recalled to service to take up a post with the Royal Artillery in October 1914. He returned to England with his wife and daughter. He served in England as commanding officer of the 161st Yorkshire Brigade, Royal Field Artillery until 1917 when he was retired as a Honourary Lieutenant Colonel.

JEP and his wife took up residence at Camberly, Surrey, England. He maintained the family house in Kenora and returned during the 1920s to attend to business matters including the cold storage and mining provision business. The Black Eagle Mine continued until it closed in 1942.

He died in Arundel, Surrey, England on 2 Jan 1940. His wife Harriet (Deno) Vereker passed away in 1932 in Camberly, England.


Vereker Storey ( accessed November 15 2016

Jeffrey Vereker 1896 - 1976

Jeffray Vereker, son of Jeffrey Edward Prendergast Vereker "The Honorable JEP Vereker " and Susan Harriet "Deno" McCutchan nee Head was born in Chelsea, London, United Kingdom on 5 Jan 1896. He was baptized with his wife's husband James McCutchan on the certificate, but fathered by Vereker who she married in 1901. He came with his mother in 1900 to Rat Portage

He was among the earliest enlistees from Kenora joining the Canadian Expeditionary Force in August 1914. He earned a commission with the Royal Field Artillery and also served with the Royal Flying Corp. He saw service in Europe and the Mediterranean theatre (see details at

He married Florence Evangeline Fairhurst in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland in the first quarter of 1919. They returned to Kenora following the war and were living on Rufus Road, Kenora at the time of the Canadian census in 1921. He was still living in Kenora on February 28 1922 when he attended a Rotary Dinner with his wife. He subsequent moved working as a bank manager in Portage La Prairie, Edmonton, Toronto 1945, Elgin 1949, Niagara Falls 1957-1965 and about 1968 retiring to Victoria B.C. He died in Victoria B.C. on 22 May 1976.