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People of Kenora - T

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Henry Douglas Tansley 1913 - 1965

Harry Hartshorne Tate 1883 - After 1951

Harry Tate, son of John Angus Tate and Harriett Ann Hartshorne was born in Cape Canso, Guysborough, Nova Scotia according to the family bible on June 6 1883. By 1911 he was living in Dominion Nova Scotia, By 1921 he was living at 225 Main St. N Kenora Ontario. He married Gertrude Rosina Smith in Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 7 1918. They had one child.

He was the bank manager at the Royal Bank of Canada in Kenora. He was President of the Kenora Rotary Club 1932-33. .

He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club 1932-53He swore an affidavit on December 4 1951 at Kenora on file with Historical Vital Statistics Nova Scotia

He appeared on a voters list in Fraser Valley in 1963 when he was living at Chilliwack. He died January 29 1966

William Baldwin Thibadeau 1844-1923

William B. Thibadeau was born in Kingston Ontario on 28 Aug 1844. He received his education at the Queen's College School, St. Hyacinth College and graduated from Queen's University in 1862 with a B.A. He proceeded to the degree of M.A. when he was called to the bar as a Solicitor. He practiced in Kingston for about 5 years.

After he moved to Winnipeg where he was engaged in active practice. In 1871 he amalgamated his practice with D.M. Walker and Rice M. Howard under the firm name of Walker, Thibadeau and Howard with Francis Evans Cornish in August 1872. Upon the Bencher's Law society coming into existence in 1871 he was appointed an Examiner for the society

In 1876 Civil Election there was a scuffle where 4 individual including Thibadeau and Cornish were alleged to visit the home of returning officer Huggard and after some hard blows walked off with the Polling Book. They were fined $20 each.

Thibadeau continued in active practice in Winnipeg until 1891 where his residence is listed in the census of that year.

He advertised in Rat Portage as early as 1883 and ultimately moved his practice and residence there at least by 1901. His office was located above the registry office.

He served in the Queen's Rifle Company in 1861 at the time of the Trent Affair. He became a Lieutenant in the 14th Princess of Wales Own in 1865 and captain in 1866. He received the Canada General Service Medal for his involvement in the 1866 Fenian Raid (medal indexed under the name of Thibandeau) for service in 1866 and 1870 Fenian raids in Manitoba.

In 1885, As Major W.B. Thibadeau he served as second in command in the Light Infantry Battalion under Lt. Colonel W. Osborne Smith in the second North West Rebellion.

He wife's first name is Margaret and they have three children:

Mildred Thibadeau b. about 1871

Mabel F A Thibadeau b. 10 Oct 1874

Gwendolin Thibadeau b. abt 1877 d. 07 May 1892

His residence in 1911 is Toronto. He may have died in Chicago, Ill on 21 April 1923

His religion is given as Church of England and that of his wife and children, "Free Church" on census.

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William "Bill" Tomashowski 1929

William Tomashowski was born April 5 1929 in Brandon Manitoba. He commenced working as a wiper in 1945 worked as a CPR engineer in Brandon, Minnedosa before coming to Kenora, Ontario around 1947.

He married Lily Bergman daughter of Richard Bergman on September 1953. they had three children

Susan Jane Tomashowski

William "Billie" Richard Tomashowski m. Diane

Michael Tomashowski

He served on the Kenora Town Council 1970 to 1974 and as Mayor in 1975 and 1976. He defeated Jim Davidson by 5 votes and in the 1974 election, his victory be credited to the tough stand he took on the Anicinabe park issue in 1974. He was defeated in the 1976 election for Mayor by Udo Romstedt.

He campaigned in 1974 on a program of opposition for funds foe expansion of the Kenora Airport and the development of a full fledge recreation program. When Winontario refuse to issue any more grants he was one of a delegation sent to talk to Leo Bernier. He was Public Works Chairman, Social Services Chairman, a member of the Recreation Management Board.

He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce. He was a member of the Fireman Union, United Transportation Union and active in Union work.

He was active on the board of the Kenora Keewatin District Association for the Mentally Retarded. While capaign chairman he raised more funds on the door to door campaign then had ever been raised before.

He transferred to Winnipeg in 1983. After a divorce he met Olga Taylor. Hi last transfer was to Brandon where he retired on 15 December 1988. He passed away in his home on 20 Oct 1994 at the age of 65.

Reference: Nelson 1981

George Archer Toole 1874-1957

Laurence Archer Toole 1905-1982

Laurence Archer Toole, son of George Archer Toole and Eleanor Cross was born in Rat Portage on Feb 7 1905.

He married Donalda Margaret McLeod and had two Children, Catherine (Toole) McLeod and Julianne (Toole) Langley.

He was president of Standard Realty.

He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1947-48.

Laurence was active in several community clubs. He was a member of the rowing club, the curling club and the Golf and Country Club. He was Chairmen of the Hospital Board.

He was extremely active in pursuing the new museum.

He received an honourary Paul Harris award on June 9th 1980, on the 60th annivesary of Rotary in Kenora. Writing for the newslatter a week later stu King told his personal story in tribute to Laurence and ended with,

Last Monday’s presentation to Laurence of a Paul Harris award was an emotional moment for everyone in the room. Each had his own reasons for paying sincere tribute to an exceptional man. I surely had mine – for no one can enjoy the privilege of his friendship without some of his remarkable qualities of concern for others rubbing off on you.

Laurence Archer Toole died October 10 1982.

Charles "Chuck" Henry Tyrrell 1938 - 2010


Chuck, son of Arthur Walter Tyrell and Dorothy Douglas was born in Toronto on December 15 1938. He attended schools in Toronto. He worked at Dempster Bread Company and managed an auto body shop before moving to Kenora in 1977.

In Kenora he worked with Kantola Motors before opening up his own Glass business known as Tyrrell's Auto Glass which he operated for 32 years.

He served several terms on the Kenora Town Council , The Kenora Police Commission and West Kenora District Housing

He passed away on January 21 2010.


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