People of Kenora

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People of Kenora

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Thomas Arthur Saul 1914 -1983

Thomas Arthur Saul, son of Thomas Edward Saul and Hildred Gertrude Saul (a distant cousin) was born on March 15 1914 in Hardisty, Flagstaff, Alberta Manitoba. The family moved to St. James (Winnipeg, Manitoba) He attended Bannatyne School and Linwood High School and St. John College in Winnipeg. He passed exams and became a Chartered Accountant in Manitoba on July 2 1938. After graduating he moved to Kenora and opened an office above the Ranoke Cafe.

He married Bernice Marjorie Churchill (October 9 1914 - August 20 1993) in Kenora on June 3 1939.

They had 4 children, Valerie Joan Saul, Meryl Leigh Saul, Thomas C Saul ( born March 22 1947 in Kenora died March 8 2012 in Winnipeg) and Cythia Kathleen Saul (died in Escanaba, Michigan in 1960).

With his family for at least a month each summer, he traveled with a trailer, to all the mainland provinces and states. He took Super 8 movies of everyone and everything, editing them and then transferred them to larger reels for visitors and family to enjoy subsequent at home.

Tom became a partner along with Jack Cortens and Dennis Zrum in Dunwoody Saul, Smith and Company with offices in Toronto, Winnipeg, Kenora, Fort Frances and Thunder Bay. He spent much of his work investigating areas to establish new offices and the Partnership expanded across Canada, United States and the world. After his retirement the Company to Dunwoody and Company and then BDO Dunwoody. He served on the Accounting Services Industrial & Publicity Board.

He joined Rotary on December 30 1941 and served as President for the 1952-1953. He was a member of the Lake of the Woods Club, the Masons and Shiners.

He was President of the Canadian TB Association (currently Canadian Lung Association).

He was a member and Chairman of the St. Alban's (then Pro-Cathedral) Vestry and Chairman of the St. Alban's committee to raise funds for the repairs needed and building of the hall downstairs.

For several years he was also a member of a Town of Kenora Council.

He loved to fish - Lake of the Woods pickerel. He used to get indignant about people who scheduled weddings on the weekends. "Why can't they get married on a Wednesday?!"

He loved languages learning French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

He succumbed to a fatal heart attack at the ticket window of Washington DC's Rail service on May 8 1983 in Alexandria, VA. He was on his way to see the Smithsonian.

James Malcolm Savage 1864 - 1923

James M. Savage, possibly son of William Savage and Christina Ross was born in Quebec in September 1864 or 1865. He married Mary Ann Arbuthnot

He had two children:

Lottie Mary Savage

Agnes Gertrude Savage born November 29 1884 in Ste Catherine Ontario; married Thomas Otto Mackay; died November 16 1910 in Victoria

He came to Rat Portage around 1890 and was employed by the Ontario and Western Lumber Company. He joined the rowing and Curling Clubs in 1892. In 1894 he was secretary - treasurer for the company in 1894.

He quickly engaged in local politics. He was a town councilor in 1892 and mayor in 1893 and 1894. In 1894 he was elected MPP for the Provincial parliament for the constituency of Western Algoma narrowly defeating James Conmee by 8 votes. He became mayor again for part of 1897 when William Young resigned after a few months in office and again in 1898.

In 1897 he was secretary for the Coronada Gold Mining Company. The same year he was on the Board of the Jubilee Hospital.

Mr. Savage left Rat Portage in 1899 for St. Catherine, Ontario. There he was the manager of a large manufacturing plant. Next he moved to Quebec where he became a contractor. After a few years he moved to Winnipeg and went into the real estate business. In 1910 he moved coal mining on the Pacific Coast and became manager of Canadian Colleries one of the largest corporations on the coast at the time.

He died in Victoria on August 12 1923 suddenly on board a steamer.

C. Nelson Schnarr 1868-1952

C. Nelson Schnarr, son of Werner Schnarr and Catherine Zinkann was born October 21 1868 in Tavistock, Ontario. His siblings included, William, Mary Ann, John, Robert and George.

He came to Rat Portage in 1897. He was the first Dentist in Rat Portage. His office was located on Main St. over Carmichael's store. He married Eva Helen Margach September 28 1896 at Rat Portage. She died within a year on 3 May 1897.

He joined the Militia before the war with the 98th Light Kenora Infantry and on enlisting with the 94th Over Seas Battalion. He served in the 94th Battalion then as a Major second to Col. H. A. C Machin. He served in England with the unit and later became associated with the Dental Corp. On his return to Kenora he maintained his interest in the military associated with the Kenora Light Infantry. He continued his interest after retirement as a member of the Officer's mess and the Lake of the Woods United Services Institute.

He was an active member of the community. He was a member of the curling and Golf Club. He was the president and honourary member of the Board of Trade, District Grand Master of the Masonic Order, Member of the Lake of the Woods Lodge and a member of the Kartoom Temple of the Shriners. He was an honourary member of the Canadian Legion and for over 50 years a member of the Gold Hill Lodge , I.O.OF. He was a charter member of the Kenora Rotary Club and a President in Rotary Year 1922-23.

He served on the Town Council for several years and in 1926 was appointed private secretary of the Honourable Peter Heenan, Ministry of Labour.

He practiced Dentistry for 27 years before he enlisted Dec. 20 1915 selling his Dentistry practice to Dr. J. A. Dean and returned to practice upon his return.

He died in Kenora October 31 1952.

Archibald McDonald Scott born in Dryden September 13 1912.

Archibald McDonald Scott, son of John Campbell Scott C born in Dryden September 13 1912. He moved to Keewatin when his father took over the management of a store for Alfred Pitt and then who bought the store in 1922.

He married Muriel Wright.

They had three daughters

Meg Scott, married William Cameron

Susan Scott, married Terry Johnson

Elizabeth Lee Scott

John Campbell Scott -1877 - 1964

John Campbell Scott, son of James and Agnes Campbell, was born in Glasgow Scotland on December 19 1877. A younger brother James Marshall Scott came to Canada before John Campbell. He married Sarah McDonald in Scotland. Her age is given as 21 in Canadian Passenger list which would have her born in 1886. They arrived in Montreal Canada on Jun. 17 1907. They then traveled by train to Winnipeg. They traveled next to Shelho Saskatchewan to Homestead. After a few days decided to head back to Winnipeg. In Winnipeg he got a job with the Winnipeg Free Press as a reporter, a second job with Whites and Manahans, a men store on Portage Ave and a third job working at Eatons.

They had four children:

James "Jim" Campbell Scott born June 22 1910 in Winnipeg, died March 13 1925 (Error in reference article) in Kenora
Archibald McDonald Scott born in Dryden September 13 1912. Marquerite "Meg" Campbell Scott born December 19 1914. married Charles Grey Davidson April 26 1943 died October 2004
Elizabeth Hunter Scott was born December 5 1916. Married Nicolson

In 1910 he decided to take on a job with Alfred Pitt managing a store in Dryden. In 1917 Alfred Pitt bought the Hunter Store in Keewatin and John Campbell Scott moved to Dryden to become its manager. Five years latter he bought the store from Pitt.

When they came to Keewatin they rented a house on Bay Street. Mrs. Scott took the children down the hill to Second Beach most days in the summer. They purchased two cedar boats with oars and the family enjoined rowing. A wooden loach called "The Neill after the daughter of the previous owner Mr McCrimmond. The family enjoyed many trips to Coney Island, Kenora Park, and Scotty Island.

Jim the first born died as a result of an accident jumping off a train trip from Keewatin to Kenora March 13 1925.

In 1933 John and Sarah took a month's trip to Scotland to visit both families.

In 1949 the family bough a property at Clearwater Bay with a substantial log cabin.

Sarah his wife died in 1957 a couple of Months after their 50th Wedding anniversary.

John died at the age of 87 on September 6 1964.

Reference: By Boat, Train and Oxcart to Keewatin: The Story of the Scott Family in Common Grounds: Stories of Lake of the woods 2010

Dr. Simons Southmayd Stuart Scovil 1854-1927

Simmons Southmayd Stuart Scovil, son of Samuel S. Scovil and Adeline Bushe was born on 28 Nov. 1854 in Portland, Leeds County, Ontario were he spent his boyhood days. He graduated in 1878 from Queen's University, Kingston. Anthony J Mclaughlin. The next year, he married 18 Feb. 1879 Ellen Ursilla Mclaughlin, daughter of Anthony J and Rebecca McLaughlin.

Dr. Scovil first practiced in North Gower in the Ottawa Valley and came to Kenora in 1882. He entered into private practice and shortly after was appointed surgeon for the division.

He was appointed Health Officer in 1896 (Horan page 49)

He built his home at 303 Main Street South in 1882 where he located in the early days.

The Scovil had four children:

May Scovil b. 15 Apr. 1880 (Mrs. Persse)

Gertrude Scovil b. 8 Nov. 1881 (Mrs. Chartesworth)

Jack Scovil

Stuart Scovil 17 May 1886 Rat Portage

Dr Scovil passed away 26 Dec. 1927

Melvin E. Seegmiller 1868 - 1948

Melvin E. Seegmiller, son of Jacob Seegmiller and Mary Anne was born in Goderich Ontario May 27th 1868 and came to Rat Portage in 1886, an 18 year old. He taught along with Miss Janet Clarice Crooks in a 50 foot one log school house on Hennepen Lane behind what is now the Salvation Army Citadel (2013). is salary in 1886 was $600. The two had 70 students in the spring of 1886 divided in 8 classes. Seegmiller was elementary principal from 1886 to 1895.

In the spring of 1889 the site of the Central school was purchased from the Hudson Bay Company for the sum of $1387.59 and in the fall of that year a three storey brick veneer building was erected at a cost of $5500. In 1894 an addition was added to the school with 105 students taught in two shifts. Mr. Seegmiller took over the senior class at this time but only lasted one year as he only had a class 1 certificate. In 1896 an additional four rooms were added to the Central school to give a total of 10 rooms at a cost of $17,000.

Commencing in September 1896 a high school department was set up and Mr Roberts, a university took over the reins from Mr Seegmiller. Two additional teachers t the school at this time were Miss McFarlane and Mr Preston. In 1898 the central School was totally destroyed by fire.

Melvin Seegmiller became Secretary-Treasurer of the School Board in 1898 a position he held until his death in 1948.

Leaving the school in 1898 Mr Seegmiller opened an insurance and real estate business.

He married Mary Alexandra Campbell and had two children

Frederick M Seegmiller born August 1904, died 1923

Edward Arthur Seegmiller born May 1906, died in 1950

He was an auditor for the diocese of Keewatin for 10 years.

He was a charter member of the Kenora Rotary Club and subsequent appointed an Honourary member.

He was a President and Honourary member of the Kenora Golf and Country Club, and of the Curling Club, and President of the Kenora Rink Company, the Kenora Rowing Club, and the Kenora Figure skating Club. He was one of the originator of the rink building scheme. Reference: Olson, Jim, History of Kenora Public Schools 1883-1970 1971

Randolph Seller

Harry Shankowsky 1922 - 2003

Harry Shankowsky, son of Dionese Shankowsky and Anastasia Tempchuk was born in Lashkiw, Poland (Ukraine. Berezivka) on March 21 1922. He married his wife Ruby. He had four children. Son Dan Shankowsky.

On the 1957 Voter's list his occupation was given as Switchman Ignace and in 1963 yardman. In 1972 and 1974 Voter's List his occupation was given as teacher. He was subsequent Manager of Confederation College.

Kenora Rotary President 1988-89. He passed away August 1 2003.

Ernest Agustus Sharpe 1843 - 1912

Ernest Agustus Sharpe, son of James Gill Sharpe and Mary Ann Fowler, was born in McCann, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia on July 9 1843. Ernest Augustus Sharpe was in Rat Portage in 1879 and worked in construction work during the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. He was the first express agent in the area. He started the first boat livery in 1883

Over the winter of 1881-1882 he went to Galveston, Texas, and married Emma Emma (Kems) Ebers, widow of Herman Ebers on on March 16, 1882, and brought Emma and children to Rat Portage:

Alice Lulu Ebers b. 14 Jan 1876
Florence Ebers b. 09 Feb. 1877
Thomas Ebers b. 9 Feb. 1877 Died in Infancy
Hermann Alphonse Ebers b. 18 Mar 1880 Herman went by the name of Herman Sharpe and was one of twelve teenage boys who formed the original junior Rat Portage Thistle squad in 1896.

With Ernest she had three more children,

Howard Logan Sharpe b. 31 Jan 1883
Pearl Sharpe b. 6 Jun. 1885
Constance Cornelia Sharpe b. 24 Feb. 1888
Stanley James Sharpe b. January 28, 1887, d. 31 Jul. 1887

Emma was a person in her own right and her story is told admirably by Ray Baker in "The Life of Emma Kems" in Common Ground: Stories of Lake of the Woods 2010.

Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe ran a boarding house in 1884 known as Bismarck House. He had a team and hauled wood and water to the house and subsequently started delivering water for 25 cents a barrel.

Mr Sharpe served on the Rat Portage town council in 1899. He served on the Board of Education.

He built the Sharpe Block on Second Street in 1905.

He died in Kenora Ontario 1 March 1912.

Allan Taylor Sherrett 1924-2006

Allan Taylor Sherrett, son of Joseph Allan Sherrett was born in Toronto on May 17 1923. He moved with his family to Kenora Ontario in 1926. He was educated in Kenora where he acquired a love of golf, hockey and tennis. He went on to become a Civil Engineer. He also loved music and was an avid bridge player.

In World War 2 he gained rank of Flight -Lieutenant, a Pilot who had the highest night kill of WW2 in the "Mosquito".

Al Sherrett Mosquito

He joined Rotary.

He passed away May 22, 2006 in Richmond.

Joseph Allan Sherrett 1897 - 1980

Joseph Allan Sherrett, son of was born James Sherrett and Rebecca McAllister, a railway engine driver, and Rebecca Macallister. on 02 May 1897 in Dundee, Scotland.  He was the youngest child, his siblings included James A. (born 1880), Annie F. (born 1882), Margaret M. (1884 - 1937), Jean Belle (1886 - 1972), John Ross (1888 - 1955), Isabella Allan (born 1890) and Georgina M. He was known as "Al".

He enlisted with the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry in Kirkcaldy, Scotland on September 26 1915. This unit became part of the Royal Highlanders in 1916.  He served in campaigns in Egypt, Sudan, Gallipoli and in Palestine achieving the rank of Sergeant. After Jerusalem was captured he joined the Royal Flying Corps which became the Royal Air Force.  He flew as a pilot with the Sopwith Camel fighters in the Mediterranean theatre until March 1919.  He was awarded the Victory Medal, the British Medal and the 1915 Star.

Photo curtesy of Dan Murphy


At the age of 22, in 1920, he immigrated to Canada and joined the Canadian Air Force in Portage la Prairie.  He served until the June 30 1921 when he took up a job as a newspaper man. 

He married Edna Margaret Taylor in Portage la Prairie on November 29 1922. They moved to Toronto where Al continued working in the newspaper business. Two sons born there,

Robert Sherrett born February 5 1923 in Toronto died July 1 2012 in Winnipeg

Allan Taylor Sherrett born Mar 17, 1924 in Toronto, married Marian Elizabeth Murphy, died on May 22 2006 in Richmond, British Columbia

In 1926 he moved to Kenora, Ontario to work for the Kenora Miner & New. He became its editor. He joined the Kenora Light Infantry, 16th Med. Battery and RCA Militia.

In World War 2 he rejoined the Royal Canadian Air Force. With a rank of Squadron Leader he opened many early training stations in Western Canada and headed the Canadian Air Mission to New Zealand modernizing their training manuals and procedures. He was a contributor to "Contact", The National Magazine of the Royal New Zealand Air Force, providing articles from Canada's point of view.

He ran as candidate for the Progressive Conservatives in Kenora Rainey River losing 5260 votes to 7309 votes for William Moore Benidickson.

Following the end of the war he returned to Kenora in October 1945 and the Kenora Miner and News. He became a part of the ownership group in 1952 and remained with the paper until his resignation in early 1953.

He was a member of the Knox United Church, and the Church Choir. He was a member of the Rotary Club; the Royal Canadian Legion, Kenora Branch; the Chamber of Commerce.

He served as Kenora Town Councilor in 1948 and 1949. He served as Industrial Commissioner and Tourism Director for Kenora and District retiring in 1972.  He was instrumental in bringing the Mississippi Parkway Commission to join the Trans Canada Highway, and the Great River Road at Longbow Corners

In 1973 He published a novel, "Operation Rat".

At the age of 83, He passed away in Kenora on 19 August 1980.  His wife Edna died in 1990.  They are buried in Hillside Cemetery, Portage la Prairie.

Both of Al's sons joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and served in World War 2.  Robert was an air gunner who was shot down in the English Channel in 1942 and again, a year later, he was the only member of his air crew to survive after their aircraft was badly damaged. Allan was a Sgt. Pilot who had the highest night kill of WW2 in the "Mosquito".

Robert "Bob" John Sherrett 1923 - 2012

Robert "Bob" John Sherrett, son of Joseph Allan Sherrett and Edna Margaret Taylor was born in Toronto, Ontario on February 5, 1923. He moved to Kenora in the summer of 1926 with his family when his father Allan joined the Daily Miner and News as Editor. Bob was educated in Kenora public schools and grew up hunting, fishing and swimming on Lake of the Woods.

He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force on his 18th birthday, graduated as a Sergeant Air Gunner and proceeded overseas in early 1942. He was stationed in Linconshire with 57 Squadron, 15 Bomber Group, flying in the rear turret of Manchester and Lancaster aircraft. He was shot down in the English Channel in November, 1942. He was the only member of his air crew to survive after their aircraft was badly damaged on the Peenemünde Raid a year latter. He returned to Canada in 1943.

Bob Sherrett Bob Sherrett

Photos curtesy of nephew, Dan Murphy

In April 1944 Bob volunteered for a second tour of duty, flew back to England where he served in an all-Canadian crew, as Gunnery Leader on 431 Canadian Squadron, 6 Bomber Group, with the rank of Flight Lieutenant. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, bar to the Operational Wings, and was mentioned in Dispatches. After his discharge from the R.C.A.F. in 1946, Bob returned to Kenora where he married Joan Wetton, to whom he was married for 64 years until her passing in 2010. Their son James (Jim) Allan Sherrett was born in 1947 and the family moved to Winnipeg in 1954 where Bob entered the real estate business. He spent 50 years as commercial realtor in Winnipeg. He served as a director of the Winnipeg Real Estate Board for a two year term, retiring in 2004. He was a member of Breezy Bend Country Club for over 35 years.

He was an avid hunter and fisherman on Lake of the Woods and throughout Manitoba.

Source Winnipeg Free Press, July 05, 2012

Captain John Short 1825-1912

He was born in Armagh Ireland in March 29 1825. He came to Canada with his family when only six years of age. The family settled in New Brunswick where he learned his boat building skills. Later he set up a boat building at Saint Stephens New Brunswick .

He moved to Winnipeg in 1879 and on to Rat Portage in 1880. He died in Kenora on 15 July 1912. He is buried in Lake of the Woods cemetery in Kenora.

John William Short 1861

John Short, son of John and Ann McCarthy was born in Saint Andrew, New Brunswick. 14 February 1861, He came to Rat Portage around 1887. He was in the lumbering business for many years. He had a mill in Norman and in 1910 hr had a sawmill in Minaki.

He married Margaret McCarthy. They had five children:

John Charles Short 15 Jun 1891 in Rat Portage.
Fred Short born 17 Sept 1898 in Rat Portage
Catherine "Cass" Short born 1893 in Rat Portage
Mary Short born 21 Jan 1903 in Rat Portage.
Helen Short born 21 May 1904

Alexander Shragge 1865 - 1933

Alexander Shragge, son of  Jacob Joel Shragge and Yhetta Gertrude Kamilaar was born 21 Oct. 1865 in Brody, Galicia. He came to Canada with his parents in 1880 at the age of 15. The Family settled in Winnipeg.

His first job was a helper on a Red River Boat. A short time after he got a job with Hailey and Sutton Ltd at Morden, Manitoba. When the firm moved to Vancouver he accompanied the firm. He is listed in the 1891 Census in Vancouver. Shortly after he returned to Winnipeg.

In 1893 he came to Rat Portage. About 1893 he opened his Shargge's Clothing Store on Main St. The structure was small but subsequently enlarged with living quarters in the upper portions of the building.

in 1898 he married Elizabeth Ripstein. They Had 4 children:

Gerald Emanuel Shragge 23 Mar 1901 Rat Portage, m. Belva Margaret English, d. 19 Jul. 1977 in Sannich, BC.

Yhetta Gertrude Shragge b. 1902 Rat Portage, m. Abraham Coppelman, d. 02 Mar 1976 in Vancouver, BC

Clarence Charles Shragge b. 04 Jan 1904, Rat Portage, d. 28 Dec. 1969 in Toronto

Verna Clarice Shragge b. 14 Aug. 1906, Kenora, Ontario m. Samuel Kleinman d. 11 Nov. 1997 Los Angelas, California

Mr. Shragge was an active member of the Board of Trade, Town Council, Pequonga Masonic Lodge, Oddfellows, and the Rotary Club. He donated a trophy for baseball in 1904 and donated a lot at Pine Portage to the Boy Scouts for their annual camp. He sponsored the dog derby which eventually became known as Shragge's Dog Derby. He Died in Los Angeles, California in 3rd April 1933.

Charles Robert Simpson 1869 - 1963

Charles Robert Simpson, son of Charles Simpson and Elizabeth Thane, was born in Ancaster Ontario on 01 Nov 1869 (his headstone indicates 1870). His mother was widowed when he was quite young. He married Margaret "Maggie" D. McCulloch on 25 Aug 1897 in West Flamborough Township, Ontario, Canada. Both had grown up in the Ancaster / Dundas area.

He had two children

Douglas Charles Simpson b. 15 Apr 1899 in Elgin, Ontario, Canada, d. 18 Dec 1968 in Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Marguerite Elizabeth Simpson30 May 1904 in Kenora Ontario, married George George Allan MacNamara and died 22 Nov 1974 in Broward, Florida.

He was a railroad conductor at the time of their marriage, living in Ancaster. They moved to St. Thomas, Ontario by 1900 where he was a brakeman working for the Michigan Central Railroad. By 1911 they had moved to Kenora. He was a town Counselor in Kenora in 1921 and 1922.

He died December 1963 in Kenora Ontario on December 9 1963 and is buried in plot 0E-16-2 in Lake of the Woods Cemetery in Kenora Ontario . His wife predeceased him in Kenora on 15 Jul 1954.

I welcome additional information on this individual at

Michael Smith 1967-

Michael "Mike" Cameron Smith was born September 16, 1967) in Kenora Ontario. He attended Pinecrest Elementary School, Lakewood Intermediate School, and Beaver Brae Secondary School in Kenora, Ontario, and then Central Technical School in Toronto for his final year of high school. Smith attended the University of Toronto Commerce program during his athletic career.

Smith won a silver medal at the World Junior Track and Field Championships in 1986. At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, he placed 14th. At the 1990 Commonwealth Games Smith won a gold medal. In 1991, he was the silver medal winner at the 1991 World Track and Field Championships, and was the first North American to win the Götzis International Decathlon, which he won again in 1996.

In 1992 at Barcelona, Spain, Smith was the opening ceremonies flag bearer for Canada at the Olympics. Unfortunately during the decathlon Smith pulled a hamstring and was forced to withdraw on the first day of the two-day competition. In 1994, he won gold at the Commonwealth Games for the second time.

Smith was ranked in the top 10 in the world for 10 years in a row from 1989 to 1998 with his highest rankings being #2 in the world in 1991 and #3 in the world in 1995.

Smith holds the Canadian Record in the decathlon with a total of 8626 points set in Gotzis Austria in 1996.

The sum of Smith's overall personal bests in the individual disciplines of decathlon totals 9,362 points (the third best ever). Smith still holds the worlds best performance for the 3 combined throwing events in decathlon (shot put, discus, javelin).

Smith retired from the sport of decathlon in 1999 and went on to a career in financial services and wealth management. He also works for CBC Television Sport and CTV Television as a color commentator for track and field events.

Smith now resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada with his wife Angela and daughter where he is currently an Investment Advisor at Peters & Company Ltd.

Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith has been a lifelong resident of Keewatin and actively involved in the community. She is a Certified Human Resources Professional

She was employed by Ontario Ministry of natural Resources.

Chair of Economic Development Committee Resources

Partner Kirk, two sons a daughter-in-law and two granddaughters

Elected as City Councilor in 2010 and 2014.

Richard Alfred Schneider 1920 - 2018

Richard Alfred Schneider, was born on March 28 1920 in a village in southwest Saskatchewan (SK)
He was an outgoing, athletic boy. In WWII he enlisted in the RCAF hoping to fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot but was prevented by a problem with depth perception. He transferred to the then-secret field of Radar and served in Scotland and in the North Africa and Mediterranean campaigns. He contracted tuberculosis (TB) and was discharged in 1945 to Prince Albert, SK sanatorium. His recuperation extended over two years during which time he met an X-Ray technician called Christina. They were married the week after his release from the sanatorium in 1948. They had 3 children, Dorothy , (married Lindsay Strain), Douglas Schneider, (wife Kathy) and Judi, (married Allan Jones.)
His healthcare career began in 1949 when he trained as an electroencephalogram (EEG) technician. He settled in Regina and began a family. A few years later Dad enrolled in hospital administration courses while continuing full-time employment. His new career initiated several moves before settling in the Kenora, Ontario area in 1965 as executive director of the Kenora General Hospital. Highlights of his professional career included his involvement with the merger of Kenora General and St. Joseph’s hospitals to the Lake of the Woods District Hospital, and membership on the Ontario Hospital Association Board of Directors. He retired in 1984.
He loved to dance. He attained Life Master with American Contract Bridge League. In later years he took up wood carving and enrolled in drawing lessons. He served as President of the Kenora Rotary Club, 1972-73 and subsequent, District Governor. He served on the executives of the Keewatin Legion, Keewatin Masonic Lodge, and Kenora Shrine Club. He loved the Lake of the Woods and belonged to the Repax boat brigade that supports the LOWISA sailing races. He and Christina spent many happy days at their island camp. Christina passed away in 1987.
He married his second wife, Mary Chursenoff in 1990. After many years of summering in Keewatin and wintering in California, they moved to Merrill Gardens assisted living facility in 2011 in Henderson, Nevada. Mary passed away in 2012.
He died March 12, 2018, in Henderson, Nevada in his 97th year.

Clinton Francis Stagg 1923 - 2013

Clinton Francis Stagg, son of Richard Brewer Stagg, and Frances Mahonese Hockaday was born on January 10 1923 in Hamilton, Ontario. He joined the Royal Canadian Medical Corp during World War 11. He was a Salvation Army Cadet in 1945. He met his wife married Freda Emma Marett while visiting relatives in Guernsey, Channel Islands. They were engaged in two weeks and married within 4 months in October 1947.

They returned to Canada and settled in Hamilton, Ontario. They moved to York Center where he was promoted to a superintendent by 1962.

He re-commenced his calling with the Salvation Army and held various post in Canada. In 1980 he came to Kenora for his last posting and retired in the town. He served with passion visiting bars on weekends in full uniform with his collection bucket. His favourite ministry was to the youth at Murial Lake. Although he officially retired in 1987 he remained active in the Ministerial, performing marriages and funerals well into the 90s. He was chaplain and regular visitor at the ail, the Legion and Young Offenders Correctional facilities.

He joined the Kenora Rotary Club July 1981 and served as Secretary from 1987 to 1998. He eventually was appointed an Honourary Rotarian. He was a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow.

Along with his wife he served on the Board of the Kenora Alzheimer's Society.

Freda Emma Stagg, daughter of Albert Thomas Marett and Mabel Hockaday and wife of Clint was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands in July 28 1921, she endured 5 long hard years of occupation by German forces as a young adult. Clint and Freda had three children, two of whom died very young, Thelma Stagg,(Husband Denis Bretel), Peter John Stagg, Richard David Stagg.

Freda served as a Board member and Treasurer of the Kenora Alzheimer's Society. She was an active member of the Canadian Legion. Along with her husband she was one of the first residence of Benedickson Court where she was well known for cooking for residential parties and daily muffins for the men's coffee hour break.

Charles George Stalker 1910 - 2005

Charles "Charlie" George Stalker, son of Alexander H. stalker and Ida mortimer Cornish, was born on 4 May 1910 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was descendant of the Lord Selkirk Settlers and nephew of the first mayor of Winnipeg. He grew up in Winnipeg where he was actively involved in the Boy Scout and air Cadet Movement. He served as a flight Lieutenant in the RACF and a flying instructor with the Commonwealth Air Training Plan from 1941 to 1945.

He joined the Royal Bank of Canada in Winnipeg and upon his return from service he was transferred to numerous communities including Winnipeg, Pine Falls , Rivers, and finally to Kenora arriving in Kenora in 1962. He served in official capacities in many organizations including Chambers of Commerce, Business Development Boards, Rotary and Kiwanis. He lived in Kenora from 1962 to 1970 when he retired to White Rock, British Columbia.

He married Evelyn Minnie Dunfield 21 Feb 1942 in Manitoba. She was born in Foxwarren, Manitoba and after attending the Winnipeg, Manitoba, she taught until her marriage in 1942 and subsequently returned to teachin in Rivewrs, Manitoba and Kenora until she moved to White Rock in 1970.

They had three daughters,

Sharon Stalker, m. Ken Ellis

Marguerite Evelyn Stalker b. 1 Mar 1946 in Brandon, Manitoba, died 2007, m. Les Dodd

Wendy Stalker, m. Ted Robertson

Evelyn Stalker died !2 January 2003 followed by Charlie 8 October 2005.

John William Stone 1875 - 1932

John William Stone, son of John and Mary Ann Stone was born April 3 1875 in Barrie Ontario. He grew up on the shores of Lake Simcoe. He traveled to Rat Portage in 1897. He brought with him a few skiffs with him to set up a rental business. He returned home to find as many small watercraft as he could find and returned to Rat Portage.

He opened a shop just south of First Street. Starting with just himself he expanded to five workers by 1904. In May 1906 they they built at the foot of Main St including a large boat house, paint shop , machine shop and lumber shed which became known as the Water Street building. In June 1906 he incorporated the J.W. Stone Boat Manufacturing Company. By 1909 it was the largest establishment of its kind in Western Canada. In 1928 fire destroyed the premises and a number of inventory being built. The business continued to expand and continued until 1953.

He married Bertha Geraldine Fitzgerald on October 1 1901. They had eight children one o whom survived less than a day:

John Agar Stone b. August 1903 d. December 1965
Albert Fitzgerald "Gerald" Stone b. Mar 17 1907 d. November 1986
Edward Desmond Stone b. Jan 1908 d. 1989
Elmer James Stone b. June 16 1910 in Kenora
Geraldine Stone b. 9 Feb 1913
Dennis Stone b. 1918 in Kenora
Thomas Stone Born and died August 16 1919
Zoel Stone b. 1 Dec 1921 in Kenora, Ontario d. in Kenora, Ontario 1 Apr 1994

John William Stone passed away 1932. Berta survived him another 36 years passing away in 1968. The two are buried in Lake of the Woods Cemetery.

Charles "Charlie" Robert Strachan 1932

Charles Robert Strachan, son of Alexander Davidson Strachan and Helen Ruxton Mackie was born on October 8 1932 in Winnipeg Manitoba. He attended George V school and then Lord Selkirk High School.

He worked in the Accounting Department of the Canadian Pacific Railway from 1950 to 1956. From 1956 to 1965 as field man for Union Insurance Society of Canton Ltd, traveling all over Manitoba and Northern Western Ontario. He came to Kenora in January 1965 as a potential partner with Jim Sutcliffe, Tom Horsfall and Ches Scott. In 1966 he became a partner and shareholder of Sutcliffe Associates Ltd and assumed the position of President in 1984. The business expanded with amalgamations into the Sutcliffe Insurance Group with offices in Kenora, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout and Dryden. After his retirement from active involvement in the business was sold to Canada Broker Link.

In 1960 he graduated from a three year Associateship with the Insurance Institute of Canada with the Designation AIIC. In 1962 he graduated with the 2 year Fellowship with The Insurance Institute of Canada with the Designation FIIC. In 1988 he graduated with the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada with the Designation of CAIB.

He was President of the Northwestern Ontario Insurance Brokers Association 1969-1970. From 1976 to 1979 he was a Director of Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario. From 1982 to 1986 he was a Member and in 1986 Chairman of Inner Circle Council, Continental Insurance Company. In 1985 he was appointed to the Ontario Automobile Rating Committee for Underwriters at Lloyds. From 1987 on he was a director Insurance Institute of Ontario , Northwestern Ontario Chapter.

Charlie married June Gugulyan on July 25 1953 in Winnipeg. They had 4 children,

Jeffery David Strachan

Cary Duncan Strachan

Cynthia Lee Ann Strachan

Stephen Douglas Strachan

Charlie quickly established himself as a leading citizen in Kenora respected for his strength of character and contributions to the town.

In 1965-1966 he served as Kinsmen Club District Executive Treasurer. He served as President Kinsmen Club of Kenora 1968-69. In 1972 -73 he served as Kinsmen District Executive Coordinator and in 1975 was appointed a Life Member of the Kenora Kinsmen Club. In 1985-86 he served as President Kenora K40 Club.

In 1974 he was elected Vice President of the Kenora Chamber of Commerce. He served on the initial Crime Stoppers Organization in North Western Ontario.

In 1975 he took on Chairman, Building Committee for Charlie McLeod Residence for the mentally disabled and from 1975 to 1979 served as Chairman of the Kenora Rainey River District Working Group reporting to the Ontario Government on project costs of programs for mentally handicapped people. In 1983 he acted as Chairman Fund Raising and Building Committee for the ARC Industries.

He served for years on the Board of the Kenora Association for Community Living (formerly the Kenora Keewatin District Association for the Mentally Retarded) and two terms as President. For his life long service to the organization he was awarded an Honourary Life Memberships in 1989, one of only three ever awarded by the Association to date.

He served as Chairmen of the Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation for three years.

He was a Past Master of the Masonic Lodge and a Shiner

He was a Stalwart of the Kenora Lochaneil Society, dedicated to preserving and honouring Scottish Heritage in Kenora.

Edgar Wilson Strain 1922 -2012

Edgar Wilson Strain, son of Edgar James Strain and Eva Jane Wilson, was born 5 April 1922 in Kenora. He served with the RCAF during WWII in Canada and Europe. Following the war he worked at Williams Hardware for 10 years before founding Strain's Stationary, later being joined by brother Neil. He retired in 1987.

He served on the Kenora Thistle Team Board as well as worked on the Kenora Minor Hockey association. He served as trustee for the Kenora School Board, on the Board of Central Community Club. He served on the Kenora Economic Development Committee, and co-chaired the building committee for the original Kenora Recreation Centre. He worked as a field agent for Ducks Unlimited.

Stanley Carter Stratton 1890 - 1968

Stanley Carter Stratton, son of George R. Stratton and Fannie Robbins was born on November 6 1890 in Gardner Massachusetts. His residence in 1890 was Bradford, Merrimack, New Hampshire. He was trained as a civil engineer. his thesis was published in 1915. He served in the United States Army from June 11 to May 25 1919. In 1920 he was living in New York. In 1921 he crossed the US border with his wife for Kenora. He was loving in Kenora when the mill was being built 1925-1926.

He was general manager of the Minnesota Pulp and Paper Company in International Falls.

He was Mill Manager in Kenora from 1944 to 1947.

He was president of the Kenora Rotary President 1948-1949.

He died November 8 1968 and is buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Niagara New York.

James W "Sut" Sutcliffe

Sidney Frederick Sutton 1981 - 1942

Sidney Frederick Sutton, son of Earnest Albert Sutton and Winifred Lila White, was born in Kenora on 23 Jan 1918. His father Ernest Sutton was born in 03 Jul 1888 in Margate, Thanet District, Kent, England and immigrated to Canada in 1907. He was employed as an engineer. He married Winifred Lila White at Kenora in 28 Dec 1912. The birth of their first son, George Edward Sutton followed on 21 Jul 1914.

Sidney completed grade 8 in Kenora and served one year in the Kenora Light Infantry as a cadet. He enlisted on 17 May 1940 in Winnipeg and served in The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada. He embarked overseeas in Halifax December 14 arriving in Gourock Dec 26 1940. He embarked for Dieppe in operation Jubilee on !8 August and was killed in Action on 19 Aug 1942. He was mentioned in Despatches Canada Gazette dated 9 Feb 1946 and CARO/6377 dated 11 Feb 1946 "in recognition of galland and distinguished services in the combined attack on Dieppe". His names is recognized in the Brookwood Memorial Surrey, United Kingdom Panel 24, Column 3. and on Page 118 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance.

Over 1000 soldiers, navy or airmen were killed. Considerable details of the battle involving the Camerons was captured by Mark Zuehlke in Tragedy at Dieppe, Operation Jubilee August 19 1942. For years the battle stood in the eyes of many as an ill prepared and senseless tragedy. Even after the wars end and for seven decades, many survivors went to thei graves without knowing the reasons behind the raid. In 2014 David O'Keefe's One Day in August gave an alternative explanation to the raid which if it didn'r dispense with the notion of a tradegy did provide some sense or reason for the assault.




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