People of Kenora - O

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People of Kenora - O

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Joseph O'Flaherty

Liquor Retail

Joined Rotary November 21 1949

friendship with Isabel Rioch

Died after 1970

Thomas "Tom" Ambrose. O'Flaherty

Greaduated with BA from Univeristy of Toronto and studeide law at Osgood Law School

Admitted to bar in 1948

5 Daughters

Joined Rotary on March 14 1949

Rotary Pressident in 1959-60

Crown Attorney in Kenora

Office at 213 B Main Street

Albert Severin "Ole" Olson 1907

Ole Olson, son of Swan P. Olson and Martha Ryden was born in Kenora March 4 1907. He was the oldest child of four his sibling included Helmer born 1909, Ivea born 1912 and Ethel born 1917.

His wife was Lydia.

He was the manager of the Clearwater Beverage Limited which ran the Coke plant in town on Matherson Street.

He joined the Rotary Club on June 6 1943. He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1956-57

Walter Oliver 1826 - 1898

Walter Oliver was born March 28 1826 in Scotch Lake Settlement, Queensbury Parish York County, New Brunswick. He married Mary Ann Parkhurst February 21 Feb 1856 in Ingersoll Ontario. They had three children:

Caroline L Oliver 1857 in Ontario

Susan Oliver 1863 in Ontario

Emma L Olive 1866 in Ontario

He came to Rat Portage from Fort Frances in 1778-79 He was a builder by trade.

He was Reeve of the Rat Portage in 1884-1885 during the bitter Ontario - Manitoba Boundary dispute. Oliver appears to have support the Manitoba side of the boundary dispute and was the target of a bitter article by the Argus newspaper on October 12 1883. He survived two terms and returned as a counsellor in 1892. He died in 22 Jun 1898

Bruce A. J. Ormiston

Bruce Ormiston

Bruce is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and received his B.A. in 1969 at the University of Winnipeg, and his LL.B. at the University of Manitoba in 1972.

He married his first wife Fran. She passed away They had three children, Tom, Nancy, Karen

He moved to Kenora in 1972. He has served on various boards, including the Lake of the Woods Child Development Centre, Northwestern Ontario Crime Stoppers, Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation, Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club and the Lake of the Woods Museum.

Bruce was the founding President of the Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation. He served on Kenora Town Council for a three-year term.

He joined Rotary on March 29 1982 and was president of the Kenora Rotary Club 1987-1988.

One of Bruce's favourite past-times is boating, with a particular love for wooden boats.

Gerry Ouellette

Gerald Ouellette born in Kenora

Son John Ouellette

Chartered accountant in Dunwoody.

President of Kenora Rotary Club 1976-77

Returning Officer in Federal Elections

Joseph Cyril Antoine Ouellette 1896 - 1878

Joseph Cyril Antoine Ouellette, son of André (Andrew) Ouellette and Lea Còté was born August 8 1896 in Rat Portage, Ontario. He attended elementary school in Kenora and began work Cameron Heaps.

He was drafted on February 12 1918 and served in the 76th Battery Canadian Field Artillery.

He married Frances Irene Derry, September 1 1921, daughter of Joseph Derry 1924-25 Kenora Rotary President and Frances McKeon. They had 5 children, all born in Kenora:

Stanley Joseph (Bud) Ouellette born 1922 shot down over Turin Italy in November 1943.

Mary Leone Ouellette born 1924 married Gerry Duggan, Died February 8, 2007

Joan Margaret Ouellette born 1927, married Dr James Edie

Albert Frances Ouellette born 1929 died January 28 1998

Gerald Ouellette born 1930 Married Estelle, Rotary President 1976-1977

After the war he returned to Cameron Heap which was purchased by Western Grocers where he eventually became Branch Manager. He retired in 1953.

Joseph Ouellette served on The Kenora Town Council elected in 1920. He was a member and President of the Kenora District Chamber of Commerce. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus Council 2806.He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1942-43.

He was a member of the curling club and served on the Executive of the Kenora Thistles Hockey Club when they won the Western Canadian junior Championship 1939-40 season.

He died May 28 1978


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