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People of Kenora - Template

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John Nash 1848- 1914

John Nash was born in Thurso, Quebec. In 1869 he went to California for the 2nd gold rush. He arrived in Canada arriving in Norman in 1883. He became a Sawyer for Cameron and Kennedy Mill. He became a timber explorer and was engaged in this capacity by the Hardy Government of Ontario in 1900 when they made extensive explorations in the country to the north.

Mr Nash was a member of the Town Council in 1888, 89, 91, 92 and 1893.

He was appointed local agent of the Department of Marine and Fisheries and held the position until his death.

HE married Mary Lydia Dycie and had two daughters,

Maud Nash b. 13 May 1884

Florence Nash b. 28 Apr 1889

He died June 6 1914.

Robert Daniel "Bob" Nault 1955.

Robert Daniel Nault, som of Theodore Charles Nault and Liliane Marie Morin, was born in Kenora on November 9 1955 and grew up in Norman along with his 9 siblings. He was an active hockey player and while campaigning this summer and fall, I found some former teachers who indicated he was also a good student. He studied at the University of Alberta and the University of Winnipeg, specializing in recreational administration and political science. He went to work for CPR in 1980 as a trainman. In 1986 he was elected chairman of Local 431 of the United Transportation Union, and served as the union's vice general chairman of CP Lines West.

He became involved in politics, heading the Kenora District Liberal Association from 1984 to 1986, and served on the Kenora town council from 1985 to 1988. He was first elected to represent the federal riding of Kenora-Rainy River in 1988, beating John Perry NDP incumbent and was re-elected October 25, 1993, June 2 1997, and November 23 2000.

While in Opposition he served as chairman of the Northern Ontario Liberal caucus, opposition critic for Labour, associate critic for Aboriginal Affairs, and associate critic for Energy, Mines and Resources. After the 1993 election, he was elected chairman of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources, and was named chairman of the government task force on CN commercialization. In September 1995, he was named parliamentary secretary to the minister of Labour. In February 1996 he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment and Immigration (Human Resources Development). He served on the Standing Committee on Health. He served as Member of Indian Affaires and Northern Development in the cabinet of Jean Chretien from 1999 to 2003. He introduced a comprehensive program of reform and financial accountability measures for First Nations. In 2004, he announced he would leave politics and did not seek re-election in the 2004 election.

After his first stint in the house of commons, Nault provided advisory and consulting services to high-technology firms, First Nations, and major public sector organizations.

On October 19 2015 he defeated incumbent Greg Rickford and former provincial NDP leader Howard Hampton to represent the Kenora Riding

John H. Neale 1871-1934

John H. Neale was born on March 4 1871 in Totbury, Gloucester, England. He immigrated at the age of 17 years to Canada in 1888. He arrived in Rat Portage in 1890. He married Isabel Ann Sherrington on December 25 1896 and they had one daughter. He was first employed by A Bishop in the grocery business and later by Mr Heath. He subsequent formed a partnership with Mr Heath for 15 years and subsequently bought him out.

He was a member of the Kenora Board of Trade.

He was a very active member of the Masonic Lodge and Past Master.

He retired from his business after a serious illness and died in December 23 1934.

David Nelson

David Nelson, son of Earl Arthur Nelson and Mitsuko Oshiro was born in Kenora. He grew up in Kenora and graduated from the Massachussetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor and Masters degree.

He worked for a year in Japan and in Winnipeg. HE joined the firm of Russocki and Zawadski (latter Zawadski, Armin and Stevens) in Toronto. He joined his father's Nelson Architects in Kenora approximately 1985.

He married Laurie Shaw.

In kenora he designed various buildings in and near Kenora including the New Thomas Acquinas High School, Portage Youth Detention Center, the Lake of the Woods Discovery Centre, Kenora Fire and Emergency Centre, Paterson Medical Clinic, Kenora Recreation and Wellness Centre, École Ste Marguerite Bourgeoys Kindergarten Addition, St. Thomas Aquinas High School Music Room, the Wauzhushk Onigum Multi-purpose Facility, Northern Ontario Sport Fishing Centre at Township of Sioux Narrows / Nestor Falls.

He was a member of the Kenora Rotay Club.

Earl Arthur Nelson 1922-2013

Keith Nelson

83th President of Kenora Rotary Club in 2001-2002

Nels Godfrey Nelson 1884-1957

Godfrey was a partner in the contracting firm of Bergman and Nelson which partnership was formed in 1916.

His family established themselves first in Lakeside and then purchased the family property on Tunnel Island where his son Earl lived most of his 90 years.

He married Judith Pauline Noréus December 14 1907 in Kenora, Ontario.

They had 5 children

Dora Nelson m. Everett Carlson

Ruby Nelson m. Earle Hooper

Irma Nelson m. Roy Anderson,

Rolph Nelson

Earl Arthur Nelson

Robert Wallace Neilson

R.W. Neilson was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland June 11 1871. He came to Canada in 1904. He resided a few months in Toronto and then moved west to Brandon, then Winnipeg and Wawanesa and then Keewatin in 1911. In 1917 he moved to Kenora.

He married Sarah Isibell Irving September 18 1900 and they had three children,

Ella J. Neilson born June 1901

Irving A. Neilson born June 1903

Robert J. Neilson born April 1905

He married Mary Emma Kennedy in Winnipeg on September 18 1909.

He operated a Ladies Wear Store. He was a member of the Kenora Board of Trade and Chairman of the Civic Affairs Committee of that board. He was Vice chair of the Ontario Branch of the Ontario-Manitoba Tran-Canada Highway Association. He was Chairman of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. He was a member of the Town Council in 1924.

He was President of Rotary 1929-30. He was a member of the I.O.O.F and Masonic Lodges. He was President of the Board of Directors of the Y.M.C.A.

He was Board Member of Knox United Church, member and president of Knox United Choir and President of the Lake of the Woods Choral Society.

He was Director of the Kenora Agriculture Society.

Robert died September 29 1931. He is buried in lake of the Woods Cemetery.

Ernest Maitland Newman 1899 - 1986

Alfred Nilson

Alfred Nilson was born in Sweden. He came to Kenora in 1906. He worked as a carpenter for Scott and Hudson. After destruction of the Scott and Hudson plant by fire, he entered into a partnership with Adrian Lindstrom under the firm name Lindstrom & Nilson carrying on business as contractors.

He married Annie Wildlom. They had a least one son Bertil.

He belonged to the Lutheran Church. He was a member of the Board of Trade

Bertil Nilson 1909-1996

Bertil Nilson, son of Alfred Nilson and Annie Wildlom was born in Kenora July 25 1909. He married Helen Geddes. They had three children

Sheila Nilson born abt 1950

Gillian Nilson born about 1952

Allister Nilson

He took overthe construction form started by his father Lindstrom and Nilson.

He joined the Kenora Rotary on March 5th 1943.

He died May 1996.

Murdoch K. Nicholson 1856-1945

Murdoch K. Nicholson was born 06 May 1856 in Mount Hope, Prince Edward Island. He came to Rat Portage in 1881.

His Tailor shop was located in a small frame building on Main St.. In 1895 he moved into the Board of Trade Building on the corner of Main and Second.. He build the Standard Block in 1888 which occupied his tailoring and clothing business

He served on the Town Council in 1894. He was on the board of the Jubilee Hospital in 1897. He was a member of the fire brigade in 1888 and became chief in1900. He was also chairmen of the school board in 1900

He died June 6 1945.

Alice Maria August Ellen Nord 1879 -

The first "European" born in the Kenora area was Alice Maria August Ellen Nord daughter of Mr and Mrs Ole Nilson Nord. She was born 28 November 1879.(Notes by Agar Fitzgerald, Nelson 1978)

William Edgar Norton 1929 - 1996

William Edgar "Ed" Norton, son of William Henry Norton and Laura Grace Reynolds was born on June 25 1929 in Sinclair Manitoba. He was raised in Crystall City, Southern Manitoba where he met his wife Anna Saunders who he married in 1951. He graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1953. They moved to Kenora. He carried on his practice as Chiropractioner in Kenora for many years.

His children included

Heather Norton married Ken Mahon, children Meghan and Sarah

Tammy Norton married Andre Favreau, children Graeme, Patrick and Ian

Mark Norton (Sherry) child Eric

Paul Norton (Susan) child Jodi (husband Roger Davis) their child Willie

He was a member of Kinsmen, K-40 and Rotarian, and a Charter Member of Kenora Flying Club. He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1975-76. He was a town councilor from 1960 to 1964 and Mayor in 1964 to 1966. He was instrumental in extension of the Kenora Recreation Centre especially Michael Smith Fitness Centre and in securing a pool. He acted as Chairman of Swim Pool Committee and was also active in the expansion of the Hospital with the addition of Nethercutt Emergency Centre.

Of him, Don McLeod, Kenora Town Clerk, indicated,

"One of the Kenora's most young and energetic mayors I ever worked with. He was aggressive minded and a good leader with the additional quality of having a great sense of humour as mayor. He always had a most satisfactory relationship with his councillors, staff and the people of Kenora he served so well with dedication and concern. Mayor Norton was the type of Mayor one admires as he had a strong leadership qualities and could 'get the job done' with a pleasant manner. I never heard anything negative or critical about him"

He passed away at the Health Science Centre October 18 1996 and is buried in the Lake of the Woods Cemetery in Kenora.

Ronald Noseworthy

Ron Noseworthy

Ron Noseworthy was born and grew up in Kenora. He attended McMaster University. Following graduation he returned to Kenora to work for the CPR. He worked in Kenora and Moose Jaw. Subsequently he went into business as Docks and Lifts. Finally he moved into the gas Station Sunset Husky on the East Highway.

He married Claire Burris. They had three children.

He joined the Kenora Rotary Club February 15 1996 and became active in World Community Service both a local and District 5550 level. He was President 2006-2007. Both Ron and Claire are Rotary Foundation Benefactors and Paul Harris Fellows. They received a special PHF when the district made them Honourary Paul Harris Fellows.

He became a Shelter Box Response Team member in 2007 and has been deployed at least nine times to give aid in several disasters, including Bangladesh, China, Haiti, Indonesia, Japan, and Turkey. He became chairman of the Board of Shelter Box Canada in 2010.

Ron has been involved as a volunteer in a wide range of volunteer leadership roles including Chamber of Commerce, Youth Drop-in Center, and Municipal Economic Development Committee.

He has been active in physical pursuits including hiking, skiing, canoeing and kayaking.


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