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People of Kenora - L

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Father Albert Lacombe 1827 - 1916

Father Albert Lacombe, the son of Albert Lacombe and Agathe Duhamel was born at Saint-Sulpice, Québec, February 28th, 1827.

He was educated at Assomption College and ordained a priest at Saint-Hyacinthe, June 13th, 1849 He worked at Pembina, North Dakota (1849-1851) before returning to Montréal where he became the vicar at Berthier (1851-1852). In March, 1852, he offered his services to Mgr Alexandre Taché, o.m.i., the new Auxiliary Bishop of Saint-Boniface. He went to Edmonton where he spent the winter among the Cree and the Metis at Lac-La-Biche. In 1853, he settled in Lac-Sainte-Anne. In 1855, he undertook a long voyage that took him to Lesser Slave Lake and Peace River. He began his novitiate at Lac-Sainte-Anne, May 29th,1855, and made his perpetual vows on September 28th,1856. In 1858, he established the mission of Saint-Joachim at Fort Edmonton. In 1861, he established a new mission at Saint-Albert, Alberta, which bears his name. In 1863, he left the mission at Lac-Sainte (where he lived throughout 1853) and went to  Saint-Albert. In 1864, evangelize the Cree and the Blackfoot. and traversed the prairies from 1865 to 1872. In 1865, Fr Lacombe established the colony of Saint-Paul des Cris [Brosseau], Alberta, which was the first effort to establish a colony among the Aboriginal Peoples of the West. At the same time, he served as a peacemaker in the war between the Cree and Blackfoot. He also established the first flour mill, in1863, at Saint-Albert, the first West of Winnipeg. He also established a cart track from Red River to Saint-Albert. He also constructed a bridge on the Sturgeon River, in 1862, the first in the area. He visited Fort-de-la-Montagne, Rocky Mountain House near [Jasper] at least in 1865, 1866 et 1871.

When a smallpox epidemic struck in 1871, he was appointed to the bureau of health of Northwest Territories for the plains region. The following year (1872), he became the Vicar General of Saint-Albert, then, in 1873, he represented Mgr Taché at the general council of the Oblates. Upon his return, he was named curate of Sainte-Marie in Winnipeg [Fort Garry] and tasked with the colonizing of Manitoba. He remained curate of the Parish for a number of years (1874-1876, 1878-1880).

In 1875, he went to Eastern Canada and the United States (1875) to begin his work of colonization. In 1879, he is again sent by Mgr Taché to the general council of the Oblates, and named Vicar General of Saint-Boniface (1879).

From 1880 to 1882, Fr Lacombe occupied himself with the workers employed to build the Canadian Pacific Railway with headquarters at Kenora [Portage-du-Rat, Rat Portage], Ontario.

Father lacombe arrived art Rat Portgae on November 2 1880. According to Pierre Burton in the National Dream indicated ""He did not wanted to be a railway chaplian. He would much rather have stayed among his beloved Indians than have entered the Sodom of Rat Portage."

He was merely following directions from Archbishop Taches of St Boniface who felt that the construction workers needed a permanent chaplain.

He arrived at Rat Portage on November 2 1880.]

Berton continues,

On the very first day of his new assignment he was scandalized by the language of the navvies [men who build railways]. His first sermon, preached in a boxcar chapel, was an attack on blasphemy.

“It seems to me what I have said is of a nature to bring reflection to these terrible blasphemers, who have a vile language all their own – with a dictionary and grammar which belongs to no one but them selves,” confided to his diary. “This habit of theirs is -diabolical!”

But there was worse to come: two weeks after he arrived in rat Portage there was “a disorderly and scandalous ball” and all night long the sounds of drunken revelry dinned into the ears of the unworldly priest from the plains. Lacombe even tried to reason with the women who sponsored the dances. He was rewarded with jeers and insults.

“My God”, he wrote in his diary, “have pity on this little village where so many crimes are committed every day”. He realized that he was helpless to stop all the evil that met his eyes and so settled at last for prayer “to arrest the divine anger” … “My God, I offer you my sufferings” …Please send me back to my missions.”

In1882, he left Winnipeg for the Diocese of Saint-Albert where he took charge of the district of Calgary, where he becomes Superior (1882-1886) and the first priest of the new town (1883). In 1884, he established and became the principal of the new Indian School at Dunbow at De Winton, High River, Alberta, which he obtained from the Government of Canada. In 1883, he served as an intermediary between the Canadian Pacific and the Blackfoot, who opposed the passage of the railway on their reserve. The success of the negotiations earned for him, in 1885, as soon as the first train arrived in Calgary, the honour of serving as the president of this powerful company for one hour. He enjoyed benefits from this up to his death.

In1885, he played an important role in brokering peace among a large number of Aboriginal tribes, particularly, the Blackfoot, at the express request of the Prime Minister of Canada. He continued to live at Fort MacLeod, or at Pincher Creek (1884-1885, 1889 -1898). In1893, he opened a hospital on the Blood Reserve [Stand Off or Cardston], then a school in 1898. He was also involved in the Board of Education of the Northwest Territories (1886-1892). Fr Lacombe also served as curate of Saint Joachim Parish in Edmonton (1894-1897), and constructed a chapel in Strathcona (1895). He continued to play an important role in the question of establishment of schools in the West at that time.

Fr Lacombe was particularly involved in the founding of a Metis colony in Saint-Paul-des-Métis (1895-1905). He also accompanied the federal commissioners charged with the making of a treaty with the Aboriginal Peoples of the Peace River country (1899). In 1900 and 1904, he went to Austria to meet Emperor Franz- Joseph, and to Galicia, to represent the interest of the Galacians of Canada.

In 1902-1903, he is again charged with responsibility for Calgary region. In 1904, he is in Pincher-Creek, where he remained for many years. As well, he is charged with duties in Medicine Hat in 1905. He once again assisted at the general council of the Oblates, in1906, then the plenary council in Quebec (1909). In 1909 he set out to organized a hospice for the elderly at Midnapore, the Lacombe Home, where he lived for a number of yearsuntil death.

He died at Midnapore, Alberta, December12th, 1916. He was buried in the crypt of the church Saint-Albert.

Reprinted with the permission of Les Archives Deschâtelets and the publisher from Gaston Carriere, o.m.i., Dictionnaire de Marie Immaculée au Canada, tome II (Ottawa: Éditions de l’Université d’Ottawa, 1979), pp 219-21.

Source: accessed October 19 2016

Dr Albert A Laidlaw (Partner of Dr Edmison)

Antoine Armand Lajeunesse 1891 - 1967

Antoine Armand Lajeunesse, son of Antoine Baptiste Lajeunesse and Marie Olive Lacombe was born on 10 Aug 1891 in Papineau, Quebec. He moved to Norman with his family before 1893. He married Marie Blanche Belair on 25 Sep 1917 in Kenora.

They has 12 children,

Antoinette Lajeunesse born 27 Aug 1918 in Kenora, married Alfred Ralph Carlson died 24 Apr 1984, died 24 May 1984 in Kenora.

Agnes Lajeunesse born 27 Aug 1918 in Kenora, married lloyd Paulson, died on 11 Nov 1991 in Terrace Bay Ontario.

Lawrence Lajeunesse born 4 jan 1922 in Kenora, married Beatrice died 27 Apr 2005 in Kenora

Joseph Louis Adrian Lajenesse born 15 jan 1923 in Kenora, died 8 Aug 1996 in Kenora

Regis Stanislaw Lajeunesse born 30 Mar 1924 in Kenora, married Thelma Lennia Hager, died 8 Oct 2001 in Kenora

Lucille Lajenesse born 18 Jun 1925 in Kenora, married Stanley Strecker, died 18 Jun 1999.

Raymond Francis Lajenesse born 1926 in Kenora married Joan Unknown, died 23 Jun 2008 in Thunder Bay.

Therese Marie Lajeunesse born 10 Oct 1927 in Kenora, married John George Derouard 20 Oct 1946 in Kenora died 18 Aug. 1998.

George Lajeunesse born 25 May 1930 in Kenora, died 26 Jan 2002 in Kenora.

Geraldine Lajeunesse born 25 Apr 1932 in Kenora, died 28 Apr 1932 in Kenora.

Irene Armanda Lajeunesse born 19 Sep 1933 in Kenora, married Arcade Loranger in kenora, died 10 Dec 2004 in Kenora.

Gabrielle Lajeunesse born in Kenora, married George Nelson, died in Nelson, British Columbia.

He commenced employment as his father in the lumber business in Normand and subsequently a farmer in Jaffray Mellick.

He served in World War 1 and his service can be found at the Kenora Great War Project (

Antoine Armand Lajeunesse died in kenora on 2 Nov 1967. His wife Marie Blanche Belair died 15 Apr 1969

Antoine Baptiste Lajeunesse 1869 -1969

Antoine Baptiste Lajeunesse, son of Leon Saumiers Lajeunesse and Julie Gravelle was born in Papineau, Quebec on April 3 1869. He was the first of the Lajeunesse line to come to Kenora to work in the lumber business. He married Marie Olive Lacombe on August 12 1889 in Montebello, Quebec. Olive Lacombe, daughter of Octave Lacombe and Marie Olive Thauvette was born Riguad, Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec on 25 Dec 1869. There first son Antoine Armand Lajeunesse was born in Papineau on August 10 1891 and some time between that date and 31 Jan 1893 when there 2nd son Edward was born they moved to Norman (Kenora) Ontario, They had a total of 6 children and at least 21 grandchildren,

Antoine Armand Lajeunesse born on 10 Aug 1891 in Papineau, Quebec (See Antoine Armand Lajeunesse)

Edward "Edmund" Lajeunesse born 31 January 1893 in Norman, Ontario, died 26 February 1951

Marie Olive Eugenie Lajeunesse born 20 Dec 1895 in Normand, married Alphonse Miault 8 Sep 1914 in Kenora, died 27 Dec 1978, children, Helen, Gerald, Olive, Leonard

Leon Lajeunesse born 19 Mar 1898 in Norman, married Marie Valeda St.Germain 29 Nov 1923 in Kenora, died 1968 in Kenora.

Marie Augustine Lajeunesse born 1 Sep 1902 in Norman, married Horace Walter Rushton in Kenora on 29 Nov 1923, died in Kenora 1981.

Roland Lajeunesse, born 28 Jul 1908 in Kenora, married Marie Rose Pelletier 11 May 1927, in Kenora, died 29 Dec 1982, children Doreen and Gary

In the 1901 census his occupation is given as labourer in saw mill and in 1911 labouer in tie mill (indexed either as Lajeunesse, Lageunesse or Lajinesse). Antoine Baptists Lajeunesses died in Kenora on 16 Jun 1940. His wife Marie Olive Lacombe died in Kenora on 15 Apr 1926.

Joseph George Gustave "Gus" Landry 1926 - 2017

Joseph Georges Gustave "Gus" Landry, son of Adolphe P. E. Landry and Jeanne Leontine Cayer He ) was born October 12, 2017 in St. Norbert, Manitoba. He spent his early years in St. Norbert until a short time after the death of his father in 1937. The family then moved moved to the Kenora area.

He married his first wife, Shirley Anne Stockham, only daughter of Ivor James Henry Stockham and Irene Angeline Marie Perron on July 20 1949 in Kenora. They had seven children, Michelle Marie Landry 1950 - 2008, Cheryl, Paul, Marc, Peter, Giles, and Odette.

Gus started as a life and general insurance agent in 1958 and in 1968 entered in listing and selling real estate. He started business known as Landry's for Real Estate in Kenora, Fort Frances and Dryden. He relocated to Fort Frances in 1979. He was in the family restaurant known as The Harbourage. His final working years were spent at Cousineau Brokers from which he retired at the age of 86.

He was in the Canadian Service Infantry Corps, as a young man in 1945.

In Kenora area, he was a trustee and chair of the St. Louis Separate School board and was successful in fund raising for a new school. During the same time period he was a member and President of Keewatin Legion Branch 13 and was involved with the building of the new Legion building in Keewatin. He was a past member of the Knights of Columbus - Past Grand Knight of Father Lacombe Council 2806 and Past Faithful Navigator of Father Aulineau General Assembly 880 Fourth Degree. He was a past member of the Saint Joseph's Hospital Board, the Kenora Rotary club, and Toastmasters. He spent time, along with family on Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods. He owned cottages on both lakes, and boats to travel these lakes.

In 1979 he relocated to the Fort Frances area. He married his second wife Marilyn Penner in 1981. They enjoyed 36 years of marriage.

Later in life he to travel, visiting over seas, many areas of the U.S.A, Hawaii, Bahamas and Mexico. Cruises were greatly enjoyed and winning a trip on the Love Boat was memorable.

He equally loved to downhill ski, seeking out hills and family trips to resorts from Kenora and Thunder Bay, to Michigan and Minnesota, to Utah and Colorado and to BC and France. He became a ski instructor in Kenora.

He passed away on Thursday October 12th, 2017, at the Rainycrest Home for the Aged, Fort Frances Ontario.

Percy Edward Langford 1884 - 1950

Percy Edward Langford, son of William Edward Percy and Harriet Daniels was born in Lambton, Ontario on 26 Feb 1884. He married Violet Ida Bruce, daughter of George Bruce and Mary Jane Lindsay in Lambton County, Ontario on 15 Sep 1908. She was born Petrolia, Lambton County Ontario on 01 May 1884.

Margaret Langford abt 1904

Arthur Langford abt 1909

In 1901 he was still living in Petrolia, Lambton, Ontario. He was a resident of Kenora by 1921.

He was a Kenora Alderman in 1921, 1922, 1923 and 1924.

He died in Kenora in about 17 Jan 1950.

I would love to receive more information on this individuak at

Robert Georgeson Laurenson 1845 - 1906

Robert Laurenson, was born at Laxfirth, Nestling, Scotland 24 May 1845 and came to Canada in 1864. He married Elizabeth Parrott (Perrault) and had three children:

Catherine Laurenson b. 28 Feb 1875 northwest Angle, m. David Bowhey Valentine 17 Jan 1903 in Rat Portage, d. 6 Nov 1909 Kenora.

Elizabeth Laurenson b. 1877, d. 15 Aug 1892 Rat Portage

Agnes Laurenson b. 1887

Catherine married David Bowley Valentine in Jan 17 1903. She had three children before the marriage

William Laurenson b. 02 Sep 1893 He took on the name of his step father after he married his mother and died of an illness Aug 27 1917 which he caught as a World War 1 soldier in France. He was ship back to Canada and died in Hamilton, Ontario

Barbara Laurenson b. 10 Aug 1896 m. Arnold Skarra Thunder Bay Ontario 23 Aug 1923 d. 30 May 1961 Port Arthur buried in Lake of the Woods Cemetery in Kenora.

Robert Laurenson b. 02 Jun 1899

She gave birth to David Alvin Valentine on 2 Sep 1903. She died 6 Nov 1909. Her husband David Bowhey Valentine subsequent married Mary Ann Begg daughter of John Begg and Juliet Sturgeon. He went on to become Chief of Police in Transcona Manitoba

Robert Laurenson signed a contract with Hudson bay on 9 Feb 1864. He was in charge at the Hudson Bay Post in North West Angle 1874 to 1875 and for a short time in the summer he was in charge of the Post at Rat Portage. He was in charge of the Post in Rat Portage from 1875 to 1878.

He died 04 April 1906. He left his name on Laurenson Lake and Laurenson Lake, His obituary published in the local Kenora paper reported that he" died penniless in a little house up on the the Rideout Estate",

Mr Laurenson was well known in these parts as he was one of the first inhabitants of old Rat Portage and at one time trading in furs with the Indians. The town in view of the fact that he deceased had no near relatives, undertook the burial of the body which was interned in the lake of the woods Cemetery yesterday.

How very sad!.

Peter Lawton

Manager of Kenora Municipal Telephone Company.

He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in1996-97

Jack Lepine 1922

Jack Lepine was born in Quebec. He travelled out to British Columbia before the railway was built where he prospected and mined. He was one of the earliest settlers and prospectors on Lake of the Woods. He came to the Kenora area in the 1880s settling on an Island on the lake. He made a living trapping and hunting. He lived for a short time in the District jail there being no other place to accommodate him. He became ill and moved into the St Joseph's Hospital where he died in November 1922 (Nelson 1978)

David Shannon Lillico 1954-2011

David Lillico

David Shannon Lillico, son of Francis (Frank)David Lillico and Jean Marion Shannon was born on May 5, 1954 in East York (Toronto), Ontario. He had two brothers Ian and Randy. He married his wife, Valerie Jane Oldford, December 27 1984. They had two sons, Shawn and Patrick.

He moved to Kenora with his family in 1966. He graduated from Beaver Brae High School and later attended Technical College in Thunder Bay. He secured employment with Bell Canada in 1976 until his death.

Over the years David was involved in many community organizations. He was a member of the Red Lake Kinsmen for ten years. He returned to Kenora 1991 moving to 3 Bunny St. Sept. 21 1991

Upon returning to Kenora he became an active member of KACL and SEAC. David was an avid spokesman for those that couldn't speak for themselves. He was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. He served 5 years as President of the Kenora Association for Community Living a tribute to his commitment to serving his fellow man and a commitment to respect all. Also a tribute to including all in the decision making process and respecting the voice of all. He also served many years as treasurer of the Association. He inspired the Association to adopt and work towards an inclusive community.

David loved the outdoors, hunting and fishing. He especially enjoyed his time on the Winnipeg River with his boys. After a brief illness, at the age of 57 David passed away at the Lake of the Woods District Hospital on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 with his family by his side.

James A. Link 1877

James A Link, son of John Jacob Link and Jane Eliza Quinn was born February 27 1874 in Stormont Ontario. His siblings included William (Bill), James (Jim) and Abbie. He arrived in Rat Portage in June 1887. He married Annie Johnson November 22 1899.

He was employed by Rat Portage Lumber Company for 21 year. In 1908 he bought half in the Henderson Brothers and Fuel Business. They started out with 13 horses and up to date equipment. As an extra service they offered a delivery and pick-service of baggage to or from the service station. They bought the business of C.C. Delbridge Livery and Sales Stables and moved to Second Street in 1913. The business was known as Link's and Henderson.

In May of 1925 they provided the town with an ambulance that they made available any time day or night.

Following a fire in the business in 1928 Henderson sold his interest to Link

Link added an Ice Business by 1931. In 1933 he brought in a bus to run a route between Kenora and Keewatin and special trips throughout the District. In 1939 the business was incorporated and known as J.A.Links In 1939 he also added a new addition to accommodate more cars.

James Link served on the town council for nine years.

He was active sports enthusiast. He was an active member of the rowing club, winning many races between from 1894 and 1896 in Lake Minnetonka. He trained the Thistle Hockey team that challenged for the Stanley Cup in 1906 and the team that won it in 1907. In summer he was an avid horse racer.

He moved to British Columbia and was still living in 1953. He died in Nortg vancouver on 21 March 1964.

William Edward Lodge 1871-1951

William Edward Lodge son of William Lodge was born in Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England on July 1 1871. He married Emily Eliza Hawes born July 9 1870 in Shordeitch, London England in 1894in Bethnal Green. They had 5 children in England before emmmigrating to Canada on July 8 1906 aboard the SS Dominion. They had four more in Canada for a total of 9 children:

William Stephen Lodge born June 12 1895 in London, England, died November 11 1917 in Ypres, Belgium, a casualty of the Battle of Passchendae (Third Battle of Ypres)

Emily Annie Lodge born Hackney, London, England Februry 14 1898, married Robertson "Bob" Pierce Murphy, September 5 1917 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Harry Joseph Lodge born May 1900 Hackney London England, married Elizabeth Isabel Bavery Aug 18 1925 in Kenora Died December 13 1977 in Kenora

Rose Louise Lodge born Jul 29 1902 in London, England, married William Albet Murphy July 15 1921, then married Alexander Lawrence McCool Aug 20 1930, died Oct 10 1949 Repuvblic Minisota, US

John Edward Lodge born October 18 1904 in Shoreditch England died April 18 1984 Kenora, Ontario

Constance Kenora Lodge born Jan 21 1907 in Kenora Ontario, married James Douglas Sharpe on Aug 15, 1934 in Kenora, Ontario, died August 12 1992

Nellie Lodge, born January 21 1909 in Kenora, died in Kenora on January 9 1999

Winnifrid M Lodge March 4 1911 in Kenora died in Kenora August 4 1917.

Frederick Lodge born January 23 1913, married Bernice "Bunny" Mildred La Selleur, died Jun 13 1976 in Kenora, Ontario

In the 1901 census in England in is listed as a wood sawyer. In Kenora he was hired in 1906 as a Machinist helper and worked with the CPR until his retirement in 1933.

In late 1915 he volunteered to join the Army despite being well past the maximum age of enlistment. His good health, fitness and still dark hair permitted him to carry off the deception.  He was found out after arriving in England where he had been born, when an Adjutant became suspicious and made inquiries at the Public Records Office.  A Board of Inquiry chose not to discipline him but did forbid his service in France and restricted him to administrative duties in England until the war ended.

His eldest son Private William Stephen Lodge enlisted in January 1915 and died in the third Battle of Ypres or as more commonly known as Passchendaele. His son John served with the Lake Superior Regigiment in World War 2. His son Frederick who served with the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada sssspent time as a German prisoner of war.

Sgt Victor Daniel Lundmark 1887 - 1941

Sgt Victor Daniel Lundmark was born either on 14 Feb 1887 (Attestation paper and US Social Security Application) or 4 Feb 1890, ( Archives Canada) in Byske Vester Sweden, son of Anders Lundmark and Erica Erika Carolina Lundqvist. He came to Canada in 1910 naturalized in 1914. In the 1911 census indexed as Vitor Landon his occupation is given as Mill Yard a common employment for yong Swedes.

He enlisted in the United Staes Army on October 24 1912. During World War 1 he returned to Canada and enlisted in the Canadian infentry. In his World War Attestation papers signed on 14 February 1917., he indicates 5 1/4 years in the Swedish Army and 5 years American Army attestation.

He married Vera May Manny Crane in Boulge, Suffolk.England in September 1918. They returned to Kenora, Ontario following the war. There only son George Victor Lundmark was born in Kenora on 15 Jul 1921.

On 28 January 1921 he was elected the first President of The Kenora Ski Club.

Within a year he was pre-examined in Winnipeg to enter United States and moves in October 1922. In 1930 census he is listed as living on Elmwood Ave Evanston, Illinois, occupation Cement Finisher, marotal status divorced.

He was killed in Fort Frances while serving in the Canadian Army in 14 February 1941 shot with .22 service rifle to the right temple. His next of kin son George Victor Lundmark was then serving overseas with the P.P.C.L.I. at Woodbridge, Suffork, England. He was buried in Mountain view Cemetery, Plot 2, Grave 68.

Ron Lunny

Ron Lunny

Married to Elizabeth; two children and two grandchildren

Elected as City Councillor in 2010.

Chair of Finance Committee

Enjoys playing hockey, tennis, guitar

William Durie Lyon 1825 - 1893

William Durie Lyon, son of John Lyon and Mary McKechnie or MacEachern (See Headstone below) was born June 1825 in Blantyre, now a part of Glasgow, Scotland. His residence in 1841

He immigrated to Canada in 1871 settling in the Equesing Township in Ontario.

His wife was Mary Mary MacEachern and they had at least 7 children:

John Lyon b. 1855, Milton, Ontario, d. 24 March 1892

Margaret Lyon b. 1856, Milton, Ontario d. 1885

Catherine Lyon b. Mar 1858 in Milton, Ontario. 30 Dec 1874 at Milton, Ontario

Mary Lyon b. 15 Nov 1959 in Milton, Ontario married John Wallace d. 25 September, Toronto, Ontario

William Lyon b. 1863, Milton, Ontario

Flora Rachel Lyon b. 29 Apr 1867 Milton, Ontario married George Murray in Rat Portage on 5 Feb 1889, d. 28 Jul 1906 Winnipeg,

Annie Elizabeth Lyon b. 19 Sep 1872 Milton, Ontario

He worked in a store in Streetville. He moved to Milton where he clerked in a store owned by Matthias Teetzel. In 1856 he was a member of a mercantile firm of White, Martin and Lyon in Milton.

In 1867 he established an extensive lumbering business at Michael's Bay on Manitoulin Island with John White and George Brockitt Abrey.

He served on the Town Council of Milton. He then served several terms and presided as Warden for two years.

He served as Liberal MPP for Halton Riding from November 2 1875 to April 25 1879. He served on the Standing Committee on Railways and on Standing Orders.

He was appointed Stipend Magistrate for Rainy River in 1879. He settled initially in Fort Francis and then made his home in Rat Portage.

His wife refused to come to Rat Portage remaining in Milton. Only the younger son William ever came to Rat Portage.

One of his concerns while in Rat Portage was the whisky peddling going on the lines during construction days.

Before incorporation the affairs of unincorporated areas were managed by Magistrates appointed by the Crown. Duties covered every facet of the town -hiring the constables, paying them ordering their supplies and supervising their duties. He bought land from the Hudson Bay Company for $150 per lot for a court house and jail on Matherson Street. He began sidewalk and street improvement. He assessed timber standards and set timber limits. He was in charge of business licenses. Her served the town until his death October 10 1893.