People of Kenora - K

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People of Kenora - K

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David Kay 1868 - 1944

David Kay, son of John Kay and Annie Patterson was born on Aug. 25, 1868 in Invergowrie, Perthshire, Scotland. He married Louise Emma Dulmage in Rat Portage on Aug. 26, 1891. They had three children,

Eva Maude Kay born June 25 1892 in Rat Portage, Ontario
Rhoda Jane Kay born April 22 1894 in Rat Portage, Ontario
Edith Louisa Kay born Oct. 24 1804 in Rat Portage,Ontario

After her death on May 30 1909 he married Clarabel C Connell nee Elliott on Aug. 16, 1910 in Dryden. They had two children,

David William Kay born Oct. 1 1917 in Winnipeg,Manitoba
June Kay born Jun 1 1921

David Kay was a Kenora town counsellor from 1916 to 1919 and was defeated for the 1920 term.

He passed away in 1944 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

John Kay 1838-

John Kay was born on Dec. 2 1838 in Scotland. He died in Rat Portage in April 22 1893. He married Annie Patterson. They had several children including

Ann Kay born August 4 1865
Agnes Coutts Kay born August 5 1866 in Dundee, Angus Scotland
David Kay born August 25 1868 in Invergowie, Pershire, Scotland
John Shelby Kay born Oct. 16 1872 in Aurora, York, Ontario
Jane Mathie Kay born October 3 1874 in Paisley, Bruce County, Ontario
Alexander Kay born August 24 1876 in Rat Portage, Ontario
Euphemia B Kay July 25 1878 in Paisley, Bruce County, Ontario
James Kay born November 27 1881 in Midland, Simcoe, Ontario
Isabella Kay born Nov. 23 1883 in Rat Portage, Ontario
Arthur Cameron Kay born Jan 5 1890 in Rat Portage, Ontario

He was a town counsellor in 1887 and 1888. He was a member of 1898 School Board.

He passe away on April 22, 1893inNorman Ontario.

Henry Richard Victor Kantola 1928 -2008

Kantola and Chambers

Curtesy of Kenora daily News July 1978

Henry Richard Victor Kantola was born April 13 1928 in Kenora Ontario

He acquired the GM Dealership in Kenora.

Kenora Rotary President 1977-78

He died September 14 September 2008

David Kejick

The story of David Kejick

Karen Kejick

Karen Kejick, daughter of Donald Blackhawk and Frances Kejick was born and raised at Iskatewizaagegan (Shoal Lake 39 First Nation). she is the grandaughter of World War 1 Distinguished Conduct Medal winner David Kejick. She is a knowledge keeper of the Ojibwe language, a published author and a proud member of the Treaty Three Nation.

Karen has studied Nursing, and in 2018 was studying Political Science at the University of Manitoba.

Karen has been a champion for women’s rights and a strong advocate on violence against women. In 2013 she successfully launched the green light strategy in Treaty Three Territory. She also successfully spearheaded gender-based anti-violence initiatives for Treaty Three Police Service while working as Project Lead under the Kwenan Diziwin, Not for Sale and Support our Survivors Project.

Karen represented Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls (MMIWG) families at both the 1st and 2nd National Roundtables on MMIWG. As well as standing up for Indigenous women,

She holds the title for being the youngest member elected to the Grand Council Treaty 3 Women’s Executive Council from 2009-2014 (7 year term). She has taken on a number of leadership roles on intergovernmental files such as the highway twinning. Her primary focus included community engagement and relationship building with both levels of government. She is her council’s lead for Education, Governance, Economic Development and Chair for the Fisheries Advisory Council in Iskatewizaagegan (entering into her 3rd consecutive term).

She has been a member of the board of directors for the Kenora Sunset VCARS, and the Lake of the Woods Business Incentive Corporation.

On Sunday May 6th 2018, she became the Ontario Liberal candidate for the Kenora – Rainy River riding.

George Henry Kelly 1860

Born in England on Aug. 29, 1860 England

Reeve of Keewatin, 1807 to 1904

William Glenfield Kendall 1853-1931

William Kendall, son of John and May Kendall was born in Battlesbridge, Essex, England on September 23 1853. He was employed as a CPR railway engineer.

He married Mary Frances Lucas, daughter of Francis Lucas and Hannah Frances Duffett on August 31 1888 in Rat Portage. They had five children,

Ivan Lucas Kendall born May 9 1890
Marvin Kendall born Jun 10 1891
Jennie Kendall born Sept. 4 1892
S. Bessie Kendall born Dec. 7 1893
Reuben Duffett Kendal born Aug. 28 1895

In 1888 he bought 3 lots from Elizabeth Smith on Second Street South and in 1895 built a brick house on the north east corner of Second Street South and Fifth Avenue S. The family lived in the house until the last of their children died in 1983. In the mid 1950s the eastern portion of the property was sold to the First Baptist Church.

In 1987, Curtis and Barbara Sprague purchased the property and in the 1990s renovated the property and in 1997 opened it as the Kendall House Bed and Breakfast.

His wife predeceased him on July 20 1920. He died October 29 1931

Emma Kems

Emma Kems, daughter of Henry Kerns and Augusta Schultz was born July 5 1853 in Hamburg Germany. Her parents died when she was quite young and she moved to Manchester England. There she worked as a private secretary to a tea merchant.

She emigrated to United States sometime before 1875 and in 1882 she married Herman Ebers in Galvastone Texas. Herman Ebers had earlier emigrated from Hambery Germany himself in 1868 at the age of 16 years. It is not known whether she had known him in Hamburg or only made his acquaintance in the United States. He was a school teacher and Minister. He was also a founding father at Industry Texas. Herman died in 1880 leaving her three children:

Alice Lulu Ebers born 14 Jan 1876 in Galveston, Texas, USA. She married John George Baker in Kenora

Florence Ebers born February 9 1877

Thomas Ebers born February 9 1877 died very Young

Hermann Aphonse Ebers born March 18 1880

She died in Kenora on September 17 1880

Reference "The Life of Emma Kems" in Common Ground: Stories of Lake of the Woods 2010

Stuart King 1914

Stuart King, fifth child of Clarence King and Ina was born in 1914.

His father had been editor of the Brandon Times until the Paper was shut down and an insurance agent in the 1920s.

Stuart King left home early and in 1933 came to Kenora as a Winnipeg Free Press agent selling newspapers. On his 22nd birthday he bought a second hand book store on Matherson Street next to Tilly's Drug Store for $300. He the secured the wholesale magazine agencies of McFadden Publications and Crowell Colliers supplying stores with Liberty, True Detective , Colliers, True stories and other magazines Through boys and girls developing routes about 500 liberty magazines sold weekly.

On September 16 1937 he married Ruth Kennedy in Keewatin.

For 15 months in the early 1940s he set up a carrier delivery service was set up in Kenora and Keewatin for the Kenora Miner and News.

in 1934 Herb Hauck of Fort Frances moved to Kenora and started a daily mimeograph sheet he called the Daily Reminder. It is believed to have been the first daily paper in Canada to be printed by the offset method — originally on ‘foolscap’ 8 1/2” x 14” size. Advertising dollars declined with the war and the equipment at the Daily Reminder was aging. The Daily Reminder had developed a scandal sheet image and had been threatened with several libel suits. In December 1942 Herb Hauck approached King with the suggestion that he purchase the Daily Reminder for the price of $5000. King worked hard as owner, publisher, editor, salesman, and circulation chief. He ran the paper until 1947 when due to poor health he sold the Daily Reminder to Clarance Dusang. Clarance Dusang had been involved with the Daily Reminder before the war and returned to it following the war. It published until 1960 when Stuart King, who owned the Miner and News at that time, bought out Dusang.

After bowing out of the publishing field with the Daily Reminder, King took up a partnership with Clarence Tilly with Patricia Drugs on Main St. for two years. In 1950, he joined Norwesto Communications Ltd as a small investor and assistant to the president.

On November 1 1951 he took a three month's option to purchase the Kenora Miner and News. Ultimately eight people became involved in the proposed purchase from the owners of the Miner and News, then Percy Williams and Harry Donley. They were A. M. Brown, Earnie Fortier, Jack MacDonald, Al Sherrett, Doris Lang, Dr. R.G. Davidson, Ambrose O'Flaherty and Tom Saul. All but Doris Lang were local Rotarians. At that time women could not join the Rotary Club. Al Sherrett was the editor of the newspaper. On January 13 1953 all but Earnie Fortier sold out their shares to Stu King who within a few years bought the remaining shares to become the sole owner of the company. In 1960 Stu king also purchased the Daily Reminder from Clarance Dusang.

In 1951-1952 along with A.M. Brown, Ernie Fortier, Jack McDonald, Al Sherrett, Doris Lang, Dr. R.G. Davidson, Ambrose O'Flaherty and Tom Saul, he bought the Kenora Miner and News. In 1953 he bought out all but Ernie Fortier and entered into an agreement to buy out Fortier which he did over the next three years. In November 1973, he sold the newspaper to Bowes Publishers Ltd.

In 1955 he purchased Kenora Radio Station CJRL. subsequently CKDR in Dryden was opened.

He joined the Kinsmen Club before World War 2 and in 1948 served on the national committee as expansion chairman.

Stu had an active involvement in Rotary Club serving as its President in 1968-69.

He died February 6 2007 in Kenora.

James Arthur Kinney 1877 1947

James Arthur Kinney, son of James Kinney and Malina Johnson was born at Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario on 4 June 1878.

Following studies at Osgood Hall he moved to Kenora between 1905 and 1907 and established his practice of Law. He was legal advisor to the Diocese of Keewatin and subsequently appointed Chancellor of the Diocese a position he held until his death even after moving to Gore Bay.

In 19 Jul. 1911 he married Anne Clifton in Hallowell, Prince Edward, Ontario. They had 4 daughters:

Billie Kinney
Margaret Kinney
Doris Kinney
Mirium Kinney

After several years he assumed duties as Magistrate a position he held for over 20 years.

James Kinney was President of the Kenora Board of Trade,

He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1934-1935. He was president of the Masonic Lodge of Kenora and a member of the Legion, Kenora Branch

He moved to Gore Bay in 1944. He received his King's Councillor in February and was appointed Crown Attorney. and Clerk of Peace for Manitou Island. Chairman of the Advance Appeal for the District of Manitoulin

James A Kinney died February 18 1947 in Gore Bay.

Ida Florence (Knight) Machin 1878 - 1950

Ida Florence (Knight) Machin, daughter of William Knight and Annie Penton was born May 1878 in South Africa. Ida's father William Knight had made a fortune mining diamonds and gold in South Africa. She grew up in South Africa and developed a passion for prospecting.

William and Annie had four children: Arthur Albert, Ida Florence, and Bertha Alice, known as Birdie, all born in South Africa; and Otto Algernon, born 1891 in Lewisham. England. The children had a private education, Ida and Bertha attending a school in Clapham, and Arthur a boarding school in Beaconsfield. There he met Harold Machin, the youngest son of the Reverend Charles Machin, a missionary living in Canada. Harold was often a guest at social events at the Knight family home, Horner Grange (See pictures of house and Knight family at

Harold returned to Canada after his schooling and entered Osgood Hall Law School in the early 1890s. He was part of the first Canadian Contingent to fight in the Boer War and became a Captain in the African Constabulary. Whilst serving in the African Constabulary he married Ida in Cape Colony.

They had two daughters,

Ida Annie Knight Machin b. 08 Dec. 1903 in South Africa

Barbara Machin 1914

The couple returned to Canada, where Harold established a law practice, became a Member of the Canadian Parliament and Ida and Harold carried on their mining interests in Canada, owning a large, profitable gold mine.

They lived in a mansion on what is now Machin Drive. When Horner Grange was sold , the contents - draperies, linen, silver, china, fireplace mantles, furniture, and even the cornerstone from the house - were sent to Ida and Harold's house in Kenora. The unique collection arrived in three box cars at a special siding constructed by the Canadian Pacific Railway in Kenora.

Harold died in 1931. Ida and her two daughters, Barbara and Ida Ann, carried on with their mining interests in Canada. Her daughter. Barbara held her miner's licence from 1 April 1932, and on 1 April 1971. she was presented with an Honorary Permanent Miners Licence.

The contents of Horner Grange were moved in 1936 to Ida's new home in Shoal Lake. They were transported by barge, a trip that included a nightmare passage through rapids in a sixty foot barge. Their oldest daughter, Ida Annie Knight Machin, died 6 years after Harold, in child birth and Ida took her 5 day old daughter to Kenora.

In 1938 the family Ida, Barbara and the grand-daughter moved permanently to Shoal Lake and the house in Kenora was left in charge of a housekeeper. The Three women lived in a log cabin at Gold Point farm Shoal Lake. Ida died in 1950 and Barbara sold the home in Kenora and carted up the remaining silver, china and furniture to Gold Point farm.

Some of the collection from Horner Grange was sold over the years but many articles are now in the Victorian Parlour, Lake of the Woods Museum, Kenora. Barbara died in 1978. She never married.

Gustavus Adolphus Kobold 1862-

Gustavus Adolphus Kobold or better known as G.A. Kobold or familiarly as Chris or "Cris". Born in Coburg, Ontario in 14 October 1862, son of Leopold Kobold and Wilhelmina Vollrath, he moved to Rat Portage, Ontario around 1880. There he operated a butcher shop. On 11 October 1882, he married Helene Woodbury Appelby of Cobourg, Ontario. He divorced her by an Act of the Senate of Canada in 1900 having seperated July 1 1896.

In Rat Portage, he purchased a Butcher shop next to the Hilliard House in 1880 and operated the business as Kobold & Bro. The business expanded and prospered until November 1900 when he sold his Buthcher Shop to John Gardner and moved to Winnipeg where he took charge of father's business. A man named Squire purchased the building for a meat market. The Building was later occupied by Ham Wong's Restaurant and subsequently again as Cecil Cafe

In 1888, "The New West", a publication from Winnipeg, Manitoba, published the following account entitled Prominent Business Houses of Rat Portage.

Kobold and Company

Wholesale and Retail Butchers, Second Street, Rat Portage--It is necessary that man should eat to live, and meat may be said to be an indispensable article of food. Meat stores are therefore an absolute necessity in every community. Among the prominent establishments of this description in the city is that of Kobold & Co., whose store is situated on Second Street. This firm started business here in 1880, and has done a large trade from its inception, and it is increasing rapidly. The premises...are well adapted for the business, being commodious and well arranged, fitted up with every appliance and facility. The quality of meats sold by this firm is the very best to be procured, and the reputation they have gained in this respect is undoubtedly the secret of the great success with which they are meeting. Fowl and game of all kinds in season are kept on hand in large variety, and everything is sold at the most reasonable prices. Mr. Kobold has a large circle of acquaintances, and is highly esteemed by all who know him.

On 14 October 1901, he married again, to Emma Rachel Johnstone in Winnipeg, born 27 May 1873 died 22 Feb 1967 Marin County, California.

G.A. Kobold was one of founding members of Gold Hill Lodge no 261 in November 1887. He was a keen duck hunter, a member of hockey club and president of Senior Thistle Hockey Club in 1894. He was the Manager of Lacrosse Club around 1897 and an avid member of the Kenora Rowing Club. He was a member of the first Electric Light and Telephone company in 1890, and President of the Old Timers' Association in 1900

On 12 December 1904, he and his brother Victor C. Kobold built the Dominion Theatre in Winnipeg, being its proprietor until March 1909 when they retired and leased out the business. By early the next year, however, he opened a real estate business in an office at the corner of Portage and Main, buying and selling city and farm land. In November 1910 he helped to found the first Rotary Club in Winnipeg, and served as its first president.

In May 1906 he was on the founding Board of Directors for the Happyland Park Company, along with Frank H. Pippen, J. H. Anderson, R. M. McLeod, William Blackwood, W. O. Edmounds, and D. E. Sprague. The firm operated an amusement park in Winnipeg for several years.

In 1910 he opened a real estate business in an office at the corner of Portage and Main, buying and selling city and farm land. In November 1910 he helped to found the first Rotary Club in Winnipeg, and served as its first president.

In September 1912, he and his wife moved to Los Angeles, California, intending to spend winters there and summers at their cottage on Lake of the Woods. He died 12 Sep 1935, Marin, California.

Sources: Memorable Manitobans: Gustavus Adolphus Kobold, Early Settlors of Rat Portage

Walter Kostantin 1928-2012

Walter Kostantin

Walter Kostantin, son of John and Nelli Kostantin was born in Fort Williams. He had at least sisters Alice Siddal, Stella Tozer and a brother Michael.

He was educated at Port Arthur Collegiate (PACI). He was then part of the first graduating class for Mining at Lakehead Technical Institute (University) of Thunder Bay.

His wife Anne.

Walter was President of the Kenora Rotary Club 1979-1980.

He was a member of the Knights of Columbus 4th Degree. He served on the Board of The District of Kenora Home for the Aged, the Kenora Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation. He served as Chair for fourteen years for the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC).

Walter was also a lifetime member of the Loyal Order of Moose and The Quarter Century Club.

Walter was a Jaffray Melick councilor.

He died at the age of 84 in Kenora in the early hours on Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

Lillian Theresa Kron 1905 1997

Lillian "Lily" Thesesa Kron, daughter of John Kron and Emma Ellison was born 5 August 1905 in Kenora. She was educated in Kenora and then graduated from North Bay Normal School. She started teaching in the Green House (annex of the Central School in 1924. She started in the early years and advanced to higher grades at Central School. She assumed the Principal's position South Ward school on the death of the current principal. In 1936 she became principal at North Ward. She became principal of Central in 1956 and King George in 1956. She retired in 1968.

She received the Coronation medal from Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and a Centennial medal in 1967.

She served on the Board of the Lake of the Woods Museum and a volunteer of the CNIB. She was made an honourary member of theFederation of Womens Association at their annual meeting in 1971

Rudolph. "Rudy" Ernest Kron 1868 - 1978

Rudolph Ernest Kron, son of John Kron and Emma Ellison was born Sept. 22, 1868 in Rat Portage. Father John was coal dealer, Kron's Transport. Son Rudy took it over as Kron's Transport (Kron Development Limited).

He married Helen Isabel Cowan August 7 1928 in Lambton Ontario. Rudy had three sons Robert C "Bob" Kron, John (Still live in Toronto ) and Grant Kron.

He Joined Rotary July 11 1933 and continued as a member until his death in October 28 1978. He was Rotary President 1955-56.

President of Kenora Thistles that went to Japan 1952

He was a member of the curling Club, Masonic Lodge and Shriners.

He passed away October 28 1978.

William Ernest "Bill" Kyle

Doctor in charge of Radiology Department in Lake of the Woods Hospital.

Married Eleanor Johnson

He was Kenora Rotary President 1999-2000

Peter Lawton