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People of Kenora - H

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Dr. David Halliwell1922 -2007

DR. David Halliwell, son of Florence McKnight and Harry Halliwell was born in Oxbow, Sackatchewan in 28 June 1922. Dave was the fourth of five children born and grew up in Oxbow, SK until at age eight, the family moved to Wolseley, Saskchewan. Dave loved to recount stories about swimming in the local swimming hole, playing baseball and golfing with his father.

In 1946, Dave graduated with a medical degree from the University of Manitoba (UofM). In 1947, he married Elizabeth"Betty" Anne Henderson, a nurse, and in 1948 moved with her to Kenora, ON where he had a thriving general practice, and where their four children were born:

Margaret Halliwell, married Mike Banner of Sooke, BC,

John Halliwell Victoria, BC,

Barbara Halliwell married Andrew Chen of Hong Kong,

Mary Halliwell married Bernie Cyr of Ottawa,

In 1966 the family moved to Winnipeg where Dave returned to study at the U of M. After completing his studies in 1969, he and Betty relocated to Victoria, BC to open his new practice.

He enjoyed family, friends, the church, sports, music, and life-long learning. He spent years researching the family roots, and after retiring he bought a computer, and compiled the family history.

He was a Kinsman, a Shriner and a Mason.

He loved golf, from the first time he played in 1932 to the last time he was able to play. Dave was an active member of the Kenora Golf and Country Club and the Victoria Golf Club for many years.

Music played an important part in Dave's life, listening as well as playing. He played the baritone horn in the Wolseley town band as a teen, continued playing into adulthood and was a founding member of a marching band in Kenora. He also took piano lessons alongside his young children.

His wife of 58 years, Betty, died on December 3, 2006. He died in Victoria BC on May 6, 2007 in Victoria, BC.

Dr. Clayton Hammett

He received his BSc., M.D (Queen's University 1998), C.C.F.P. (University of Toronto 2000 University of Western Ontario 2001 . F.R.A.C.G.P. Monash University. He practices Family Medicine at the Paterson Medical Clinic, 45 Wolsley Street Kenora, Anaesthesia & Emergency Medicine at the Lake of the Wood District Hospital Medical Office,Other Communities: Sioux Narrows Nursing Station Schools.

Dr. Clay Hammett practiced in Pambula, New South Wales and Sioux Lookout until moving back to Kenora in 2007. He enjoys teaching and is involved with N.O.S.M. in a variety of ways. His interests include windsurfing, tennis, soccer and performing arts.

Dr. John Hammett

Dr John Hammett was born in Toronto and graduated from University of Toronto in 1968. He moved to Kenora in 1989 to have a change from Southern Ontario. He holds a M.D., MHSc., F.P.F.P Specialty. In addition to his Family Medicine practice at the Paterson Medical clinic he is an Inquest and Investigating Coroner and has served at Sioux Narrows & Minaki Nursing Stations, Kenora District Jail and Kenora Area Health Access Centre (KAHAC).

Dr Thomas Hanson 1846-1913

Marcel Dubroy in A History of the General Practitioner 1879-1957 indicates that Dr. Thomas Hanson was the first Doctor to practice in Rat Portage. Dr. Hanson, son of Dr. Henry Hanson and Catherine "Jane" Moore was born 10 Sep 1846 in London, Ontario and attended the local med school. He worked in the Harper Hospital in Detroit and then served in the Union Army in the American Civil war as a surgeon from 1861 to 1865. After the war he returned to Selkirk, Manitoba and then Winnipeg where he was hired by CPR.

He was sent to Cross Lake where he was stationed until, at age 33, he and his family traveled to Rat Portage. He arrived in Rat Portage on September 30 1879. During the construction of the CPR (1879-1884) he was CPR Doctor in the construction camps from Rat Portage to Hawk Lake. He had the first Drug store in Rat Portage. He sold it to W.D. Coate.

He delivered the first white baby born in Kenora.

He served the Department of Indian Affairs as Medical Officer in the District from 1886 to 1913. During the summer months he traveled to the Reserves by huge canoes, paddled by hired natives. In the winter he traveled by dog sled.

Doctor Hanson moved into Rat Portage and located around the present Kenrica Hotel site and subsequently built a home for himself at 709 Second Street South. There no hospitals at the time and operations were carried out on the Hanson dining table. Hanson himself would quarantine himself with patients with smallpox and diphtheria in a building on the south side of Ninth Street North for months.

Marcel Dubroy reports that Dr Hanson was a big man, six foot, 200 pounds

Thomas Hanson married Caroline (Pruden) Larsen b. 22 June 1852, daughter of Peter Pruden and Susette Josephte Gothiver Jolicoeur. He had 7 children and two step daughters,

Step daughters father by Ryder Larsen:

Mary Rosaline Larsen b. 31 January 1870
Blanche Larsen, b. 16 May 1873, m. Max Kirkpatrick 26 May 1898

Children fathered by Dr. Thomas Hanson

Rhoda Jane Hanson b. 18 Feb 1877 Manitoba, m. Richard Wilmot Gardner 02 Apr 1902, Rat Portage
Thomas Henry Hanson b. 13 Mar 1879 Manitoba
Christina Hanson b. 15 Jan 1881 Rat Portage, m. John Warren 25 Jan 1905 Rat Portage
Helen Gertrude Hanson (Nellie)b. 17 Nov 1884 Rat Portage m. Kenneth Raymond Weeks, Rat Portage
Irene Hanson b. 4 Oct 1885
Sybil H. Hanson b. 13 Dec 1892 Rat Portage, M. Louis Leo Cromwell, Rat Portage
Jack Orville Pruden Hanson b. 22 Jun 1894, married Grace McKinley, died August 1980 in Kenora Rat Portage

Dr. Hanson died September 13 1913.

References: Early Settlers of Rat Portage, Page 386-387, Through the Kenora Gateway, Page 124-6 , Dubroy, Marcel A History of the General Practitioner 1879 - 1957

Donald Alexander Hardisty 1870 - 1928

Donald Alexander Hardisty, son of William Lucas Hardisty and Mary Anne Allen Thomas was born 26 Nov 1870 in Fort Simpson, North West Territoiries where his father was Chief factor for Hudson Bay Company for many years.

He lived in Rat Portage in the 1880s where along with his brother Thomas was a star hockey player. He played as a member of the first noted Rat Portage team which distinguished itself in many a strenous season in Winnipeg and in the East. He died in a railway yard accident in Fort Rouge 16 Dec 1928.

Thomas Alexander Hardisty 1867 - 1953

Thomas Alexander Hardisty, son of William Lucas Hardisty and Mary Anne Allen Thomas was born 10 Oct 1867 in Fort Garry, North West Territoiries. He played goalie in the first recorded hockey team in Rat Portage in 1891-92. He married Julie Marie Logan on 17 Mar 1908 in St Laurent, Manitoba, Canada. He died in Saanich British Colombia in 15 December 1953.

Wallace William (Red) Harrington 1915 - 2008

Wallace William (Red) Harrington, son of Michael Sylvester Harrington and Marie Florestine Lecamp, was born 24 Feb 1915 in Fort Qu'pelle, Saskatchewan, Canada. He was the youngest of 5 children. In 1917 the family moved to Regina and by 1924 the family had moved on to Kenora, Ontario. His mother died 07 Feb 1924, within a month of the birth of the fifth child Arthur Edward (Art) Harrington born 13 Jan 1924.

He enlisted with the Winnipeg Grenadiers in April 1941. They spent three months in Jamaica and returned to Canada in September 1941. On October 27 the two Batallions with a full complement of 98 officers and 1877 other ranks sailed for Hong Kong on board the Awatea. The Winnipeg Grenadiers settled in the Han Kow Barracks in Kowloon on the mainland. They began training having a lack of training back in Canada and Jamaica.

He was in a group of 14 soldiers which was captured in Bennett's Hill in Hong Kong around midnight Christmas Eve 1941. After capture he remained in Hong Kong for a while and then was removed to Yokahama for two and a half years. He was tnexted to move to a coal mine in the North of Japan.

In August 1945, after the dropping of two nuclear bombs and the Japaneese surrender, they had to shift for themselves. They got on a train to Yokahama where they American Army officers took them over. They were given medical examinations and placed on the American battleship Iowa. Some were placed on medical ships and others including Harrington were flown to Guam for a week and then on to a large base at Honolulu. Next they wrere flown in c54 flying boats to San Francisco. From San Francisco they took a train tio Vancouver. On Thursday September 26 he received a heros welcome and reception in Kenora.

Ralph Roland Harris 1896 - 1968

Ralph Harris, son of Roland Ralph McClude and Lydia Collier, was born in Withy Mills, Pauton, Clutton District, Somerset, England on 24 December 1896. He came with his father on 3 February 1912 aboard the Empress of Britian, (he used his brother's name Leoard). His mother and brother Leonard followed on 15 July 1912. At that time the family adopted the names Harris.

During World War 1 he served with Royal Royal Air Force.

He was employed by the Canadian Pacific Railway as a clerk for a number of years. In kenora he conducted a dance orchrestra for a number of years (possibly called the Keewatoin Orchrestra). He also produced a number of plays in Kenora.

In 1939 he moved to Torontoe he was credit manager with Rolled Metal Products until his death in 5 Sep 1968.

He is buried with his mother in Kenora lake of the Woods Cemetery Plot 48E-26-1.

Sources Kenora Great War Project accessed November 14 2016

I would be interested in receiving more information on this individual as well as Kewatin Orchrestra at

Thomas Wilfred "Smokey Fred" Harris 1888 - 1974

Thomas Wilfred "Smokey Fred" Harris, son of Fredrick and Elizabeth McKay was born in Port Arthur on 11 September 1888.

He moved with his family eventually to Kenora wher he played with the Kenora Church League and then in the 1909-10 season with the Kenora Thistles. In 1911 he joined the Vancouver Millionaires of the PCHA playing three seasons before being traded to the Portland Rosebuds before 1914-15 season where ne played four seasons. He returned to Vancouver for five seasons playing in the 1921 and 1923 seasons Stanley Cub series. He played one season with the Seattle Metropolitans before being traded to the Boston Bruins of the NHL where he scored 3 goals including first Boston Bruins goal in the NHL on December 1 1924. He retired from Hockey in 1932. He died 4 June 1974

Sources: Wikipedia, Kenora Thistles:Our Hockey Herritage, Kenora: Bowes Publishing

Charles Hayes 1969-70

High School teacher in charge of commercial side then Principal of Lakewood Secondary School 1960 - 1972

Rotary President 1969-70

Married to Bernice Clemmens

Edward Francis Head 1854 - 1924

Edward Francis Head, son of Captain Edward Jonathan Head and Hannah Corrigan was born in Tipperary, Ireland in 1854. He arrived in Canada in 1880. He moved to Rat Portage in 1889, when he was working with Winnipeg architect Frank Peters. He was was architect for a number of buildings in Kenora Hose Hardware 201 Main St (Tilly's Pharmacy, ) and Imperial Bank building (Johnson's Pharmacy ) on Main Street, in 1898 the Rat Portage Cold Storage and Provision Co. building for Vereker on the corner of Fort, now First Street, and Matheson Street. He died on 17 December 1924 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Maxwell Kirkpatrick Heap 1870-1949

Maxwell Kirkpatrick Heap, son of James Heap and Jean Colcleugh, was born May 3 1867 at Lindsay Ontario. He married Blanche Larsen, the step daughter of Dr. Thomas Hanson and Caroline (Pruden) Larsen May 26 1898.

He came to Rat Portage in 1895 as a bookkeeper for Lake of the Woods Fishing Company operated by his uncle F. Colcleugh of Selkirk Manitoba. He became associated with W.G. Cameron in 1895 and with Cameron and Heap Wholesale Groceries in 1897 or 1898 located on north side of 2nd St. S. Branches were subsequently established at Regina , Prince Albert, Dauphin, Fort William, and Nipigon. They sold the business in August 1929 to Western Grocers. After the sale of the business he moved to Vancouver where he died in February 11 1949.

William Eddie Heath 1890-1957

William Eddie Heath was born in Portland Ontario on October 28 1890.

He married Marie Martha Giquere in Keewatin May 18 1916. They had one daughter Phillis.

He was Captain of the Kenora Volunteer Fire Department under Chief Baxter. In 1917-1918 he was assistant chief under Fire Chief Fred Dubois.

He was employed by R.W. Ferrier who owned a grocery store.

He formed a partnership with Mr. R. Neale to operate Neale and Heath Grocery. He bought out Mr Neale in 1932 and operated the Heath's Grocery

He was president of the \curling Club (1921-22).

He was a member of the I.O.O.F lodge.

He died October 27 1957 in Toronto.

Peter Heenan 1875 - 1948

Peter Heenan, son of Peter Heenan and Margaret was born in Tullaree Monaghan, Ireland on February 19, 1875. He moved with his parents at the age of 9 years to Workington, Cumberland, England where he received his education. While still young he was offered a job with the Costa Rica Railway in Central America. He came to Canada and in 1902 was employed as a locomotive engineer for the C.P.R.

In October 9 1907 he married Annie Priscilla Fawcett in Brokenhead Manitoba.

They had six children

Peter F Heenan 1909

Margaret Heenan 1911 m. Nelson Porter

John Heenan 1914

Gertrude Heenan 1916 m. G McGoey

Warren Heenan 1919

Lloyd Heenan

In 1911 he was elected the local chairman of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and held the position for 8 years. He was a member of the Town council from 1910 to 1915.

In 1919 he was elected as Labour member to the Ontario Legislature and by acclamation again in 1923.

In 1925 he resigned his seat to accept nomination for the House of Commons which he was elected as a Liberal-Labour member and was re-elected in 1926 and 1930 in the Kenora Rainy River Riding. He was appointed Minister of Labour in the King Cabinet serving until 1930. He won a by-election by aclamation and again in 1930 in th general election

He resigned his federal seat in 1934 and won a provincial seat as the Liberal Party of Ontario candidate in the 1934 election for the riding of Kenora-Rainy River. He was re-elected in 1937. From 1934 to 1941, he was the Minister of Lands and Forests in the provincial government of Mitchell Hepburn and also served as Minister of Labour. In 1943 he suffered his first political defeat. In government he worked to implement social legislation includig Old age Pensions, Mother's allowance and pensions for the blind and unemployment Insurance.

In 1938 he was able to secure the Keewatin bridge on the TRans Canada highway and was insturmental in having the Fort FRances - Kenora Hignway built. He played a role in securing the Paper Mill in Kenora

He died in Toronto in May 12, 1948 after a lengthy illness. Mrs Heenan died in the Fall of 1992

Captain James Issac Henderson 1870 - 1926

Captain James Issac Henderson, son of John Henderson and Candace Jane Yokum, was born in Milton Ontario on 27 Aug 1870. At the age of 27 he moved to Portage La Prairie and a year later to Norman (Kenora) in 1902. In 1911 he moved his residence to Keewatin (also part of present day Kenora.

From 1902 until the time of his last illness he remained in the employ of Lake of the Woods Milling Company for whom he captained Lake boats.

He married Annie Kay on 9 December 1896 in Kenora. They had two children,

Anne Patterson Henderson, b. 10 Sep 1897, in Kenora d. 2 Sep 1987 in Vancouver, BC.

John "Jack Malcolm Henderson b. 11 Jul 1901 in Kenora, m. Janett "Nettie" Caldwell Tait on 23 Dec 1935 in Kenora, d. 11 Feb 1983 in Vancouver, B.C.

He was prominent in Masonic circles. He was a member of the Oddfellows

Louis Hilliard 1851-1914

Louis Hilliard wasborn 21 Sep 1851. He immigrated to Canada from Norway in 1870 according to the 1901 Canadian census. emigrated He married Annie X (b. 7 Nov 1863)

They had at least 3 children:

Charles E. Hilliard b. 20 Aug 1882
Laura B. Hilliard b. 6 Jul 1894
Harold A. Hilliard b. 26 Nov 1889

Rat Portage Miner and News - September 6, 1904

Excerpted from a letter written to the editor by a visitor to Mr. Hillard's farm which was located in Jaffray, about 2 miles from downtown Rat Portage (now Kenora).

Mr. Hilliard has 180 acres, 70 of which are under cultivation, and he claims 40 acres more of swamp land which is already drained and will be cleaned up this fall. Some of it that I saw was from one foot to eighteen inches of beautiful black mould, with clay subsoil.

His crop this year consists of 48 tons of hay, 9 acres of wheat, several acres of barley, and a quantity of vegetables of all kinds. He has 250 hogs and some turkeys and chickens, and he tells me that in 1903 he sold 37,000 pounds of pork, and since he started clearing off his land he has taken over eight thousand cords of wood of it. Still, when you talk of farming in this district, the majority of our citizens look at you as if your mental health would be improved by a sojourn to Selkirk. I do not claim to be a practical farmer, but when I see what Mr. Hilliard's farm proves, I cannot help but call the attention of the business community to the possibilities of this section in an agricultural way. I have met a dozen men who question the fact of Mr. Hilliard making his farm pay, but that is no doubt owing largely to the want of knowledge of what he is doing, and confidence in our soil. Thirty-seven thousand pounds of pork at 7c, amount to $2,590. Wages for the pork alone would not be over $480. The hogs will pasture on clover for three months out of four, that is one month to harden them on grain. The life of a pig should be about four months, and they should weigh about 125 pounds, to make the best pork. Mr. Hilliard showed me one sow that has two litters this year - one of twelve and one of eight. That is, twenty from one, and Mr. Cameron tells me his company buys about five carloads of pork every year. The CPR, the eastern farmer, and the pork packer gets all, and we sit here and do not make and effort to get any settlers onto our lands.

Arthur Graham "Mike" Holland 1904 - 1965

Arthur Graham Holland, son of Arthur Holland and Margaret Graham was born in Rat Portageon January 9 1904. He received his education in Kenora.

He commenced employment with the Bank of Ottawa. On July 1 1922 he started working on the construction crew of Backus and Brooks. He became superintendent of the finninshing Department in 1924 and served in that capacity until 1946. He was appointed Assistanet to the General Manager and served in that position from July 1 1946 until 1948He served as Public Relations representativer for the Ontario -Muinnesota Pulp and Paper Company from January 1 1949 to Jan 31 1951. He then resigned to become Vice President of Westario Motors Limited He retired in 1958.

He was a member of St Alban's Pro-Cathedral, Past Master of the Lake of the Woods Lodge, Past District Deuty, AF an AM, Past President of Kinsmen Club , member of the Rotary Club, Past President and Honourary Member of the Kenora Curling Club.

In his early years he played several seasons with the Kenpra Thistles.

He served on the Kenora Town Council from 1939 to 1942 and Mayor from 1943 to 1946.

He died at Port Arthur on Decmber 9 1965 after a lengthy illness

Reference: Nelson Kathryn & Patricia A Political History of Kenora 971.311 POL

Howard Fenwick Holmes 1878- 1917

Howard Fenwick Holmes son of Daniel Holmes and Charlotte Hoyt was born in 18 Apr 1857 at Petitcodiac, New Brunswick. He married his wife Maud Marion English in 5 Jun 1878 in Woodstock New Brunswick. At their marriage in 1878, HF was living in Victoria Co, New Brunswick while Maud was living in Woodstock, NB

They came to Rat Portage in 1882. He became a Town Counsellor in 1883 and 1884. He opened his hardware business on Main St. in 1890. He was a member of the First Electric Light and Telephone Company in 1890.

In 1894 he became agent for Hamilton Powder Company. This company was created in 1862 to buy the assets of the former Canada Powder Company, which had formed in 1852. Their major product was black powder, used for blasting. In 1878 the company was purchased by Dr. Thomas C. Brainerd, a U.S. businessman in the black powder industry. In order to provide the massive amounts of explosives needed to build the Canadian Pacific Railway, a new dynamite factory was opened in McMasterville, Quebec. Other black powder plants were acquired in Quebec and the Maritimes and, in 1890, the company opened the first explosives plant in the far west, near Nanaimo, British Columbia. In 1910 Hamilton Powder and Dominion Cartridge merged with the Acadia Powder Company, Ontario Powder Company, Standard Explosives Company, Western Explosives Company and Victoria Chemical Company to form the Canadian Explosives Company (CXL). During the 1920s they diversified into paint and varnish, coated fabrics and plastics, and in 1927 they changed their name to Canadian Industries Limited. Canadian Industries Limited, also known as C-I-L is a Canadian chemicals manufacturer. Products include paints, fertilizers and pesticides, and explosives. It was formed in 1910 by the merger of five Canadian explosives companies. It is currently a subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries.

He lives on Water Street, right behind the Museum. (McDonald's Directory of Rat Portage and the District of Rainy River, 1894.)

He sold his Rat Portage Hardware Co business, located on the west side of Main Street to C.E. Neads around 1897.

In 1901 he is a contractor. He apparently became estranged from Maud sometime after 1901, the last record of them living together, he had his left arm amputated and he may have suffered from alcoholism.

Maud died 25 April 1907 and is buried in Portage Vale Kings County, New Brunswick.

There is a record of him arriving in Buffalo, New York on 6 Nov 1913 but may not have been permitted entry. Another record has a Howard Fenwick dying in Jackson, Florida 20 April 1917.

Captain Frederick Thomas "F.T." Hooper 1851 - 1924

Captain Frederick Thomas Hooper, born 23 Nov 1851 in England, came west from Peterborough in 1873 to Fort Frances. He installed machines for the work on the construction of the Mackenzie Canal at Fort Frances. He returned east the same ear to finish his training as a machinist.

In 1876 he returned to Fort Frances and took out his Lake Captain papers and operated a streamer on the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods. He made his home at Rat Portage at this time. He handled transportation on the lake during the busy construction period of the CPR. In 1882 he was captain on D.L. Mather's boat.

He married Mary Sarah O'Sullivan, daughter of James O'Sullivan and Sarah Lewis. They had 8 children

Charles Thomas Hooper (Tom) b. 24 Nov 1883 (See Below)
May Kathleen Hooper (may) b. 14 Sept. 1885
John Hooper (jack) b. 03 Oct 1888
Isabella Helens Hooper (Isabel) b. 19 Dec 1890
Fredrick James Hooper (Jim) b. 28 Dec 1892
Sarah Margaret Hooper (Madge) b. 30 Mar 1894
William Hooper (Bill) b. 06 May 1899
Frances Hooper Aug 1901

Captain Hooper was a member of the Masonic Lodge.

Captain Hooper died in Kenora on 03 Jan 1924. His wife in 6 Jun 1935.

Charles Thomas Hooper (Tom) 1883 - 1960

Charles Thomas Hooper's oldest son of Captain Tom Hooper was born in Kenora on 24th Nov 1883. He played hockey as a lad and was a member of the Junior Thistle team that challenged the senior thistle team in January 1896 and soundly beat the senior team. In 1896 along with 13 year old Tommy Phillips joined the Senior League. By 1901 the team rose to the top of the Manitoba and Northwestern Hockey League. Playing with the Rat Portage Thistles in their first season a challenge was issued for the Stanley Club. In 1907 along with Roxy Beaudro, Tommy Phillips and Billy McGimsie, the Thistles won the Stanley Cup. He died in Vancouver B.C. on 23rd Mar 1960. He was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame two years later.

James Ambrose Horan 1882 - 1916

James Ambrose Horan, son of John Horan and Mary Ann McFadden was born December 27, 1882 in Seaforth, Huron County, Ontario. James was the second of seven children the others being,

John Joseph Horan b. Nov 2 1880

Catherin Horan Jun 12 1884

William Horan Jul 1 1885

Mary Horan July 24 1888

Johannah Celia Horan

Margaret Horan b. Apr 10 1894 m. Wattaan Bernard Flanagan Aug 29 1928

He married Gertrude Catherine McMurdie on June 4th 1907 at Kenora. They had three children:

Marion Gertrude Horan b. Mar 12, 1908 in Kenora d.

James Charles Lawrence Horan b. Aug 10, 1910 Kenora

Francis "Frank" Joseph Horan b. Dec 02, 1912 Kenora d May 31 1989 married Johanne Wolf, They had two children Joyce and Michael.

James managed the dry goods department at Gardner, Rice and MacLeod. For four years he was head head clerk proprietot and active manager of the Gardner Company. He tooknover the H.S. Horswill business from J. P. Smith early in 1908. By 1908 he owned the grocery store on Matheson St. named Horan and Company.

He joined the local militia regiment and was a Lieutenant in the 87th Regiment. He subsequently hr secured a commission with the 94th batallion. He went over seas and died in Oct 16 1916 at Courcelette.

Thomas "Tom" John Horsfall 1929 - 2001

Thomas John Horsfall was born in Ladner BC on July 5 1929. He married Ethel Babs Halstead. They had three children

Randi Horsfall narried Dan Kazmiruk

Chris Horsfall

Lori Horsfall

He was a partner in Sutcliffe Agencies in Kenora Ontario before moving out to Victoria British Columbia.

He joined the Kenora Rotary Clubon May 15 1972

He was known for his sense of humour, his love of song, his love of family and his great sensitivity to the needs of others

James Jackson Horn 1873-1954

James Jackson "Big Jim" Horn, son of Alexander Horn and Janet Jackson was born Nov 26 1873 in Carleton Place, Ontario. His siblings included,

John Alexander Horn born October 13 1871 married Sadie McRitchie, died July 10 1931 buried in Lake of the Woods cemetery, Kenora
Minnie Maud Horn born March 31 1876, married Edwin Devlin, died Vancouver September.

He married Frances "Fanny" Mary Smith April 5 1899 in Portage La Prairie. They had two children,

John Melvine Horn born 1900 in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, died 1975
Marion J. Horn born 1910 died 1990

He joined the CPR as an operator in Collander Ontario. He was an agent at Shoal Lake in 1901, and dispatcher at Fort Frances from 1901 -1905. In 1906 he became Chief Dispatcher at Kenora. In 1909 he was appointed Train Master. In 1910 he was transferred to Winnipeg as Acting Inspector of Transportation. In 1911 he returned to Kenora as Chief Dispatcher. In 1912 he returned to Winnipeg as Inspector of Transportation. In 1913 he became chief Inspector in Kenora and Train master in Ignace in 1915. Between 1919 and 1929 he was supervisor in Kenora. In 1929 Mr Horn became Superintendent at Revelstoke, BC until he retired in 1938. He then moved to Vancouver

He was a charter member of the Rotary Club and became President in 1921-22. He was a member of the Pequonga Lodge No 414 A.F. & A.M. and Gold Hill Lodge No 261.

He enjoyed fishing an took an interest in filming motion pictures for his own use. He died in January 16 1954 in Vancouver BC.

References: Early Settlers of Rat Portage V. 1 Page 154

Algeron Sydney "A.S." Horswill 1862-1927

Algeron Sydney Horswill, was born on February 1st 1862 in Leaminton Spa, Lancashire, England. He married Amy Vivian Partington, (born May 20th 1867 in Manchester, Lancashire, England) He married in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada in 1885.

They had a large family of which all but the last child were born in Rat Portage:

1.  Richard Sydney Horswill born Nov. 2, 1884 in Rat Portage, Kenora, died Jan 1886 in Rat Portage.

2. Algeron Thomas Horswill born Oct 26 1887 in Rat Portage; married Margaret Pearl McGregor, died Mar 18th, 1965 in Castlegar, BC

3. Alfred Stanley Horswill born Mar 12 1891 in Rat Portage, married Irene Evelyn Danforth, died July 3rd 1979 in Nelson, BC

4. Eva Violet Gersnell Horswill born April 20 1892 in Rat Portage, died January 19 1975 in Ladner, BC

5. Amy Vivian Horswill born October 14th 1894 in Rat Portage; married Robert Morrow March 2nd 1915 in BC; died June 12 1920 in Nelson, BC

6. Mary Louise Horswill born Feb 6th 1897 in Rat Portage; died October 15 1964 in Vancouver, BC

7. Leslie Wyatt Horswill born January 27 1899 in Rat Portage; died Feb 1900 in Rat Portage

8. Edward Allan Cecil Horswill born February 18 1902 in Rat Portage; died July 22nd 1965 in Vancouver, BC

9. Hugh Vernon Horswill born December 29th 1905 in Rat Portage; died December 24 Dec 1994 in Trail, BC

10. John "Jack" Partington Horswill born June 17th 1910 in Nelson, BC married Margaret Anne Hipperson

He was a sawyer when he first came to Rat Portage. Later he and his wife opened a confectionary on Main St.

Around 1895 he went into the grocery business on Matherson street erecting the J & B Grocery Block

He was the last Mayor of Kenora under the Name "Rat Portage"  before it changed its name to Kenora.The name Hudson's Bay Company adopted for their post located on Old Fort Island on the Winnipeg River was Rat Portage,  a rough translation of the Ojibwa name Waszush Onigum. This name was adopted by the community that grew up around it. The first suggestion of a name change came in a public meeting in 1892 followed by a local poll held by the local newspaper where 103 voted to retain it while possible alternatives, including Sultana, Norman, Sabaskong, Island City, Island Park, Pequonga, and Lakeside garnered a total of 173 votes. Strong feelings were expressed and the idea was dropped.

In 1902, the issue was raised with Imperial, Portage Falls, Goldwater, and Kenora presented for public approval.

In 1904 the Town Council gave the first reading of a bylaw to change the name at an October Council  meeting and a week later, the name Kenora was chosen. The name was derived by combining the first two letters of Keewatin, Norman, and Rat Portage. Credited with inventing the name was given to Mrs Matt Brown and Miss Hall. When the decision of the meeting was reported to the town, there was an instant uproar. A petition against the change was circulated in the town and sent to the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council in Toronto, whose approval was required to make the name change official.

The issue in the municipal election held on January 2, 1905.  In that election, Mayor Algernon S. Horswill was re-elected, as were three of the 1904 Councillors. Added to the slate were C.C. Delbridge, who was opposed to the name change, and William Robertson and W.W. Scott, whose position on the name issue seems to have been pro-change. The Lieutenant-Governor required a resolution from the new Council confirming the former's Council's resolution regarding the name change. A special Council meeting was held  and the confirming resolution was passed. At a April 10, 1905, town meeting held in the fire hall, once again, indignation was expressed with the name change. When Mayor Horswill was asked to explain the actions of the previous Council in passing the name by-law, he explained quite calmly that they had been within their rights to do so, since they were the elected representatives of the people.

Less than a month later, without the voter's input, Kenora was officially declared the new name of the Town, by ratification of the Lieutenant-Governor.  A large crowd assembled for another town meeting on May 25th gathered to express indignation . The Mayor was allowed to defend the actions of himself and the Council and he did so. When he was finished, there was applause and the name "Kenora" remained.

In 1908 A.S. Horswill moved to set up another business in Nelson BC. There he was once again elected a Town Counsellor.  He died on May 25 1927 in Spokane, Washington, USA. His wife died on Jul 7th 1944 in Nelson, BC

Source for Name Change:

Rat Portage Becomes Kenora, Lake of The Woods Museum Newsletter, Vol. 15 No.1, by Lori Nelson,

Jacob Hose 1853-1907

Jacob Hose was born in Wisconsin, US in 1853. He married Adelaide Emily Lucas at Kenora in 20 Jan 1888.

Hose Hardware Building as it appears in 2012

He arrived in rat Portage in 1881 and started his hardware business known as the Tin Shop in a log Cabin. In 1883 he erected the store occupied by R.J. Husband. In 1898 he build the large brick building (corner of Main St. South and Second St. South).

In a few years with deteriorating health and increasing business he took Mr Canniff into the partnership of Hose and Canniff.

In 1890 he erected the first amusement hall on the southwest side of Main St. known as Music Hall,

If ever Rat Portage erects a statue to the memory of the man who fostered and fed amateur dramatic art, that emblem in reticent store must represent Mr. Hose. Talk about about kindness and good nature! Any local troupe could use the Music Hall every night for months free of charge, and Mr. Hose would supply the fuel and light. He did this not only for the dramatic club, but for the minstrels, and in fact for everybody in town who wanted to get up an entertainment. Indeed it is not going to far to sa that there was a period in our early history when we thought the music hall belonged to the people. (Oct 4 1901)

Hose owned the point of land known as Kendall Point. He and his wife had no children. Eventually 4 of his sister Mary Kendall and her husband William's 5 children inherited the land.

On October 3 1906 Louis Hilliard agreed on the sale of the lot of land where the Hilliard House had burned down to Clayton Delbridge for $11,000 and on November 26th the same year Delbridge sold the lot o Jacob Hose and Joseph Johnson for $23,000. (Georgina Johnston page 269)

Mr Hose died suddenly July 11 1907. Mrs Hose moved in with her sister Mary Frances (Lucas ) Kendall. She died 21 years latter on 11 Feb 1928.

Fred Albert Hudson 1863 - 1932

Fred Hudson, son of Robert "Bob" Hudson and Mary Jane Little was born in Lyn, Ontario on December 05, 1863. He arrived at Rat Portage in 1889.

In 1894 he married Estella May Fleming (born Aug 17, 1869, Michigan, USA, died Jan 15, 1931, Winnipeg, Manitoba) on Mar 21, 1893 in Rat Portage. They had two children,

Gordon Milford Hudson January 5, 1894 in Rat Portage, died July 10, 1959 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Clifford Ross Hudson born July 9, 1896 in Rat Portage, died Jul 10, 1959 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

He worked in the construction business with William R. Gerrie for 5 years before starting a business in partnership with William Scott, known as Scott and Henderson. this company built many buildings in Rat Portage including the Imperial bank (Johnson's Pharmacy 2014). He worked with Scott and Hudson until a disastrous fire of 1915 which destroyed the factory, wood , machinery stock and tools. The business was under insured covering only $6000 of the estimated $35,000 loss.

He served as fire chief of the fire Brigade in the 1900 until 1915. The brigade was an entirely volunteer organization. He started evaluating losses for people after fires. In 1909 he was building instructor.

He served on Town council in 1901 to 1904.

He was active in many sports activities in the town. In the summer he rowed and was horse racer owning the famous horse " Chestnut Harry".In the winter he was an active curler and was granted an honourary life member. He managed the Kenora Thistles and was manager at the time of their Stanley cup in 1907.

In 1916 he moved to Winnipeg. Fred Hudson died May 7, 1932 in St Boniface, Manitoba.

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John Wesley Humble 1851- 1939

John Wesley Humble (J.W, Humble) was born in London Ontario on September 22 1851. His father Thomas Humble was one of the pioneer farmers in Middlesex County, Ontario and J.W. Humble was brought up and worked on the farm until the age of 20. In 1871 he took up employment with J.S. Watson of Township of Brudenell, Renfrew County. He learned telegraphy and became a a store clerk and telegraph operator. He was a graduate of Oxford University, England where he learned bookkeeping. He remained in Mr Watson's employment until December 1878.

In March 1879 he arrived in Winnipeg. In April 1879 he was engaged by the contractors of section B of the CPR which extended from Rat Portage to Eagle River. He worked until the construction was finished and then entered the employment of Frank Gardner of Rat Portage. In 1883 he was a clerk in McKinnon Brothers. General store with Angus Carmichael.

In 1885 he went into business for himself and took over the wine and spirt business of the Gare Estate on the corner of main Street and First Street South until 1899 when he sold it to E.R. Welsman.

The 1888 publication "The New West", Winnipeg, Manitoba, gives the following description of J.W. HUMBLE's business of " Wholesale and Retail Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Main Street, Rat Portage"

Prominent among the honorable and substantial business houses of this city is that of Mr. J.W. Humble, dealer in wines and liquors, who has been established in business here since 1885, during which time he has built up a large and lucrative trade, which extends to all parts of the surrounding country. The premises occupied are fitted up in a neat and attractive style, and a large and complete stock of imported and domestic wines, brandies, whiskies and cigars is carried. In addition to a prosperous local patronage, the house enjoys an extensive outside trade. Mr. Humble's honorable business principles have won the esteem of the trade, and he is popularly considered a leading merchant in his line.

He married Martha Malissia Ross, daughter of William Ross and Margaret Carswell on 25 Dec 1889 and had three children:

Florence Margaret Humble b. 11 Dec 1890 at Rat Portage, Ontario
George E. Humble, b. 1892, died 15 Jan 1897
William Garnet Humble b. 18 Mar 1894 at Rat Portage, Ontario

Mr Humble was very active in the community of Rat Portage. He was a member of the Rowing Club member and Board of Trade in 1890. In 1895 he was a member of the Hospital Finance Committee. He was a member of the Finance Committee and on the Board of Directors of Western Algoma Brick Company in 1896. He was President of the Library Board, and on the local board of Health, Chairman of First Board of Jubilee Hospital in 1897.

Between 1893 and 1896 he erected three blocks on or near Main St.

In 1902, he was appointed Sheriff for the District of Rainy River which lasted until he retired in 1931. He died in Kenora in 1939.

Leslie Earl Hutchinson 1888 - 1976

Earl Hutchinson, son of Prince Eugene Hutchinson and August Doan was born October 23 1888 atPort Burwell, Elgin County, Ontario. He attended Port Burwell's public and High School and then St Thomas Business College.

He married Julia Ellen huckabone on February 6 1917. They had one daughter Noreen who married James Power.

He was employed by the CPR as a wiper-fireman from 1906 and later became a locamotive engineer. He was the chairman of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen for 8 years.

He served on the Town Council from 1925 to 1927 and mayor for 1928 and 1929.

He was elected on October 30 1929 to the Provicial Legislature representing Labour defeating Joseph P Earngey 3529 votes to 3124. In 1934 he increased his margin over John Fee 5877 to 3540. He resigned on July 12 1934 on his appointment to the Workmen's Compensation Board where he sat as vice-chair.

He was a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and the Grand Lodge for 12 years.

He retired from the CPR on November 1 1953.

He died in Woodstock Ontario on August 17 1976


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