People of Kenora - F

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People of Kenora - F

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Mervyn "Merv" Ronald Farrow 1937-2013

Merv Farrow

Mervyn Ronald, son of Ron Farrow and Rose Farrow, formally of Dryden was born on Sept.. 11, 1937.

He married his wife Joan in 1961. They had three children.

He drove a taxi, worked in a funeral home, and trained as a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force before deciding to become a teacher. He taught at Riverdale School in Fort William, and Central School and Gron Morgan School in Port Arthur, ON. He was an Education Counsellor for a short time for Indian Affairs.

He moved to Kenora, ON to work for Confederation College heading up the development of campuses in Kenora, Dryden, Red Lake and other smaller northern communities.

He and his family moved to Zambia for two years where he was a supervisor for colleges there. After moving back to Canada, Merv taught English and Science at Lakewood School in Kenora.

He founded the Academy of Technical and Vocational Training in Kenora.

After retirement he spent much of his time in Mesa, where he enjoyed playing bocce and shuffleboard.

From his obituary:

He had a sense of wonder about life and living things; he delighted in teaching his students about the natural world. He was well known for the exotic animals and specimens that filled his classroom.

He was Kenora Rotary President 1974-75

He died on Nov. 18, 2013 in Mesa, Arizona.

A. D. Ferguson

Dr at 300 Matheson St at least by 1921

David Thomson Ferguson 1861 - 1911

David Thomson Ferguson, son of John Ferguson and Elizabeth Binning was born in Collingwood, Ontario, June 1 1861. He arrived in Rat Portage before 1891.

He married Jean Anderson Nisbet Mackenzie 10 Feb. 1886 in Rat Portage. They had the following children,

John Binning Ferguson b. 10 Jan 1887, Rat Portage
Malcolm Mackenzie Ferguson b. 26 Jul 1888, Rat Portage
Dorothy Madeline Ferguson b. 1890, Rat Portage
Jessie Nisbet Ferguson b. 29 Jul 1892, Rat Portage
Marvin Seaforth Ferguson b. 13 Jan 1895, Rat Portage
Kenneth Gordon Ferguson b.04 Aug 1901, Rat Portage
David Athol Ferguson b. 14 May 1904, Rat Portage

He built a block on the West side of Main St. S. in 1896 where he operated his watch and jewelry Store. The second armory was in his basement. He later went into partnership with an Atkinson and later Atkinson bought him out.

He died 02 Sep 1911 in Victoria B.C. but was buried in Kenora.

William A. Ferguson 1867 - 1920

William A. Ferguson, son of John Ferguson and Elizabeth Binning was born in Collingwood, Ontario, June 4, 1867. His parents of Scotch descent, became early residents of Collingwood, where the father engaged in the milling business until his death.

He was first employed in a Jewelry store by C. W. Colman of Toronto, with whom he remained for two years. He worked at the business in different places before 1891, when he came to Rat Portage and worked for his brother David. T. Ferguson for seven years. At the end of that time he established business on his own account and now carries a fine line of jewelry of all grades in order to meet the general trade. His patronage has constantly grown, as he has put forth earnest effort to please his patrons, who have recognized also his unfaltering adherence to a high standard of commercial ethics.

On 09 Sep 1898 Mr. Ferguson was married to Miss May Arnold of Rat Portage. They had three children :

William Clarence Ferguson b. 20 Jan 1903 Rat Portage
Francis Stuart Ferguson b. 28 Feb. 1906 Kenora
Robert Arnold Ferguson b. 18 Aug. 1910 Kenora

Mr. Ferguson belonged to the Ancient Order of United Workmen and to the Presbyterian Church.

William Ferguson died in 1920 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Ernest Richard Finch 1873- 1972

Ernest Richard Finch born 13 oct 1873 in Ontario. He married Annie Elizabeth Hamilton 31 Jan 1912 in Birtle, Manitoba, Canada. He was a counsellor in Rat Portage in 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, and 1922.

His occupation was an engineer.

He died in Kenora, Ontario, May 1972. His Wife predeceased him in Kenora 1n January 1960.


Thomas Stoddard Agar FitzGerald 1873 - 1966

Thomas Stoddard Agar FitzGerald, or simply Agar FitzGerald as he was known in Rat Portage was born 4 Mar 1873.

On 7 Feb 1912 he married Sylvia Lucille Wiggle in Essex County, Ontario. They had at three two children

Gerald Fitzgerald b. 24 Apr. 1917 Kenora
Alice Agar Fitzgerald
Living FitzGerald Kenora, Ontario

He delivered parcels for William Baker.

He died 7 May 1966.

Charles Flett

Charles Flett b. Oct 1850 married his wife Mary b. abt 1857 and had the following children

Charles Flett b. abt 1873
Jane Flett b. abt 1875
Andrew Flett b. abt 1876
Mary Ann Flett b. abt 1878.
Alexander Flett b. abt
Hector Flett b. Sep 1887
Charles Flett b. abt 1890
Milander Flett b. Jun. 1901

He is listed as a fisherman in Rat Portage in 1901.

Samuel George Fogg 1858 - 1898

Samuel George Fogg, son of Thomas and Frances Fogg was born in Stratford Ontario, 24 June 1858 the 2nd of seven children to be born to the couple. He and was a resident of Brantford Ontario in the census of 1861 in Brantford Ontario. Ontario. By the 1971 census he was a resident of St Mary's Perth South Ontario.

Samuel enlistedwith the North West Mounted Police at Sarnia, Ontario on the 7th of June 1876.  He, voluntarily (and with a "very good" rating) took his discharge at Fort Macleod on the 19th of May 1880 with an intended place of residence as Benton, Montana.

In 1880 his occupation was described as Telegraph Operator as the Enumeration date of the 2nd and 3rd of June 1880, living in Fort Benton, Chouteau, Montana.

On 5 January 1886 he had married Elizabeth Jane Curless. daughter of Olive Curless and Elizabeth Watson. and their first child Arthur Oliver Thomas Fogg was born in Winnipeg 16 May 1886. Their second child Beatrice Elizabeth Fogg was born in Rat Portage on 16 Dec 1888. Margaret May (Marnie) Fogg arrived on 04 Sep 1889, Stanley Gordon Fogg March 1892, William Fogg on 29 Mar 1894 and Freddie Fogg on 16 Sep 1895 all in Rat Portage.

In Rat Portage he work on the railway. He died on 13 July 1898 in Rat Portage of Typhoid Fever and was buried in Plot 20W-21-2 in Lake of the Woods Cemetery on July 15 1898. The newspaper on July 8 1898 reported as follows:

"Death of Sam. G. Fogg.
Sam G. Fogg, one of the old time railroad men of this town, died of typhoid fever Wednesday and was buried this morning. At one time he was yard master of the C.P. at this station, and has occupied various other railroad positions for that company. He was about 40 years old, and leaves a wife and seven children. Mr. Fogg took great interest in minerals, and owned one of the finest private collections in Ontario, a part of which was on exhibition at the World's fair, at Chicago in 1893. Mr. Fogg was very highly esteemed by all who knew him."

Presumably the seventh child alive at the death of Samuel George Fogg did not survive to the next census. In 1901 wife is living in Rat Portage, employed as a domestic servant and the boys are living in a boy's Home in Winnipeg. In 1906 they are back together as a family in Winnipeg. Mrs Fogg died in Winnipeg 9 Jun 1935.

Sources: personal Files at Library and Archives Canada.

Kenora Miner & News July 8 1898

John M. Denton Fraine 1881 - 1951

Denton Fraine, son of Samuel Fraine and Mary Bellah, was born in St Thomas, Elgin County on January 22 1881. His father was a tailor. He had several siblings including Mittie, Harry, Jennie, May, and Hattie.

He married Bertha Grace Squance in Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania on June 28 1902. They had one three children

Katherine May Fraine b. May 1905. married Clarence Powles, died in Nelson, BC in 2000

John "Jack" Norman Fraine 09 Apr 1912 in Medicine Hat,

Denton Fraine, b. 1915 in Alberta

He commence work with the CPR as a brakeman in Medicine Hat in 1904 and then conductor. In 1916 he moved to Nelson BC as Assistant Superintendent and a year latter in the same position in Calgary and Superintendent in 1923. In 1926 he moved to Revelstoke as superintendent and in 1929 became superintendent in Kenora. He remained in Kenora from 1929 to 1946 when he retired to Vancouver BC.

How well I remember J.D. Fraine , CPR superintendent, standing on the station platform, his watch in outstretched hand as he clocked the arrival and departures of passenger trains. (Stuart King)

In Kenora he was a horticulture enthusiast developing the CPR Depot gardens to a point of recognition across Western Canada. He was active in the Kenora Agriculture Society. He was a member of the Lake of the Woods Club. He took an active interest in Amateur sports and his son was a member of the Junior Thistles. He was an expert Bridge player.

He was president of the Kenora Rotary Club in 1933-34.

He died in Vancouver on January 3 1951.

W. Luke Francis

Born in Kenora. Married Julia Christianson Elected as a Councillor in Keewatin in 1958 Mayor for 12 years Electrician Boise President of the Electrical Workers Local, President of North Western Development Association

Jack "J.R." Fraser

Jack "J.R." Fraser is believed to be James but I have had difficulty figuring out which James. Fraser played five games for Thistles during the 1903-04 season, four as a rover and one replacing Billy McGimsie at center, scoring one goal. Fraser later played for the Thistles' interleague rival Brandon Wheat Kings, potting 10 goals in the 1906-07 season and squaring off against his former club in a two game Stanley Cup playoff. The following year Fraser played for another rival, the Portage La Prairie Plains, scoring 8 goals in 9 games before moving back east to play for various clubs, including the Nipissing Mines, Waterloo Colts, and the legendary dream team, the Renfrew Millionaires. Fraser may have died in 1942.

I would appreciate any additional information any one can provide me with this individual.

Joseph Victor Fregeau 1903 - 1972

Joseph "Joe" Victor Fregeau son of Cloris Fregeau and Catherine Binoue (?) was born in 1903 in Fort Williams.

He married Mary Eleanor Kidder in October 1 1925 in Fort Williams. They had one son Victor Joseph Fregeau born June 25 1926 who dies August 24 1977 in Kenora.

He was a member of the Kenora Rotary Club.

He served as an Alderman from 1946 to 1952. He was Mayor from 1954 to 1956. In 1955 he ran a close second Albert Wren in the 1955 Provincial Election. He served as Mayor for a part of 1957 but was replaced by Peter Ratuski when he was appointed Magistrate. He died in Kenora in 1972 His Wife Mary Eleanor passed away in Kenora in 1964.


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