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People of Kenora - Template

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Joseph Pattulo Earngey 1870 - 1939

Joseph Pattulo Earngey, sixth and youngest child of Joseph Earngey and Mary Graham was born February 9 1870 in the township of Chinguacousy, near Brampton in Peel County, Ontario. His other siblings included Lizzie, Kate, Maggie, Thomas R. and William. He learned his printing trade and newspaper in Brampton. He taught in the Industrial school in Mimico. He had a short stay in Deronto before returning to Brampton.

He came to Rat Portage in 1897.

He married Anna Cecelia Kelly in York (Toronto) on January 2 1900.

He started a newspaper in the building that subsequent became the town office on the west side of Main St. South (in 1914 100 main St. S.) with upstairs and machines in the basement. He spent seven months in 1901 in Rossland B.C. as Editor of the Rossland Miner. His wife and possibly Miss Kelly (possibly her sister) ran the business in Rat Portage in his absence. He bought "The News", the forerunner of the Kenora Daily znd Miner in 1904. He continued as owner of the paper until his death in May 1939.

He was active in civic and fraternal affaires in the community. He was a member and President of the Board of Trade, a member for several years of the Jubilee Hospital, a member of the Lake of the Woods Club, The Golf Club, Lake of the Woods Masonic Lodge, and a board member of the Kenora Rotary Club.

He served as town councillor form 1911 to 1914 and mayor of Kenora from 1915 to 1918.

He was an active member of the Conservative Party and served as its President. In 1926 he ws elected to the Ontario Legislature and served to 1929. During his term the road from Fort Frances to Kenora was started. Due in part to his strenous efforts the old jail was turned over to the Dominion Government for an armoury. He also worked stenously for the construction of the Kenora Paper Mill.

While to the author's knowledge he never had any children of his own, he brought joy to many in various ways including the giving of free Christmas shows in the local theatre. Following his death on May 26 1939 and funeral, children lined the lane ways of the Lake of the Woods Cemetary for his burial, with tributes paid by the attendance of several organizations and individuals as reported in his paper on May 30 1939.

Dr. James Christopher Edie 1926- 1991

James Christopher Edie was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 6 Apr 1926. He moved to Kenora Ontario in 1958 where he joined Drs Patton and Hallowell in the general practice of Medicine. He specialized in Anesthesia.

He served as vice chairman of the Catholic district School Board from 1959 to 1968. He served on the Library Board. He was a member of the Kinsman Club, K-40 and Knigths of Columbus (4th degree).

He married his wife Joan M. and had eight children,

Nuala, Rob, Mary, Brad, Chris, Jane, Margot, Patricia.

He passed away in the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg Manitoba on 29 November 1991.

Dr. Albert Henry Edmison 1860-1934

Dr. Albert Henry Edmison, son of William Alexander Edmison and Abigail Morgan was born in Roseneath, Ontario 20 Sep 1860 and came to Rat Portage in the 1880s. In 1901 he is listed in the census as resident at Rat Portage and his partner Dr Laidlaw live at the same residence.

He married Eva Elizabeth Richards on 12 Nov 1890 in Rat Portage. They had 4 children:

Nora Edmison b. 03 Mar 1897

Ruth Edmison b. 11 Oct 1898

Alexander Edmison b. Jan 1904

Marie Edmison b. Feb 1905

He died in Kenora on 11 Feb 1934

Captain Frank Edwards 1879- 1945

Frank Edwards was born in England in 1879. He came to Canada in 1903.

In 1912 he was appointed Justice of Peace for the District of Kenora.

In 1920 he was appointed Indian Agent at Kenora.

The Kenora Town Council founded the Lake of the Woods Museum in 1964. In that same year, the Land Titles building was transferred from the Province to the Town and served as the first museum. When the museum was established, the collection centred on the artifacts of Captain Frank Edwards, an Indian agent in Kenora from 1920 until his death in December 1945.

Richard Hingston Elliott 1893-1959

Richard Hingston Elliott, son of Arthur Elliott and Minnie Barrie was born October 31 1893 in Montreal, Quebec. He operated a bakery shop on the south east corner of Second St. South and Matheson St.

He married Ruby Isabella Jackson July 21 1925 in Kenora.


Ester Veronica Elliott born April 20 1926
Ruby Cardwell Elliott born February 19 1928
Richard Bryce Elliott born June 6 1930, married Marlene Smallwood
Carol Ann Elliott born January 6 1940

Irish Confectionary (Later Bryce's Bakery presided over by Shorty Elliott in his white apron) Lorne Hamilton 1983 page 22

George E Evans 1851 -

George E. Evans was born 26 Apr 1851 IN England. He married Charlotte J. who was born 14 Mar 1844 in Ontario. They had two adopted children, Maggie b. 11 Aug 1887 and Nellie b. Sep 1898. George was an Insurance agent in 1901. His religion was Presbyterian. In 1911 his residence was in Vancouver BC. His wife died in Vancouver. He ran unsuccessfuly in the 1901 municipal elections in Rat Portage.


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