People of Kenora - D

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People of Kenora - D

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John Dahl

Olivier Donais (1836 - 1916)

Olivier Daunais (aka, Daunis, Donna, Donnat,) son of Jean Baptiste Danais (aka Desnoyers, Donais, Daunis) and Helen Tchiatang Madjiabondamok L' Avocat (aka Schietang) was born in Sorel Quebec 4 Jan 1836. The 1850 United States Federal Census list Olivier Donnat as living with his father Baptiste and brother Francois in his brother Josseph's house in Little Canada, Ramsey County, Minnesota Territory. In 2 Jul 1861 he married Marie Therese Charbonneau at Saint Boniface, (Manitoba after 1870) and the 1870 Federal Census indicates that 4 children, Lenora, Olivier, Josephine and Helen were born in British North Americasuggesting he spent most of the v1860s in what subsequently became Manitoba. The 1870 census has his family living in Township 138 Range 48 W, Clay Minnesota. However in 24 Oct 1866 an Olivier Donais declares his intention of becoming a US citizen in Benon County Minnesota indicating he first arrived in the US around 1 Nov 1848.

He commences a relation with Helen L' Avocet (aka Helene Tchiatang Masdjiabondamok L' Avocat) around 1878. There is some conflicting evidence as to whether he ever acquired a divorce from Therese or married Helen.

The 1891 Census has him listed in Port Arthur North (Olivier Donais) with wife Ellen, and children Lizzy [b. Elizabeth Agnes 1880], Emma [b. 10 May 1882], Henry [born abt 1885], Alice [b. 27 aug 1886] and George [b. 9 Oct 1888]

The 1901 Canadian Census has him living in Rat Portage with Lizzie, Emma Alice and George as well as grandaughter Marcella.

Olivier Daunais passes away in Kenora on 4 February 1916.

James Noble Davidson 1909-

James Noble Davidson, son of James Noble Davidson and Bertha May Simpleson was born in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan on August 14 1909. His father died when he was three years old. He was educated in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan from Grade 1 to 4. He got his Grade 5 in California. He spent a year in Ottawa and the next two in Chesley Ontario. He attendedboarding school in Kitchner for grade 9 and 10 and then returned to Chesley, Ontario to complete High School.

He studied Philosophy and Psychology at St Michael's College Univesity of Toronto.

He arrived in Kenora in 1941 and taught since 1942 becoming head of the Commercial Department at Beaver Brae before retiring.

He organized the first Credit Union in Kenora in 1943.He served on the Board of the Ontario Credit Union commencing 1946.

He served as President of the Kenora-Rainy River Federal Riding and Kenpra Provincial Riding Association. He sought the nomination of the Liberal-Labour Party in 1965.

He was the Treasurrer of the Indian White Committee of the Town of Kenora

He was a President of the Home and School Council of Kenora.

In 1971 he was the Director of the Kenora Recreational Centreain

Raymond Glenn Davidson 1896 - 1969

Raymond Glenn Davidson, son of David R Davidson and Addie May Glenn was born in Bighton, Ontario on March 16 1896. His siblings include,

Margery Davidson born 1900
Morley Davidson born 1902

He entered Queen's University and while a medical student enlisted with the Canadian Army Medical Corps in Kingston, Ontario January 5 1916. Greater details relating to his service and health during the World War 1 may be found at

In 1921 he is listed as a medical student living with his family in Armeliasburgh Ontario. The next year he moved to Kenora to open his medical practice.

In September 1927 he married Agnes Anna McLeod, born May 1897, daughter of Donald "Dan" McLeod. They had two daughters

Maureen Davidson
Ruth Davidson

Dr Glen Davidson served as a general Practitioner and surgeon in Kenora for over 40 years. He serve as corner in Kenora for many years.

He was active in community affairs. He served on the school board for 25 years. He was the first chairman of the Lake of the woods Museum Board. He was a member of the K 40 Club, the Kenora Masonic Lodge, a member of Knox United. He an active member of the Rotary Club and President in 1936-37.

He was made a fellow of the Order of St. John by her Majesty the Queen.

The Davidsons moved to Toronto in 1967. Agnes died on June 21 1968 and Glenn passed away on July 6 1969.

James Bowen Davies 1862 - 1954

James Bowen Davies, was born in Blaengareg, Carmarthenshire, Wales on 27 Oct 1862. He married Anne Evans in London, England, United Kingdom on 12 Jul 1882. He died in lethbridge Alberta in 1954.

They had 5 children:

Margaret Hnaes Davies b. 13 February 1888 in Norman
Thomas J.S. Davies and Daniel John Evans Davies, twins born 27 August 1890

Anne Gwendolen Davies b. 08 Jan 1895
Unidentified Davies

He served on the Rat Portage Council 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895 and 1896. He was an unsuccessful candidate in at least the 1901 election reported in local newspapers January 11 1901

Thomas Russell Deacon 1865 - 1955

Thomas Russell "Russ" Deacon, son of James and Jane Deacon was born at Perth, Ontario on 3 January 1865. After his early elimentary education he worked in lumber camps in Northern Ontario. At the age of 20 he returned to school.

In 1887, he worked as an assistant surveyor in the Rocky Mountains. He enrolled at the University of Toronto, graduating with degree in civil engineering in 1891. After graduation, he was employed as a construction superintendent of the water works system at North Bay, Ontario.

Deacon moved in 1892 to Rat Portage (now Kenora) as manager of the Ontario Gold Concessions for the district of Rainy River. He served as managing director and consulting engineer for the Mikado Gold Mining Company. He was also a member of the town council, city engineer for five years, and acting mayor for a year.

In 1894, he married Lily Dingman of Belleville, Ontario, with whom he had four children: Lester Jerome Deacon (1895-1917), Edith Deacon (b 1900), Alfred Ernest Deacon, and Ronald Deacon (b 1907). Mrs. Deacon was born in Prince Edward County, Ontario, was educated at Pictou High School and Albert College, Belleville, Ontario and served as President of the Local Council of Women, President of the Mothers’ Association, a member of the Mothers’ Allowances Commission from its inception, and a member of the Social Service Council.

In 1902 he moved to Winnipeg and where he found the Manitoba Bridge and Iron Works with Hugh Buxton Lyall.
He was on the Winnipeg city council in 1906 when the Shoal Lake water supply was discussed, and he promoted Shoal Lake as a source of water for Winnipeg for years thereafter. In 1913 he was elected mayor of Winnipeg on a Shoal Lake platform and he implemented the scheme. He was re-elected mayor in 1914.

Deacon was always hostile to trade unions. At one point he advised the city’s unemployed to “hit the trail.” He opposed any limitations on immigration. In 1917 he employed a private-detective agency to supply strikebreakers from Montreal, as well as an anti-picketing injunction and a suit for damages against one of the striking unions. His tactics as employer contributed to the Winnipeg General Strike. In November of 1919, after the strike he introduced a “Work’s Council” system of employee advisory boards into his shop to forestall unionization. Deacon was often employed by labour as the classic example of the anti-union strikebreaking Winnipeg employer.

He was President of the Manitoba Bridge & Iron Works Limited, President of the Manitoba Steel & Iron Company, Vice-President of the Manitoba Rolling Mill Company, a member of the Good Roads Board of Manitoba, a member of the Executive Council Canadian Manufacturers’ Association, and Vice-President of the Employers’ Association of Manitoba.

Deacon was a member of the Masons, the Manitoba Club, and the Southwood Golf Club. He served as President of the Canadian Club of Winnipeg from 1914 to 1915, and the Mayor of Winnipeg Beach (1914).

He died at his Winnipeg home, 144 Yale Avenue, on 28 May 1955 and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery.


Manitoba Historical Society Manitoba Historical Society, both accessed August 29 2016, Obituary, Winnipeg Free Press, 31 May 1955, page 30. Dictionary of Manitoba Biography by J. M. Bumsted, Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 1999.

Dr. John D Dean

Dr. John D. Dean was born around 1888. He practiced Dentistry as successor to Dr. C.N. Schnarr. In July 1928 he practiced from the Carmichael Block on Main St. He was Kenora Rotary President 1939-1940.

Charles C. Delbridge 1867 - 1934

Charles C. Delbridge, was born May 28 1867 in Oxford County Ontario and moved to Rat Portage around 1890. He married Sarah Luttrell October 25 1899. They had three children,

Pearl Victoria Delbridge born Jan 10 1901
Bernice Emma Delbridge May 25 1903
Clayton Boston Delbridge May 1907

He established a livery business around 1895 which became well known through out the town and district by providing coaches, buggies and all kinds of conveyances, day or night. Sleighs replaced the buggies in the winter time.

He served on the Town Council in 1905 and 1909. As chairman of the works Committee he laid the first cement sidewalks in 1906 on portions of Main St. Second Street and First Street. The next year he became a contractor for laying cement sidewalks. He was largely responsible for organizing the syndicate to build the Tourist Hotel in 1907.

He sold his livery business to Link and Henderson. In June 1909 he moved to Vancouver where he took a position on the Vancouver Police Commission. He died on April 28 1934.

Maurice I Derouard 1876 - 1939

Maurice I Derouard, son of Vital Derouard and Josephine Jullellerie Couleard was born on 14 May 1876 in Evon, France. He came to the Kenora area around in 1902. He married Anais Cecile Leydier in Kenora on 17 Aug 1905. She was born in Lagorce, Vallon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes on December 14 1881 and died in Kenora on September 12 1974. They had 7 children,

Maurice Alphonse Derouard born in Kenora in 1906, married Lucille D Derouin in Kenora, died in Kenora in 1966

Fernand Derouard born 1908, married Margaret Neniska (1918 - 1996) died in Kenora on 25 Jan 1988.

Henry Derouard born in Kenora on 19 Mar 1910, died in Kenora in 1988.

Henrietta Marie Derouard born on 1 Feb 1914 in Kenora, married James Frederick Emilie Adolph Scheuerman, died in Kenora on 17 Sep 2002.

Martha Rose Derouard born in Kenora on 30 Jun 1917, married Harold Lawrence Fraser

Helen Edna Alphonsene Derouard born in 1919 in Kenora, died in Kenora in 1944.

John "Johnny" George Derouard born on 28 Sep 1923 in Kenora, married Therese Marie Lajeunesse in Kenora on 20 Oct 1946.

Maurice commenced employment as a farmer. He was an assessor for the Jeffray and Mellick township. He carried mail in Kenora for many years. He operated a boarding house on Third Street South.

He had a stroke while at a hockey game and was confined to St. Joseph's Hospital in Kenora before passing away November 1 1939.

George Derry 1849 - 1924

George Derry, née George Déry, son of George Déry and Sophie Tessier (dit laPlante) was born on August 24 1849 in Quebec. His father George Déry from Lorette Quebec baptized his children and enumerated his children in Canadian census as Déry but when George moved to the United States the name was anglicized to Derry. His siblings included,

Annie Déry born 1850 in Lorette, Quebec
Joseph Déry born 1853 in Lorette, Quebec
Malvina Déry born Oct 28 1855 in Saint Raymond, Portneuf, Quebec
Caroline Déry born 1858 in Quebec

It has not been ascertained when they met or where they married but George Derry married Delia Blanchard, born in Quebec and they first appear in a census living in North Adams, Massachusetts where they are living with her family. George worked on the Hoosac Tunnel completed in 1875.

They had a total of at least 6 children,

George Derry (first of two Georges) born 1870 in North Adams and died very young
Rose Derry born 1871
Arthur Derry
Joseph Derry born October 3 1876 in North Adams, Massachusetts (See Below)
George Derry Jr. died at the age of 16 years in April 1900
Williard John Derry born August 15 1890 Died June 7 1957 (See his story at

George Derry and family arrived in Rat Portage in 1877 from North Adams, Massachusetts, according to the news article on his death as well as an article by David Hogoboam published in 1923. He was engaged with the CPR handling the new explosive nitroglycerin on the construction of the railway. He worked 1877-78 in Rat Portage before moving to Vermillion Bay ultimately returning to Rat Portage where Delia died on Feb 19 1900.

According to Through the Kenora Gateway, page 77 the George Derry family arrived in Rat Portage in 1879 on the steamship "Lady of the Lake" on the same ship as the Governor General Lord and Lady Aberdeen in 1879.

He had been friends with Frank Gardner and was living with him by the 1901 census.

Subsequent to the death of his first wife he married Catherine Janet MacDonell born 1871. They had two daughters, Donnell born in Kenora in 1906 and a second daughter.

George Derry was a close friend of Frank Gardner. They became involved in mining buying a property on Scotty’s Island on which the mine was located. In July 1899, they sold it to the Ottawa Gold Mining and Milling Company. George Derry did some bush work for Mr. Gardner. He ran some camps during the winter months, putting out cordwood for the steamboats and for the Sultana mine. When he got older Mr. Derry was employed by the town, working at the pump house in Lakeside.

When Mr Gardner's wife died George Derry's wife Catherine looked after his children, particularly the two youngest.

He died in July 1924 at 74. In his reporting his death, the Kenora Miner and News indicated,

The late George Derry was a man whom it was a pleasure to know. Of exceptional sterling character he was always kind, generous and thoughtful and of him it may be said his word was a good is his bond. Thought of a reserved and quiet temperament, it was a real pleasure to talk to him of the early days here, for to him its hardship always had a humorous.

Joseph Derry 1876 - 1958

Joseph Derry, son of George Derry née George Déry, and Delia Blanchard was born October 3 1876 in North Adams, Massachusetts. George and Delia traveled from their province of birth, Quebec to work on a project in the United States and Joseph was born while living there with George Derry and family arrived in Rat Portage in 1877 from North Adams, Massachusetts, according to the news article on his death as well as an article by David Hogoboam published in 1923. He was engaged with the CPR handling the new explosive nitroglycerin on the construction of the railway. He worked 1877-78 in Rat Portage before moving to Vermillion Bay ultimately returning to Rat Portage where Delia died on Feb 19 1900.

According to Through the Kenora Gateway, page 77 the George Derry family arrived in Rat Portage in 1879 on the steamship "Lady of the Lake" on the same ship as the Governor General Lord and Lady Aberdeen in 1879.

His mother (Delia Blanchard) died on February 19 1900 when Joseph was 24 years of age.

He married Frances McKeown on September 2 1897. They had two children

Frances Irene Derry, born August 27 1898 in Rat Portage, married Joseph Cyril Antoine Ouellette Kenora Rotary 1942-43

Stanley Joseph Derry born November 30 1902 in Rat Portage. He died February 1 1942.

Joseph was the owner of the Bijou theater (in 2013 the Bijou Streak house). In 1914 he bought the property where the Hilliard Opera House was located after it burned and following the death of Mr Hilliard in 1914 and moved his theater to this location. On December 5 1914 the Palace Theater was opened (in 2013 the Wind and Water Interior building also known as the Bergman building -See below.) It closed it's doors on November 9 1950 when Mr Derry opened the Paramount Theater next door, in 2013 Century Cinema.

He was a partner in the Insurance firm of Derry, Appleton and Partington.

326 Second St S

326 2nd St. S. Palace Theater -Bergman & Nelson-Bergman Building-

Son Stan and wife operated the business with Bert Johnson as the projectionist.

Joseph Derry was the sixth president of the Kenora rotary Club serving in 1924 -1925

Joseph Derry died December 7 1958. The hearst carrying his coffin tothe cemetary ran out of gas and a tow truck had to be called to tow the hearst to the cemetery.

Ed Devins 1935 - 2015

Ed Devins

Ed Devins was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan February 14 1935. He was married to Marjorie. They had two children

Beverly Devins married William "Bill" Richards, grandson Tyler Richards (Jazmin),

Jack Devins (Nancy), granddaughters Meghan & Kiara and two beautiful great-granddaughters Avery and Claire.

The Devins family moved to Souris, Manitoba in 1942 when Eddie was seven years of age. There he grew up playing baseball and hockey. He played on the Souris team winning the Junior B Championship.

In 1955 he followed big brother Bill to Kenora to work on the CPR and play hockey for the Kenora Thistle Hockey Club. He coached the Junior Thistles and won the championship three years in a row.

After the CPR he worked at Lindstrom & Nelson working his way to the top and then purchasing the business. Later he down sized and operated Devins Building Supplies and still later Devins Flooring on eastern end of Second St. South.

He became a Free Mason and belonged to Pequonga Masonic Lodge 414 Kenora where he became a Master. He rose in the district to the distinguish level of District Deputy Grand Master for the Western District. He became Grand Intendent General of thr Order of the Red Cross of Constantine He became a Shriner Khartum Temple. As a Mason, he served as a volunteer for the Red Cross Blood Drives for several years.

He joined Rotary on July 20 1981 and served as President for the Rotary Year 1989-1990.

In 2014 he was recognized for his contributions to the game by Canadian Tire Hockey Heroes of Play.

He passed away suddenly as a result of a tragic motor vehicle accident on September 12 2015 on his way to Winnipeg.

Dr. Rhonda Diamond

She was born in Manitoba.

Dr Rhonda Diamond graduated from University of Manitoba (BSc) and then Queen's University graduating in 1993. She has a Family Medicine at Paterson Medical Clinic at 45 Wolsley Street Kenora, Ontario P9N 3W7 and Obstetrics at Lake of the Wood District Hospital.

She came to Kenora for the good scope of practice it has to offer. She finds the best thing about Kenora is the beautiful lake where she is able to take part in many water activities.

Jack K Doner 1918 - 1999

Jack K Doner was born 01 Feb 1918. He practiced law in Kenora. The building he owned on the northwest corner of Main and Second Street South bore the name the Doner Block. He died in Kenora on 20 Sep 1999.

He married Florence A. Stratton who was born on 31 Aug 190. She died in Kenora on 04 Sep 1994.

Andrew Albert Dodds 1902-1997

Aaron Donner 1888 -

Aaron Donner was born in Russia about 1888. He emmigrated to Canada in 1904 with his wife Mary. He was joined by his son James in 1905. He purchased the Donner block (207-209 Main St. S. from Guy Westin early in the 1900s and a second hand store was first operated subsequently becoming a furniture store. It burned down in 1938.

The 1921 census has him living in 207 Main St S along with his wife Mary, Son James, His wife Fanny and their three children Samuel, Isador (Edward James ) and Frederick. A fourth child was stilborn 31 Dec 1918. James Donner's wife born Fanny Ostrovsky died in Vancouver in 07 Jul 1983. Many of the children also seem to have moved to British Columbia.

George Herbert Draper 1873-1922

George Herbert Draper, son of George Draper and Elizabeth Booth was born in Listowel, Perth County, Ontario, July 3, 1873. He attended school in Listowel and the collegiate institute of Owen Sound.

He commence the study of law in the office and under the" direction of W. A. Dowler, K.C., of Tilsonburg. Later his preceptor was A. C. Macdonell, the Dominion member from South Toronto. He was called to the Bar in 1898 and began practice in Listowel. He came to Rat Portage in 1898 and entered into partnership with Arthur C. Boyce, in the firm known as Boyce and Draper. This partnership continued until January, 1902 or 1903 when Boyce moved to Sault Ste Marie. Mr. Draper continued alone until he sold his practice to J.A. Kinney and moved to New York. He has a distinctively representative clientage, connecting him with much important litigation, and represented a number of American companies operating in this district. Aside from his law practice he is connected with different commercial and mining institutions and is also a partner in a big ranching company.

In 19 February, 1902, Mr. Draper married Lillian M. Sinclair, a daughter of Laughlin C. Sinclair and Lillian Tilson of Tilsonburg, Ontario. They had two daughters:

Lilliam Amelia Draper b. 30 Nov 1902 Rat Portage, m. Alexander Stanley Fergusson

Margaret Sinclair Draper b. 05 Mar 1907 Kenora; m. Louis Frank Jansen

Mr. Draper is an adherent of the Presbyterian Church and in politics a Conservative.

Around 1916 ne made his headquarters in Washington.

He died in 15 April 1922 in Tilsonburg, Ontario

Fraser, Alexander,A history of Ontario : its resources and development (1907) 1860-1936 Volume: 2, Toronto : Canada History Co. Call number: AMY-0015 Robarts - University of Toronto Pages 821-822 ; Early Settlers of Rat Portage, 1981-82 Summer Project, Kenora Library Call number 971.311HLY page 418

Harry John "Jack" Donley -1948

Harry John Donley was born in Toronto . He attended De LaSalle School and St. Michael's College. He graduated from Osgoode Hall in 1929.

He practiced law in Kenora. In 1944 he represented one of 4 accused in a grisly murder which has become known as the Hot Stove Murder in Flanders Rainey River. Three were executed and Donley's client received 16 years. In 1945 he was appointed King's Counsel. He subsequently was appointed Judge of the Rainy River District.

Donley was a member of the Kenora Board of Trade,a Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus and President of the Kenora Golf and Country Club. He was involved in the Kenora Light Infantry.

He married Marion Hamilton Clarke November 29 1930. They had one child,

Mary Ann Donley Married Favreau

He died in October 1948

George Drewry 1861- 1945

George Drewry, son of Edward A. Drewry and Elizabeth Starkey was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on October 12 1861. In 1878, he went to Winnipeg to join his brother who was engaged in the brewing and malting business.

In 1883, he came to Rat Portage where he began his own wholesale liquor business. He also had a branch in Keewatin and Rainey River, as well as numerous outlets through out the district. Drewry had owned the Lake of the Woods Brewing Company in 1903 and was a successful local businessman. There is a replica of George Drewry’s office at the Lake of the Woods Museum which includes his classic roll top desk.

Mr Drewry was President of the J.W. Stone Building Co.

< a href="">Frederick Alfred Dubois 1880-1946

Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan, son of Gerry Duggan was born and grew up in Kenora. He served as Manager of Inn of the Woods. He attended Confederation College.

He married Donna Duggan and had two children

He served with Sunset Country Tourism for several years before becoming General Manager and Director of sales with Best Western Lake Side Inn. He served as Station Manager with 89.5 The Lake Radio Station. He served a brief period as Tourism Director for the City of Kenora.

He was president of the Kenora rotary Club 1993-94

Helene (Struchynski) Dubenski 1917-2013

Helen Dubenski

Helen (Struchynski) Dubenski, daughter of Michael and Sabina Strucchnski was born on June 21 1917. She married Paul Dubenski.

She gave generously of her time to many associations including The Kenora District Festival of the Arts, Home and School Associations, Ukrainian Women's Association of Olha Kobylianska, Ukrainian Literacy Society Choir & Orchestra, The G-Clef Choir, Pinecrest Home for the Aged, St. Joseph's Hospital Auxiliary, Trillium Toastmistress International and the Liberal Ladies Association.

She served on the Separate School Board Trustee for 21 years. She served town and City of Kenora Council for 25 years and as Deputy Mayor for two terms.

She lived in good health to her 96th year passing away on October 14 2013.

Augustus Frederick Dulmage 1846-

Augustus Frederick Dulmage was born in Camden East Twp., Lennox & Addington Co., ON, Canada, in around 1846 His wife Elizabeth Ann Oliver came from Napaneses was born April 14 1851.

He is believed to have come to Rat Portage in 1884

According to an article in the Kenora Daily Miner in 1929 on the occasion of Mrs Dulmage death, the family moved from Orillia, West to Winnipeg in 1860 and settled in Winnipeg. After a short stay there Mr Dulmage got employment with the Rat Portage Lumber Company and was stationed at Fort Frances. In the fall of 1883 he moved to Rat Portage . Shortly thereafter he secured the appointment of Crown Tiber Agent.

Their children born sometimes in the 1870s or 1880s are

Rhoda Jane Dulmage
James Stillman Dulmage b. March 3 1872
Flora Maude Dulmage
George Augustus Dulmage
Glen Oliver Dulmage b. August 29 1877
Claude Archibald Dulmage
Alexander Dulmage
Louise Emma Dulmage

Frederick Goode Dulmage b. August 3 1881 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Goalie for 1894-95 Kenora Thistles, Original member of the 1896 Rat Portage junior Thistles which beat the Senior Thistle Team, 1903-04 Thistle First Club to challenge for the Stanley Cub, subsequently played goalie for Fort Williams in the New Ontario Hockey League from 1908 to 1911. He died March 1974 in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Claude Dulmage b. July 29 1884

5 of the Children survived Mrs Dulmage (Elizabeth Ann Oliver) in 1929: Mrs Philbin with whom she resided, James employed at Minaki, Alex resident in Winnipeg, Glen Resident in Grand Forks ND. and Fred in Medicine Hat.

The Article in 1929 indicates that Mrs Dulmage was a descendent of the Anaka Jann family who came from Holland and were among the early settlers of New Amsterdam (New York).

Clarence Joseph Norman Dusang 1919 - 1988

Clarence Dusang, son of Albert James Dusang and Caroline Laura Gill was born November 13 1919 in Kenora. He married Margit Olive Hegseth. They had two sons Dale and Arne.

He worked at the Daily Reminder a daily mimeograph newspaper started by Herb Hauck of Fort Frances in 1934. He enlisted in the army in World War 2

He joined Rotary on July 1 1969

He died February 1 1988


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