My Values

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Freedom - Self-determination - I want to live my life based on my choices, values and preferences. Note: I believe meaningfulness is a function of self-determination

Gracefulness - "A graceful life is one of beauty, security, comfort, ease and naturalness. It is a life that os free from overriding anxiety and ceaseless striving."

Simplicity - A simple life is one without pretensions, unconcerned with self, or one's image or reputation, without duplicity, without secrets, ulterior motives, agendas or plans.

Integrity - True to oneself and one's core values and the courage to present as such

Usefulness - To be of service to those I love and beyond to mankind

Empathy To hear those who can not forcefully speak for themselves

Initiative - To Seize the hour, to improve and to change the world for the better

Perseverance - To commit to the right not the easy

Respect for Humanity - What I want for myself I want for others - that they can live a meaningful and satisfying life based on their values, choices and preferences Note: I believe this respect includes tolerance but more - actually valuing such a life so freely chosen