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Only through ideas can we discern reality and enter fully into relations with it. An idea is a kind of light. Tinder 1995 p.14

How are ideas created by mind? It might be by miraculous inspiration, or it might be by more natural means as ideas are spread from mind to mind, surviving translation between different languages, hitchhiling on songs and icons and statues and rituals, coming together in unlikely combinations in particular people's heads, where they give rise to yet further new "creations" bearing family resemblance to the ideas that inspired them but adding new features, new powers as they go. Dennett (2006, p.6)

There is a predominant view accepted by many that one does not always perceive what one understands. Yet, we are often moved by emotions that we are unaware of or follows beleif structures which we have not fully examined. Ideas or concepts are the basic building blocks of reason. To reason one must grasp basic but sometimes very complex ideas. I have attempted to clarify my thinking by examining some such complex ideas a lsit of which might be found at Ideas http://retson.ca/jcrhotlist.html#ideas.


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