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A2A Database containing descriptions of various documents hekd in UK record offices Can get index for births, marriages and death records Extensive introduction to British and Irish Research on the web

British Columbia


United Empire Loyalist

Date Calclator

Immigration, Passenger Lists

Pictures and Photo Dating


icemetery app, free -has lake of the Woods Data



Canadian Census Info provides an excellent page with links to cesus data from, Automated Genealogy, Library Archives Canada and three editions of Also has links to Wiki Articles on each census years.

StatsCan has Historical Statistics of Canada at

An excellent interactive map at

shows the boundaries for Provinces and Territories as well as Questions that were ask in each national census. However watch out for 1881 where Kenora Area included in Manitoba.

Blank Canadian, US and UK Census forms can be downloaded at

The Historical Canadian Census Collection 1851 to 1916 - found at

It also has indexes to various census conducted in Ontario and Nova Scotia from 1800 to 1842 and the 1770 census of Nova Scotia. You can search by Given Name, Surname Age, location (Province), Keyword (example Teacher,) 

1851 or 1852 Census. colonies of Canada (current day Ontario and Quebec), New Brunswick, indexing of the 1852 census was started in August 2007. 1851 Census of New Brunswick completed. Nova Scotia, which is a head-of-household-only census, has not yet begun; 1906 Census Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta; 1901 Census ;  1911 Census ; 1921 Census
A limited number of New Brunswick subdistricts are being transcribed.
This site also has ability to link various records associated with a person together. Projects are underway to link records from several sources as well as between the censuses. If this project were to be fully realized a researcher would be able to look up any person in Canada (from the era that census data is publicly accessible for) and find all the person's census records, birth, marriage, and death records, as well as photographs, newspaper stories, and other online data.

Library and Archives Canada Website holds extensive online census data at :

Cand search by Given Name, Surname, Age, Province (Search function at LAC only gives exact.

1825 Census for Lower Canada at

1831 Census for Lower Canada at

Search data at

1842 Census for Canada East at

Search data at

1842 Census for Canada West at

Search data at

1851 Census for Provinces of Canada at

Search data at

Indexes on

Index at

1861 Census for Provinces of Canada at

Search data at

1871 Census for Canada at

Search data at

Index at

the 1871 census for PEI does not appear to have survived.

1881 Census for Canada at

Search data at

Index at

1891 Census for Canada at

Search data at

Search Rat Portage at

Index at

Blank 1891 Census form at

1901 Census for Canada at

Search data at

Indexes at Automated Genealogy at

Search Algoma District at

Search Kenora at

Search Keewatin at

Index at

1906 Census for Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta) at

Search data at

Indexes at

Index at

1911 Census for Canada at

Search data at

1916 Census for Canada (Prairie Provinces) at

Search data at

1921 Census for Canada at at

Alternative Census data Sites:

Census data on microfilm only that may be seen at various Archives and at Library and Archives Canada see at

Completed index census databases from 1676 to 1945 can be found at :

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS) - Members Only Area

1851 Census - NS: Halifax County only.

1817 Census.

1827 Census.

1838 Census (Nova Scotia).

Census Substitute Records
For 1851 Toronto Records where no census taken Tax assessment project at

Voters lists which are more readily searched through can also be found at :

UK Census


Copy Right



For more databases look at NIGS Module 3




1841-1968 Divorces in Canada


Recommended Books




Information about England and its genealogical records.
British History Online: Free Searches
" Burial Searches by month etc:
London Remembers:




Family Histories & Associations Main Site My Tree Main Search Page Wiki Search Page

Boolean Search allows you to insert "AND", "OR", - (in place of NOT) in search boxes Canadian Wiki Search Page Canadian Records Nova Scotia Records (Other Provinces are accessible from the Canadian Records page above. Maps of any location - with increasing details,_Westmorland_Genealogy This is what you agree to in accepting use of the site The Churches site of their history Index Page and search page for learning center material A catergorization of help pages for learning center

Video on doing a search in Very helpful review on doing a search. A very useful Youtube video on adding sources in List of several Videos on Genealogical Inferences Site Map that will let you go directly to a spicific page Apps page that will let you down load apps - most useful being mobile app for your iphone etc. For ordering microfilm for local Center A page on Family Search Library in Salt Lake City and Planning Tips at An excellent page with links to cesus data from, Automated Genealogy, Library Archives Canada and three editions of Also has links to Wiki Articles on each census years.

First Nation


Genealogy Education



Hoar Ancestry

Home Children




Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives -Western Land Grants




Local History


Mailing Lists









New Brunswick New Brunswick Archives Finding Aids for Archives

Newfoundland Grand Banks Database Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador



Nova Scotia

Colchester County Nova Scotia


Burrows, Mildred Pulsifer (1999) History of Lower Truro

Byers, Ruth McCurdy (1925, 1961) Historic Notes on Truro Township 1759-1925

Campbell, Carol (1995) The Cobequid Townships, Truro, Onslow, Londonderry, 1760-1780, Truro: Colchester Historical Museum

Jenkins, William Angus (1996) The Story of My Life, Truro, Nova Scotia

Miller, Thomas (1873, 1991) Historical and Genealogical Record of the Settlers of Colchester County Colchester Historical Museum

Cleland, Marjorie s. (1973) Index to Miller, Thomas (1873, 1991) Historical and Genealogical Record of the Settlers of Colchester County Colchester Historical Museum, Truro: Colchester Historical Museum

Wile, Jane (2003) The Descendants of Samuel Archibald & Eleanor Taylor, Belmont, NS

Wile, Jane (2003) The Lynds Family, Descendants of Samuel Archibald & Eleanor Taylor, Belmont, NS McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory 1907-08


One Name Studies

One Place Studies




Pictures and Photo Dating

Place Names



Prince Edward Island PEI Public Archives Archives land records and maps Archives Petitions PEI Genealogical Society PEI Land Records Database Deeds searchable by name


Research Planning

Retson Surname



Advice from Mary Breer: Married women in Scotland retain their family name throughout their life. When searching Scottish Records it is necessary to use their family name except for Census Records, death records are cross referenced, when a married woman becomes a widow they sometimes revert to their family name. Therefore, you will find married women listed in my records by their family name. have been using the FreeCen Website especially for the 1841 Census for England, Wales and Scotland at: Ages are unreliable as the Census takers rounded off the ages to multiples of 5. This site has been created and transcribed by dedicated volunteers who are knowledgeable and interested in Genealogy. The 1841 Census even on is incredibly poorly transcribed.


Black, George F. The Surnames of Scotland, Edinburgh: Berlinn Limited, 1999

Chater, Kathy, how to Trace Your Family Tree in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, The Complete Practical Handbook for all Detectives of Family History, Heritage and Genealogy, London: Anness Publishing, 2014

Cory, Kathleen B. Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry Edinburgh:Polygon, 1990

Durie, Bruce, Scottish Genealogy, 3rd Edition Stroud, Gloucestershire: The History Press, 2012

James, Alwyn, Scottish Roots, The Step by Step Guide to Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors Edinburgh, Luath Press Limited, 2002


Skill Building

Social Histories





United Kingdom

United States (See also New England)

US Military

New England


    Vital Records of New Haven, 1649-1850 available on Internet Archive

  • Conneticut Society of Genealogists
  • The Connecticut Nutmegger
  • – a searchable database version of The Connecticut Nutmegger. The Nutmegger has served as the "journal of record" for CSG for forty years. During this time it has captured a wealth of information, including vital records, probate records, bible records, headstone records, memorials and other useful records. Well-documented family histories and genealogical articles, covering hundreds of families—mainly with Connecticut ties—have been presented. Published articles include commentary on and corrections to previously published family lines, vital records and town histories. Book reviews, research tips, queries and other valuable tools for genealogists have been presented. This database will be released in stages over the next year, starting this week with volumes 1 to 6. Additional sets of five volumes will be added periodically. The database search facility is very similar to that of the Register and allows searches by last and/or first name, or by subject keywords. Images of the original pages may be seen from the search results page. It is also possible to browse the pages of the Nutmegger by entering a year or volume number, and a page number. This first installment indexes 12,347 names and 477 subject records.



New Hampshire

Rhode Island





At Family Search

Records can be searched by Type - America Records predominate

Nova Scotia

On FamilySearch under Nova Scotia Probate Records, 1760-1993,

Choose the County, then look for indexes books or year - hard to see but you can magnify - some wills and estate files that have been indexed.

British Columbia Wills (1861-1981) and Estate Files (1859-1949).index to wills from British Columbia from 1861-1981, images for 1861-1939 are included.

The URL for this index collection is:

The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland has the Will Calendars on their searchable database, list the beneficiaries, executors and administrator and usually the value of real property.

    The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick has an index for “Wallace Hale’s Early New Brunswick Probate, 1785-1835”. This index is searchable and contains an abstract of the will,

     Archives of Ontario index to wills.

English Wills / Probate

May name spouse, children, or other family members

  • wiki.familysearch.orgFor wills pre-1858. > type the name of the county and then add Probate i.e. “Worcestershire Probate.” Gives step-by-step instruction on how to find a will. Click the letter of the alphabet to the parish where your ancestor died. May include links to online indexes and includes links to the online FamilySearch Catalog listing film numbers for the wills on microfilm at the library and available through family history centers world-wide.  For wills post-1857.  Search the library's online catalog, title search, for Principal Probate Registry.
  • ($) For wills post-1857. Go to > click on Search > select the Card Catalog > type in National Probate Calendar. No images provided. For a microfilm image of the will go to > type Principal Probate Registry. This links to microfilm numbers at the Family History Library. Kent wills online 1440-1881 
  • Index to wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
  • ($) Index & images to wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
  • ($) Includes transcripts of various probate courts