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General Information

This page is maintained to track information for myself and in no way is intended to provide medical advice to others. Read the resources suggested here to get information and then discuss your ideas witrh a doctor. Get medical advice.

Research indicates that Diet, Exercise (type 2 diabetes), are the most significant factors in controlling Diabetes.


In general watch your caloric intake, reduce simple carbohydarates, Trans fats

Supplements - Vitamins, Minerals,etc

1. VanadGinkgo biloba

3. Multivitamin containing B including folate to prevent high levels of homocysteine beleived to play a role in clogging arteries


In general get at leats 20 minutes of exercise a day

Regular exercise also has special advantages if you have type 2 diabetes.
Regular physical activity improves your body’s sensitivity to insulin and
helps manage your blood glucose levels.


Strategies for Footcare


Peripheral artery Disease (Pad) - clogged or narrowed arteries

Intermitent claudication: tightness, cramps, fatigue, and aches in legs, "angina of the legs"

Diabetics are 2 to 3 times likely to develop Pad


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