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Resolution 1

Summary of Soveignity

See Articles 1 and 2 of the United Nations Charter

Resolution 2

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Resolution 3

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Resolution 4

Pro & Con organization lists history of US legislation on US Trade Embargo and Pro and Cons to it

Resolution 68/8 passed by United Nations

Excerpts from General Assembly Press release on last reolution to end US Arms Embargo:

The General Assembly, voting nearly-unanimously, adopted its twenty-second consecutive resolution calling for an end to the United States’ decades-long economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba.

By the text, adopted by a recorded vote of 188 in favour to 2 against (United States and Israel) with 3 abstentions (Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau), the Assembly expressed concern about the continued promulgation and application by Member States of laws and regulations, such as the 1996 “Helm-Burton Act”, the extraterritorial effects of which affected the sovereignty of other States, the legitimate interests of entities or persons under their jurisdiction and the freedom of trade and navigation.

The resolution reiterated the call on States to refrain from applying such measures, in conformity with their obligations under the Charter, and urged those that had applied such laws to repeal or invalidate them as soon as possible.

Introducing the text, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Cuba’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, said the human damages caused by the blockade were incalculable, with 76 per cent of Cubans living under its devastating effects since the day they were born.  The resulting economic damages accumulated after half a century amounted to more than $1 trillion.  The embargo was also the main obstacle to broader access to the Internet, the free circulation of persons, the exchange of ideas and the development of cultural, sport and scientific relations.

See also Secretary General Report on US Embargo which gives a detailed report from various countries and UN Government Agencies

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