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Anglican - Church of England

Services began in 1882 for Anglicans in Rat Portage. The first church was built in 1884 accross the street from the Catholic Notra Dame on 1 St. North. Rev. Arthur Stunden was the first resident Clergyman. He married in 1887. One of the oil lamps fell from one of the chandeliers and hit his wife. She was badly burned and subsequently died. He resigned after the accdent. The entire church burned down entirely 4 years latter in 1892.

St Albans 1897

St Alban's 1897 ( accessed September 12 2016)

Rev J.W. Page starts a 14 year stint at the church shortly after the fire. On feb 1 1917 the Church on the Hill burns. The new Church is built just North of yje Stone House betheen Main and Water St. fronting on Water St.

Other Cannon included


The first First Baptist Church was located at the corner of Railway St and Fourth Ave S. (subsequent location of Notra Dame- Keewatin - Copperfin -Credit Union.) The red brick structure was opened in 1898.

The new Church on 2nd Street S. betwween Fourth and Fifth Ave. South was opened in 1955.

Baptist Ministers have included Davidson, Gordon Day-Janz


RC Church

Roman Catholic Church 1897 accessed September 12 2016

Swedish Lutheran

Swedish Lutheran

Presbyterian & Methodist Churches

The first Presbyterian Church was Knox Presbyterian Church was on the North side of First St. Northjust east of Matherson St. in 1884.

The current Knox Unied Church was built by the Knox Presbyterian congrgation in 1898 on the North West corner of Second Street South and Fith Ave South.

Another methodist church the Zion Methodist Church was built on the northwest corner of Third St. South and Fourth Ave South This building was destroyed by fire in 1917. At this time the Methodist choose not to rebuild but rather joined with the Presbyterians to become Knox United Church. The propbety previously occupied by the Zion Methodist Church was kept for a Manse. This was sold in the 21st century.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army was organized in Rat Portage in 1895. The current building on the West side of Matheson betwwen First St. South and Second St. South was built in 1937. Commanding officers have included, R.A. Oldford Commanding Officer in Kenora in 1981, Clint Stagg, Roland ?, Val and Gloria Redner